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  1. Not accepting outside RP since 2015!

  2. Don't think you have to worry...He doesn't have the greatest track record of seeing things to the end
  3. Had a good time running around with @[email protected] Logoand @Coda852. Jimmy had a rough night which was quite enjoyable. Also enjoyed the brief encounter with the Lost Souls. Glad I could bring them into the loop on Jimmy's issues! @Keira seemed to be quite concerned.

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      Good Stuff

  5. Awesome job on the update Phoenix!
  6. That avatar is fuckin primo bud bud

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      Like a game 7 OT winner!

  7. I know some people call Simon cold but tonight seemed a little extreme. Everyone please take hypothermia seriously!
  8. @Coda852 <---silly whitename
  9. *Simon would sit overlooking the setting sun thinking about some things he had been told recently. He would pull out his radio and start to scan frequencies, first listening to hear for activity then second depressing the PTT button on his radio and broadcasting his message.* Jack Savage...I'm guessing this is just an wouldn't happen to be related to Randy...would ya brother? *chuckles* Nonetheless I have heard the name a couple times, so there must be someone out there using it. I've heard you have some information about people that reside on a island...some interesting information...that you don't mind sharing with others. I've been looking to get the down low on those people for a while and it seems many have taken you as a credible I figured I would reach out...maybe set up a place to meet? For your trouble I'm sure I could provide you with something...medical supplies...ammunition...or fresh meat...your choice really. So Jack Savage if you are out there and are willing I am ready and able. *Simon would release the PTT button with silence overtaking the frequency before he would move to the next repeating the message the best he could. After he worked his way through he would set his radio to scan and await a response*
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      I could of let you win on your b-day but what would be the fun in that :)

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      I would've actually beat you if you hadn't cheated, mister.

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      The above is not a credible statement...

  10. Always good to RP with @Jade and the interesting people she finds along the way...@Kibbensreally enjoyed the interaction along with roasting @Aeryes
  11. Thanks for the RP all involved last night it was a little crazy with all those bodies but it was great nonetheless. Special shout out to @Galaxy for trying to make things right.
  12. @Sam [email protected] Glad you enjoyed! The tension will continue for the foreseeable future with Simon Will be fun to cross paths again!
  13. @Jack the RipperI had this weird feeling that someone was around when I got to the town but I thought I was losing my shit. Enjoyed the RP as well!
  14. *Simon's ears prick up as he hears a unfamiliar man's voice saying his name over the radio. He listens carefully to what he says, being slightly caught off guard at the mentioning of Jill. A smile comes across his face as he knows who the letter would be from and without hesitation pushes down the PTT button on his radio not caring if the person was on the other end* "Thank you..." *He releases the PTT and silence takes over the frequency*