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  1. Pink Panther

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    I really like this proposal Roach, I'd be down for this to be implemented right now. The only thing I'd add is after let's say a month you get one strike removed. Let's say you are on 2 strikes, haven't died in a month and tada: now you're on 1 strike.
  2. Pink Panther

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    @Marcoooz Sexier than Odin on a tricycle. @Kuljukka Might stab @Marcoooz in a sauna. Looks like a pretty finnish imp. @Steck Made me realise @Marcoooz isn't the dumbest pagoon.
  3. It was the best thing I've ever watched in my whole life. God shave the queen.
  4. Pink Panther

    Are You Civlized?

    Opera all the way.
  5. Elk

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    Me and Jamie

    1. Pink Panther

      Pink Panther

      The times. 

    2. Elk


      good ole days

      forget mod days, 2016 days where its at

    3. Pink Panther
  6. Pink Panther

    It’s been a blast

  7. Enjoyed the arrrrrpeeee from @kimmylou, @Marcoooz and @TheLegend. Polly Parkinsons had it coming. Shocked you let us perm her but hey, it was wild.
  8. 9iC06XC.png

    *Jimmy D-ing intensifies*

  9. Pink Panther

    • Pink Panther
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    Scuse' me. Can I help you?

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  10. Here is where we shall post all of the nice screenies from our adventures as motorcycle enthusiasts. Here are a few to start off with:
  11. *When the club takes out their bylaw books and surround you*



    1. Kuljukka



  12. Pink Panther

    Brothers.. I'm here! [Open Freq.]

    *Whilst riding on their motorcycles through the lands of chernarus looking for brother Leo Joe noticed his radio going off, he listens to the message* *He signals to the rest to stop and he responds* ''Eh, Leo? Been awhile. Glad to hear you're still alive. We're still looking for Gunnar and Sammy. After we got separated they went off looking for you. Its just me, Fields and McCoy.'' ''Yeah, we got more patches brother. Just meet us at the Club house. We should be there by nightfall.'' *Joe would turn around and tell Damien and the other that they need to head towards the clubhouse*