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"Good one!"

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  1. Who's up for it?


    1. Svea Rike

      Svea Rike

      Fuck sake

    2. Beni


      You need to fuck off taking my idea's. 

      It's a fucking horse riding logo. 

    3. Pink Panther

      Pink Panther

      NO, Its my fucking idea you peanut looking ass idea stealing ass prick. 

      And the horse represents the amount of HORSE POWER we put into our shots.

    4. Beni


      Yeah because you didn't just make that up did you, fucking bowling pin looking ass. 

    5. Pink Panther

      Pink Panther

      I did not make that that up you lying ass video editing bitch looking ass

      As I have said in the past this is mine.


      now we are still looking for a leftback and a backup striker. Maybe a goalie. If you want in beni slide me a PM.

    6. Array


      Chernarus fried chicken

    7. Svea Rike

      Svea Rike

      You don't even have proper feet, what are you gonna kick the ball with, your fucking wings? Your tiny, orange legs? Back to the pond, you tiny beak monstrosity of a goose.