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  1. Thank you everyone for your help, hope to see you all in the land of Chernarus,surviving, and thriving.
  2. Ok, thank you so much. "You are a gentleman, and a scholar."
  3. I dont know if this would fit here, but I have been whitelisted on here for several months now, no problem, but I just tried to get on and it says I am not whitelisted. Do I need to try and get white listed again, or is there another problem. Thank you for any and all help!
  4. "We all die sometime in life, it's just another part of life," said Eli as he stares into his brothers lifeless eyes," but not Johnson, he was to young, he shouldn't have died in this dump. He should've made it back to America, back to mom, dad, Joey, but his life ended here on a vacation gone wrong." Eli stands up and realizes the scar in his brothers right abdomin, then hears the beep and sees the red flash in the lifeless, almost translucent body, turning Eli takes off as fast as possible but doesn't make it far before, it goes off. Boom! Eli takes into the air and falls 20 or so feet to the hard ground of Green Mountain. His ears ringing, arms and legs shaking, he stands up and realizes why his brother, ran here and shot himself, he tried to save everyone else around him from the bomb inside him. Turning and walking away all Eli could think about was who would do such a thing to such an innocent person, he knew what he had to do. Eli then and there decided to find the person that did this to his brother and he was going to put and end to this terror so it happened no more. Eli heads down the mountain jumps into his truck and heads down south. He stops in a small town called Kamenka and reads a note he found on his brothers body, the note talks about, some Russians that held him up, there names, and of some other people that he met, how they befriended him they betrayed him. Then the note talks about a plane, and the people that cut out his tounge and put the bombs inside him, and how they said they were heading somewhere else, to see if it was better. Eli then fills up his truck and starts to head around Chernarus to see if he could find the people that hurt his brother, his mission is to take revenge on those that hurt him, to those that caused him pain, to those that made him commit suicide. This is the story of Eli Jones, a brother and son, who wants to stop all that is bad in Chernarus, but his race has just begun, and there is no sight of the finish line just yet.
  5. I have played on this server multiple times but have been logged out of my account for no reason but this time I am back and I hope to play with you again, love this server and the community, realistic and just plain awesome.