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  1. Interesting things abound it seems....

    1. Oisin



  2. *Simon would hear his radio come to life with the back and forth chatter, waiting for his opportunity to respond he would depress the PTT button, his deep chernarussian voice coming over the radio* Nikolai, I thought we talk about not causing peoples problems the other day in Vybor? *He would take a deep breath in followed by a swig of some rum he had acquired* I left you to walk away twice unharmed when we have cross paths...once you repay favour by injure some peoples I like and now you threatens another person I like. You are making my word look not so good right now....I don't fucking like that. *A brief pause* Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice, shame on me...There will not be a third time...let me know when we should talk again. *He depresses the PTT button and silence falls over the airwaves*
  3. I really have been digging the RP lately! @JkpFrogAlways great RPing with you! Love the dynamic between our two characters, she's become too good at reading him. @MalthisRobbie is such a good kid, in a fucked up world. Loved the way you RP'd after his kill. @UncleB It was a fun but unsuccessful manhunt. I think our characters are going to get along really well the more they get to know each other. @ShazzzamSorry for our first interaction ever being me yelling at you with no shirt on! ? Hope the RP was enjoyable on your end! @[email protected] and Jerry! Two beauties... @yuthee I have enjoyed the somewhat awkward relationship these two have. @ScarletRose The RP has been great since we first crossed paths! Also damn you for making Simon care...
  4. *Simon after a night of over drinking begins a search in hopes of finding a functional radio, after the last one he had now sits at the bottom of a pond. His head pounding not only from the after effects of over consumption of alcohol but also the realization that his estranged family very well could have been killed or injured in the explosion. After entering a house just outside of Novodmitrovsk his search would become fruitful. With the newly found radio in hand, he would quickly grab a battery from his pack and place it into the device. He would carefully tune it to the frequency he had been told and depress the PTT button. The deep voiced Chernarussian man speaking his native tongue would be broadcast over the frequency.* Sara, James, Madison Beránek...are these names on your list? I will repeat....Sara, James, Madison Beránek... *He would release the PTT button and slouch down to the floor of the house and wait for a response.*
  5. I think it's a shame that a rule would have to be instated so that people value their characters lives, that being said I'm not against the idea. It is kind of funny because when you think about a rule like this it really only affects the extremes, the 10% at each end of the campfire --- pvp spectrum (sorry for the generalization but I think you can kind of see this in the responses). People with scripted RP with expected outcomes will not like the chance that their character could be killed without running through their scripted life. On the other end people who promote hostility through gunfights will not like this because they can't die in a firefight and re-gear endlessly. From a practical perspective a rule like this may promote hostility that ends with people dying less which may lead to a better RP environment overall. But as with everything on DayZRP peoples OOC emotions tend to get in the way of IC RP alot of the time and I think that Salt could become a real problem. Overall I am up for trying it out, as I think the server needs some sort of injection before beta comes out.
  6. @CaligadI had a good time during my chance meeting with Berni! You are new to the community but your RP was spot on! @Mademoiselle?
  7. Sorry, but I will not apologize for participating in this thread! Cheers!
  8. I am going to provide some feedback because well I can... In my opinion a lot of the problem in the community falls to the fact that people expect that others are supposed to make their RP experience "enjoyable", "exciting", "emotional" etc instead of taking ownership of their RP and thinking about how their actions can have a positive experience on others. Following the above, from my perspective the Anarchy guys (and gals) have actually done a really good job (whether cognizant or not) of taking into consideration how their actions in game affect the experience of others around them this time around. To me this is a lot more apparent then in the past and I think that it shows through the diversity of RP styles of people that you find interacting with their group willingly (at least not completely trying to avoid them). I am not saying that everything you guys are doing is perfect or is 100% enjoyable to me but I don't think it is reasonable to expect perfection from any individual person or group on this server (I certainly am not) and can attest to the fact that there seems to be a marked change. Overall I think that the group has brought a really interesting and fun dynamic to my RP and I hope that I can at least return a bit a positive experience to you guys in my interactions. Hopefully you guys will continue to go down the path that you are currently on, regardless of whether you are an "Approved" group or not.
  9. It was a quite the adventure all around! Could be an interesting travel group! Also @ScarletRose?? ???
  10. In reality this %100 makes sense and I agree that this is how this should be RPd....BUT I don't understand why a dynamic group of people (who cannot not share kill rights) can give away the right of life of a dynamically connected hostage. To me a dynamic group of people should never be considered a rescue party the way the current rules are written. I am not saying that the rule makes any logical sense I just I feel like the initiate gets the short end of the stick on both sides. Their dynamic group can't initially help him via shared kill rights but they can get them killed by non-compliance.
  11. Back to do your little turn on the cat walk? ? wb Space!
  12. A random potshot led to some good RP with @[email protected] @TylerP500.
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