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  1. Gremlins

    Glad to see this become a group...definitely have had fun rolling around with you guys!
  2. Good idea, hope it goes well!
  3. "Elitism" is everywhere, so it should be no surprise that there are people on DayZRP that think their ideals are superior to others. From my experience it is almost impossible to change a persons mentality, so instead of trying to do this the onus really falls on the individuals themselves to change. It is important to remember that from a high level we are all part of the community to have "fun". "Fun" being entirely subjective by nature makes it something very hard for everyone to have in every situation. So to me it is important for all parties involved to be cognizant of the fact that their actions contribute not only to their enjoyment but to all those around them. With few exceptions most of the people I have come across on DayZRP are good people. I personally don't feel as if a majority of the community specifically go ig with the intent of causing people to have a bad experience and I think that it is extremely important to remember this. Overall If people try to be slightly less egocentric I think it would go a long way in closing the divide that many feel is a huge issue within the community.
  4. Glad I ran into you all! @[email protected]@LewellynMossI really enjoyed the brother dynamic, some pretty funny stuff! @CocomiiI really like that you used the flashlight all night...made things feel more authentic. @SEArecon sorry but you will now be known as the vampire To the guy that fell off the roof...thanks for the fishing rod!
  5. So after a few days of playing a character with a different accent then my own I am now finding myself talking with that accent IRL...people are giving me odd looks.

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    2. Iso


      A while

    3. Simon


      Glad to know there are others...pretty sure my wife thinks I have lost it.

    4. SweetJoe


      they get used to it...or commit you...

  6. I enjoyed the drunkenness and the journey. Special shout out to the woman who had a "special" relationship with her uncle. Also the short but informative conversation with @Darionabout the technical aspects of teabagging.
  7. Canada.thumb.PNG.489a6202ca384b4f730ce2884366e23b.PNG

    Really @Jade...calling a whole country to post their POV?


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    2. Joshie


      No one talks about our Poutine like that.

    3. Simon


      Poutine is the POV...

    4. Rory


      oh no.

    • RogueSolace
    • Simon

    *hugs* Miss you :P

  8. Enjoyed getting back into RP for the first time in a bit! Glad I ran into @neckrorazul and @Combat Logo. It was interesting playing a Chernarussian character for the first time and experiencing how they are treated. It was good RPing with some of the CDF, I believe @Nihoolious was one of them.
  9. Simon Beranek

  10. Happy Canada Day! Here's to another 150 years of Maple Syrup and Poutine!



    1. RogueSolace


      Miss you! :P Happy Canada Day!

    2. SpaceCowboy


      Happy Canuck day ya Canuck. :)  

    3. Mercy


      Maple Syrup is the shit

  11. Desolation Redux Release

    I put in a couple hours on the official server and I can say it has potential but I did encounter some bugs, which is to be expected The infected seemed pretty buggy in general. Saw them go through both wall's and doors. I also had one agro on me, run up and then just stand next to me without actually attacking. I was also killed when opening a door and found myself underneath buildings a couple times too.
  12. Good times with the Purple People, Mr and Mrs. Funny, Mr. Clock and all that passed through Kab today. Special shout out to No Dick Rick!