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"Yes...I know...I have a deep voice."

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    Congratulations on your ability to repeatedly idle in a public channel for days on end under the staff radar




    1. Jadeboat


      Don't blow his cover!

    2. Buddy


      I've gotta blow SOMETHING today...

      I'm really sorry it won't happen again miss jiddle bootz :c

    3. Simon


      Dammit @BuddyI was working on setting a record....

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      you don't want to know the record...

  1. Simon

    Today in Canada it's #BellLetsTalk day, a day to try and end the stigma around mental illness.

    I know there are many in the community that suffer from various forms of mental illness, remember that this is nothing to be ashamed about. If you feel the need, PLEASE talk to someone! My ear is always available!

    1. RogueSolace



  2. Can anyone hear me?

    *A man with a deep, heavily accented Chernarussian voice comes across the radio* Hearing another voice is good when you have been lone...but just to warn....you never know whos listen to radio...I just encounter a man that says, man by the name Dean shot him and is a mental problem...this Dean that speak early may not be the same one but maybe is... Man who shot seemed...a little off...so maybe reason to shoot him was good...I dunno but thought maybe it was good idea to let you know what I have hear. *Silence takes over the airwaves*
  3. Enjoying reading the journal entries! I really like the format and seeing the evolution of the structure since you first started. Keep it up!
  4. What's a good first car?

    I don't have any specific recommendations but I have been through the car buying process enough times so I will give some general advice, it will likely be more practical then sexy. Not sure on price points in your area but my number one rule for buying a car is pay cash. If you can't pay cash for the car you want then you are not ready to buy that car. Look for vehicles with a good track record for proven reliability (Toyota, Honda etc) and generally low maintenance cost (I would hesitate on the BMW at this stage). Look for something low miles (relative to the year) in good condition and don't be afraid to take it somewhere (Mechanic, mechanically inclined friend) to get it inspected before you buy. Gas millage maybe a factor but not likely as much seeing how you are looking at cars anyways. Try to stick with a model of vehicle that is more generic will help to keep your maintenance costs low as parts will be more readily available etc. If you end up going through a dealer make sure you take everything they say with a grain of salt, they get paid when they sell you a vehicle. Don't feel pressured by them to make a rash decision. Once you find something you like and are considering pulling the trigger take a day to sleep on it and see if you still feel the same way. Due your due diligence on the current market price for the perspective vehicle and come up with a price point in mind that you would like to pay. If you can't hit that price point in negotiations then that vehicle is not for you. I think that the most important thing to remember is that this is your first car not your last. The memories of you first vehicle will last far longer then the car will. My first car was an 87 Corolla that I paid $1000 for and drove the shit out of for five years, could fix everything myself and sold it an auto wrecker for $200 when her life was over. Thinking back on it it was likely one of the best financial decisions I have ever made! I know you want "fun" for the weekend but my advice would be to save the money for when you can buy something really fun!
  5. Glad it happened! Enjoyed the RP with you and @Taryn. VDC is going to bring an interesting element to the server!
  6. Simon

    Fuck another one gone too early...definitely an album I listened to a lot as a kid. R.I.P Dolores O'Riordan


    1. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      Tune I listened to for hours on end, heard the news today on the radio. 46 years, so young. RIP for real.

    2. Harvey



  7. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    *A clam but deep Chernarussian man's voice comes over the radio speaking in the language of his homeland.* I have lived through this once and refuse to live through it again. Do not attempt to quell any native of this country! Government control...it's not needed at this time...especially the kind you propose. You will not restrict Chernarussians... *Brief pause* On the other had foreigners praying on the innocent...fuck them.
  8. Enjoyed getting into RP for the first time in a couple months! Ran into quite a few people in Stary which I think included @caelo_vorago,@Saul,@JkpFrog, @Mace and others. The quality of RP was great!
  9. HoboDepot 2.0

    Duct Tape? Real hobos trade for coin! @Papa Tachanka #HoboCode
  10. Simon

    @Buddy Look a nice round number :P

    Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.09.15 PM.png

    1. Buddy


      Aaaayyy look at you!! That's a pretty solid number ya got there (:

      There's another one getting close to being rather satisfying as well ^_^ TeeHee

      I really miss you Simon..

    2. RogueSolace


      Me too ?

  11. Gremlins

    Glad to see this become a group...definitely have had fun rolling around with you guys!