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  1. Interesting things abound it seems....

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  2. *Simon would hear his radio come to life with the back and forth chatter, waiting for his opportunity to respond he would depress the PTT button, his deep chernarussian voice coming over the radio* Nikolai, I thought we talk about not causing peoples problems the other day in Vybor? *He would take a deep breath in followed by a swig of some rum he had acquired* I left you to walk away twice unharmed when we have cross paths...once you repay favour by injure some peoples I like and now you threatens another person I like. You are making my word look not so good right now....I don
  3. I really have been digging the RP lately! @JkpFrogAlways great RPing with you! Love the dynamic between our two characters, she's become too good at reading him. @MalthisRobbie is such a good kid, in a fucked up world. Loved the way you RP'd after his kill. @UncleB It was a fun but unsuccessful manhunt. I think our characters are going to get along really well the more they get to know each other. @ShazzzamSorry for our first interaction ever being me yelling at you with no shirt on! ? Hope the RP was enjoyable on your end! @[email protected] and Jerry! Two beauties...
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