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  1. *FRIENDS* - Wyatt Hudson - Joe Tully *ENEMIES* - The man who stole my wine Bill Sanders was born and raised in Watford. He lived with his father and mother, he was an only child but he did have a cousin named Craig. Bill did not get into much trouble when he was a kid and he was also a good student. Bill got married at quite an early age, 15 to be exact and got a place in the heart of east london. After marrying the love of his life he started to study to become and engineer. After his studies bill got involved in the massive mob presence in east london, using his skills as an engineer
  2. Back in Newry, Graham had a peaceful life. There he worked a well-paying job as a Physician at a nearby medical facility, in his spare time he travelled around to see as much of the world as he could. During one of his travels he met a nice Russian lady whom shared his knack for travel and health, their shared interests and similar personalities led to them becoming friends and it eventually led to a relationship. After many years of living in Northern Ireland the talk of moving became more and more frequent. Graham did not want to move as he was happy where he was, but his significant other has adamant about going back to her homeland. And so they did, Graham gave up his job and prepared to move to the south-Zagoria region of Chernarus.
  3. Where's my car🤔

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  4. *Joe would sit at his campfire with his good friend and brother Leo by his side* *He would press the PTT* "Hey there brothers... Its been a while. Uhhh..." "I have just returned to Chernarus and found Leo, who I've been travelling with for a bit" "Look, I know we've had our differences but If you are listening, I'd like to hear from you." "So.. Dustin... Sammy... Damien... Siggy..." *He would let go of the PTT and put his radio down*
  5. *Motorcycle noises *

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  6. You need help.

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  7. This sickness is driving me nuts. pls remove until fixed.
  8. Oh crap, thanks for the heads up big man.
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