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  1. Hi everyone! Quick update. I've had a lot going on lately (Exams and moved into a new house) and haven't had time to write out the next part. It is done, however, I need to type it out onto my laptop and post it as soon as I get internet at the new place. The next part dives a little more into the past and D's Past as well. I can't wait to put it up and see what you all think
  2. Hey all! I just wanted to give a little shout out and thank you to everybody for reading. I am really enjoying writing this story and I want to make it as enjoyable and for everybody as possible. ANY feed back from ANYBODY is always needed and welcome. Please PM me with suggestions and/or ideas for the story or ways to make it more enjoyable to read. Comments on the story are more than welcome to be left as replies! Again, Thank You Everyone that has read and is reading. With SUPER kind regards, PoP
  3. How's the font size? Too big or okay? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ #4 Hope. The one force that will forever drive man forward and keep him from stopping. It will keep him from dropping. The day that man loses hope, that is the day that man dies. My eyes quickly shot open wide. My adrenaline was rising. I knew it wouldn’t last for long, so I sucked up all my pain and I climbed. Shouting from the top of my lungs, I was slowly once again inching toward the top floor of the building. Not thinking of what I would actually find there. Just hoping. Five more. My leg throbbed. Four more. Blood began to gush out of the wound faster than before. Three. I let out a cry of agony. Two. I could see clearly through the office window. One. I stopped. BAAAANG! A loud sound cracked across the sky. “A gunshot..? But that must mean that there are people.” I let off another cry, only this time it was one for help. I gathered all the strength i had remaining and screamed at the top of my lungs. "HELP MEEEE!” Nothing. I let off another, “HELP!” and waited. Seconds slugged by, then minutes. There was no reply. No more shots. Nothing. There was nothing. I made my way up the last step and began to crawl toward the office. After what felt like hours, I got to the door and leaned against the wall beside it. I had made it. I reached for the handle and it swung open with a creek.. and I had hit the jackpot. Across the room on a small desk table was a large bottle of fine whiskey. Sure, it was painkillers or food, but I had something to hydrate me and to numb the pain. Next to the table was a locker with its door open and some paperwork lying on the ground along with a wallet. “They must have left in a hurry.” I dragged myself to the desk and sat myself at the chair. I raised my leg onto the table to slow the blood flow. I noticed a shirt, a hoodie and some industrial looking boots inside the locker. I reached for the dry hoodie immediately, ripped off my shirt and put on my new, warm, dry salvation. Gripping the old wet shirt in both hands, I began to ring out the water that had soaked up into it. I raised it above my head and drank what I could all the while trying not to soak the new coat. “Now, lets get to this leg..” I cracked the bottle of whiskey and tore up the shirt, dabbed a bit of the alcohol onto it and began to wrap my leg as best as I could. “Wouldn’t it be ironic if I had medical training and I just couldn’t remember it,” i thought to myself. Jokes aside, I took a swig from the bottle and lay back into the chair. I gripped the handle of the draw and slid it open. A small, yellow tube flashed at me. “Epinephrine,” the label read. “Looks like the owner had a problem after all.” I grabbed the tube and put it in my pocket. “I guess it could be useful..?” I closed the draw and resumed relaxing in the chair, starting to feel a little numb. “Let’s take a nap.. I’ll feel better when I wake.” My eyes once again slid shut.
  4. I'll keep looking into the different colours and I'll definitely make the font bigger for the next one. Thanks all for reading !
  5. Im looking into making the story a different colour of text just to make it easier for everybody to see. Any suggestions?
  6. Just a quick little entry because I couldn't leave you guys hanging __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #3 One step. Two steps. Three steps. Four.. One by one, I made my way up to the top floor of the garage. The shock was wearing off and so was the adrenaline. The pain was getting worse for every step I covered. I needed to see what was at the top of these stairs though. There could be food.. perhaps the owner had left a bottle of water..? Maybe he suffered from a condition that caused him to constantly use painkillers? Far fetched.. perhaps, but there was hope. I was now about half way and the pain in my leg was now excruciating and the walls were closing in. I was going to pass out.. The stairs were growing longer.. and darker. Darker. Black. Even passed out I could still feel the pain from my leg. It was getting much worse. That would mean that the shock was still wearing off. “Shock, “ I thought. “That means that I should be able to dream? Right?” I prepared myself. I lay back and readied my mind to drown in the sweet memories of my past for a while. Hoping to forget all of the cold pain. To forget the fact that I was dying here. The thought of it being okay sunk in. My tensed hands slowly began to loosen and my body relaxed. I was now letting go. There was nothing to work for. Even if I did find food and water.. Even if I fixed my leg by some miraculous chance. What would it be for? "Why am I still trying to hold on?" My head remained empty. No memories sprouted and no faces recalled. Nothing except for one. The feeling of a bracelet burning into my wrist. The metal felt as if it were melting into my skin. “What’s happening? Is the building on fire? Am I on fire?” I somehow opened my eyes to note a shining silver chain around my right hand wrist. “How did I not notice this before?” More questions streamed into my mind. I raised my arm to make a closer inspection if the silver pendant. It was lightweight. The metal seemed to be durable. At the bottom of the bracelet was an oval slice of metal with a note on it. “D” Underneath, “Love Without Boundaries” Ambition flourished throughout my entire body. I could see somebody waiting for me. I could feel something inside of me burst. I needed to find out who there was out there waiting for me. Who I had left behind. Where I had left them.. And all of this because of one simple letter on my wrist.
  7. I appreciate the positive feed back. It means so much to me I will definitely be posting more. The story is just getting started !
  8. #2 They say that everybody dreams. Even when waking and not remembering, you have still dreamt. They also say that each person forgets 90% of their dreams. That was the first night that I did not dream. There was nothing to dream about. I thought about my mother, but could not put a name, nor could I put a face to her. There was no picture to give to my father either. No name.. no memories.. Nothing. Perhaps I was suffering some sort of shock? Maybe the pain was blocking me from thinking straight, or I was hungry? Maybe thirsty? Thirsty. My eyes flashed open and I let out a loud gasp. “WATER,” I groaned, “I.. need.. water!” I tried to lick my cracked lips to try and give them some succulence, but they only chipped as i brushed my tongue over them. I could feel the gauges in my tongue and the arid pallet of my mouth. My throat was aching as I breathed in and out. I needed water.. I needed it now. A cold shot of wind bursted through the cracks of the blue shed and I instantly began to shiver. Water was not going to be my only problem for long. I lay against the floor and panicked. I was going to start choking if I didn’t soon. I coughed as the thought ran through my mind. I listened. Rain. It was raining. I lunged forward and clambered over my legs. Another crack let out and I clenched my jaw so tight that my mouth ached. I pulled forward the two large guards and put back against them, pushing with all the strength that I could gather. The one door slowly opened and I began to feel the cold air of the storm chill through my bones. I fell back onto the slope and lay there with my mouth to the sky, soaking up every bit of liquid that came near me. The drops were as large as my eyes. They were quick to flood my mouth and drench my clothes. I could not get enough. Next to me the water was running off of the roof corner. I quickly adjusted my face so that my mouth was directly underneath it. Gulp after gulp, I drank, forgetting to breathe. I gasped for air and quickly resumed to drinking. After sufficiently drowning myself, I dragged myself back inside. Now freezing, I needed to get warm. The only problem was that if I was able to be drenched within seconds of being in the rain, the wood and sticks would be soaked too. I went inside and returned the blue guard to his position. For the first time I looked around to take note of my surroundings inside of the shed. It was huge. On the far side of the room there was a metal staircase leading to a walkway that wrapped around the room back to the other side. There was a small office of sort there. "Maybe there is something useful there?” I slowly made my way to the other side of the room, my leg releasing clicks and aches all the while doing so. I could feel holes starting to develop in the knees of my pants.
  9. [align=left]Hey guys [align=left]I'm really sorry about not posting another section, but I've been busy with work regrading school as we have exams and such soon. I will post another part soon (Within the next few hours) but after that there might be a large time difference between posts. [align=left]Thanks [align=left]PoP
  10. I'll be periodically posting his story at: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Forgotten
  11. Eyes open. The only thing that ran through my mind. “Open your eyes.” The Phrase pounded through my head. “Open your eyes, boy,” I repeated. Light from the burning sun poured into my site and I was quick to close them again. “Can I move,” was the next thing to ring out in my brain. “Start with the fingers,” I said. I twiddled my index and middle fingers together on my right hand and then my left. Next was my thumbs, followed by my ring and pinkies. “Feet,” I said, “feet.” I moved my right ankle first. “Check, now for my left.” CRACK! I felt the vibration pass all along my leg to my waist. It was bad. Very bad. Now for the next task. Safety. It felt like hours had passed before I worked up the energy to try and open my eyes again. The serene sound of the ocean now began to fill my ears and could feel the cold, wet shore on my skin. I clenched my hands into the sand and began to push myself, slowly easing up, being careful not to put any pressure on my left leg. I feared the worst for it, but that was not my main problem. I needed to get off the beach. I looked forth and noticed a blue shed. It had a roof and doors that I could shut. That’s all that I wanted. I began to drag myself forward to the grass just off of the beach. My mouth was barren. Water was my next trouble, but i needed to get to that shed. So I dragged on. My knees were beginning to ache and I could feel small stones in the grass pressing harder and harder against them. The shed was only a few more meters away. Just little further and I would reach my safety. I could now feel a warm sensation running along my leg. I carried on inching forward, letting out small moans and grunts as I did. “Nearly there.” I slid onto the small slope that led into the shed, which was guarded by two large metal doors. Slipping my fingers in between the doors, I managed to slide the one open enough to crawl through to the inside. I was in.. Now to seal it. I turned myself on my stomach to close the door. They were shut. I was safe. One last stretch to the wall was all I did next. I propped myself up against it and put my head back. “I’m safe,” I muttered. “I’m safe..” My eyes closed. “I’m safe…
  12. I think the RP side of things will escalate. They are turning Chernarus into a wasteland with very little food and supplies. I see everyone building camps and gathering resources for the masses and then being overrun when they are put back into the game
  13. Danté White. A boy of 19 years old with a somewhat difficult upbringing. Controlling divorced parents rule his life and he is in a constant battle of who to please and and what to do to please them. Always looking for attention, he is constantly finding new ways of trying to get the love that he needs from others by doing different things to the norm. He smokes, drinks, becomes a vegetarian and even resorts to drugs. As anybody with a life as half as bad as Danté's, he suffers from severe depression and this has driven him to look for new ways to please him and to bring some joy to his life. Danté decides that by helping others he can help himself. He finds much joy in seeing the happy faces of others. This newly found ambition drives Danté to the poorest and most war-torn of communities to help those who really deserve to be depressed. Those who have a right to be unhappy. This journey takes him all around the globe. India, Guinea, Ethiopia and Northern Africa. His latest journey brought him to the country of Chernarus. The country raged with guerrilla groups and constant battles that left the people of Chernarus among the poorer of most. Danté was determined to help and play a part in the aid of this forgotten land. Whilst on the flight over Chernarus they receive a message form the captain that there is a slight problem with the communications tower on the landing strip. This causes a major crash landing and the death of many passengers on the plane, leaving Danté as one of the few survivours. Not that he would remember... The crash has left Danté with very little to no memory of his life. He is now an amnesiac. No memory of why or where he is and nothing to help remind him. Nothing except for his silver bracelet that has the letter "D" inscribed into it. D was his new identity. This was the only thing that remained from his past life. He makes it his mission to find out why he was here and who he was in the past life.. But with nobody that new him in this unknown country that knew him that would prove difficult, seemingly impossible. The body remembers what the mind doesn't and, unlikely for Datné, his body still craves the high from drugs. He is stranded in an unknown country with no food, water or medication to sedate his cravings. What will happen to Danté. Will he find out is past identity? Will he crack under the pressure from the lack of drugs? Will luck.. or fate bring him upon a life changing event..? Only time in the now wasteland would give him true answers.
  14. Hi My name's Teagan and I am SOOO excited to have found this community. Im waiting on my approval *Hoping Like Crazy* but even if I don't get in I want to congratulate everybody here at DayZRP. This is an exceptional RP community and gives me hope that there still are people out there that actually enjoy playing the game as it should be.. ..and not just killing on site. I look forward to my reply on m approval and hope to see you all soon