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  1. Johnathan Hawthorne, born in 1963 to a single mother who raised him to the young age of 13 until she sadly passed from Leukemia. John's always tried to be one step ahead of the world as best he could. When he was 16 he got his first job with a logging company. He remained loyal to the company however in 1985 he was let go due to a huge brawl that happened when John found out about his woman at the time sleeping with another man who also worked there. John continued his love for the forests however, and decided to start his own woodworking company. He completed many projects and became quite the handy carpenter too. Having gained financial wealth over many years of hard work; John decided to take himself on a trip throughout the world. He saw many different cultures and countries but what latched on to him from his adventures the most was the love that he found in the Northeastern province of South Zagoria. Upon his return home he insisted that his love should join him in the land of the free however she was too inclined to her studies. He instead made the bold choice of moving to Chernarus and marrying her. He could continue his love for woodworking and she could continue her studies. "Incredible" he thought. "How could I be so lucky to have found you here Natalia?". The two shared many happy years together but when the infections first wave hit his wife was one of the infected. She held on throughout the beginning of her sickness until she could no longer resist its grasp. She succumbed and John was never the same. Most of his time was spent outside deep in the forests practicing his new found love for hunting. "To take somethings life gives me the greatest sense of control I've ever felt.". John nearly got in trouble many times with the law over poaching until the law just never showed up anymore. he figured they were too scared to commit to the arrest of a hot blooded American. It was however the ones with cold blood that they feared more. It was only a matter of time now before John found out about what had happened again. This time it looked much more permanent than before...
  2. During my time in Stary I was with another southern folk by the name of Fergus, we both had our own little situation with some guys screaming at us in town to leave and what not but ended up in a bloodbath thus killing me and my ally Fergus. If you need a longer POV I am actually involved in another report of what happened to Fergus and me.
  3. My run in with Nicholas began in the town of Stary where I was hoping my ally Fergus was heading to after we were both disconnected from the server. He had messaged me on Steam letting me know that this happened. Whilst I was waiting and looting the small town of Stary, I came across a group of people surrounding the church. One fellow began yelling at me and screaming " Get out of town" and what not. This man was threatening so I decided to move further away in town as I was not in any danger at the moment. They then began to scan the city for whatever their reasons were and ran into me again which is where they told me to leave once more. I did not have to leave and I really didn't have to as I was not yet in any danger. After a few minutes had passed, I left town to go back to the military area. That is where I regrouped with young Fergus and I told him about what was going on in town. We then proceeded to head back into town on the road as it had been a few minutes since we heard any shots. On our way there I began to talk with my fellow friend. We were then rudely interrupted by the screaming man once more, Nicholas, which made for a very interesting Rp experience. Nicholas saw Fergus first and told him to leave but lost his temper when he saw my own self once more. I tried to calm him down but words would not sooth the mind of a cautious man. I began to ask what exactly happened here as I am a very curious person. (Yes I do know the curiosity sometimes kills.) Nicholas told me it was a gunfight. He asked if we could please leave and to be honest we're slowly creeping our way to the back of town. We were being as cautious as we could just like him and his boys. Fergus and I wanted to help them out and we even offered to provide a tactical analysis on the current situation with them and the people in the church and hills. Nicholas wouldn't have it, he wanted us gone. Fergus provided his own tactical analysis of the situation involving Nicholas and the two of us. Fergus said to me that there was a 90% chance they would gun us down if we did not leave. Nicholas agreed with this bold statement which is when we felt very threatened but nonetheless slowly continued our way south just as the angry man had said. I told him that he was an angry fella which is when I thought that he said: "Yea because you're going to get fucking killed if you don't leave town". He may have said, "Yea because I'm going to get fucking killed if you don't leave town.". I was confused so I asked him "what?". I said that this kicking out town was not fair. Which is when he said life isn't fair and told me to get used to it and leave, so that is what we're doing. At this point, tensions were quite high, to say the least. Fergus then eliminated the threat after I was slaughtered like cattle. During which I crouched down as I did not want to die of course. You may not see that in the video due to the reload glitch that has plagued my character. I didn't want to pick a fight but It was clear that one of us wasn't going to make it out alive. I was the loser in this case and this is how my POV had ended.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-BadRP-Powergaming-Attempted-RDM http://www.dayzrp.com/t-BadRP-Invalid-execution-unreasonable-demands-for-negotiation Why the verdict is not fair: I think the verdict is unfair because these reports are about the same situation, and we were told that only one report would be made for it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was over watch when we had Alek hostage, me and another guy named Jerry rped with her and in her report she states that it was me and him. Dealing with her as a hostage in the tower was not my task as I was just over watch looking through the fields and forests at the time. Throughout the whole ordeal, the other Jerry and I provided RP with her and then handed her over to the other group members since they were providing hostage negotiations. As for JM Von Cats report whilst circling I was providing overwatch as seen in the video I am scoping in to see were there could possibly be other people. I then started circling when shots started firing as anyone would have done. While this was happening it was getting harder and harder for my team to cooperate properly and give the hostage better rp. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to achieve an unban with 29 out of 30 warning points What could you have done better?: The things that I could have done better is, provide more rp over being overwatch for my team, taken control over the confusion of my team during the time when people were shooting.
  5. Jerry Hunt POV: After the incident with Alek getting away we decide to try to follow her but lose her in town. When Wade finds Moose, we all start heading towards Wade. We already had a plan to initiate on her, but we also didn't want to get shot due to the possibility of her friends being around. Wade asks several times for a kiss from Moose but is rejected as usual, We then continue to circle around Moose while looking in the trees and forest. When Wade finally initiates, Moose complies and puts his hands up. After a few moments shots start going off, we then start running around because we don't want to get hit which is probably what anyone would do. I then tell Moose to lay on the ground with his hands on his head. Wade tells Moose that he needs to tell his team to stop firing or Moose will be killed. The bullets stop flying for awhile until they start up again. My group had started to move Moose away from the situation but when the bullets started flying Wade put him down. We later see a group of three which is when my group starts chasing them. One of the people being chased hides in a bush so I decide that it wasn't worth going after them. We then see Alek and Marty run into the Piano building which is were we had them cornered. We tell them to come down and they won't die but they didn't want to comply. Wade runs up the stairs firing a few rounds into Alek possibly killing her. I then see a man with full green on walk up to the door. We point guns at him and tell him to put his hands up but he instead runs away. I don't understand how that was confusing at all for you when we were aiming our weapons at you telling you put your hands up. One of our guys spots the chance to shoot Marty in the back from the window and takes the shot. Marty is then hit and unconscious. We get him up as best we could, then finally he wakes up. We threaten to take his remaining eyebrow which to what I believe is when he says "Fuck You", one of my group members shoots him in the head and that is the end of that...
  6. Jerry Hunt POV: My group and I had Alek hostage while at the same time trying to get her out of the area due to us seeing someone nearby in the forest. As we were running down the road, she said that she couldn't run and talk at the same time, which is why we really had no reason to talk with you as we were also being chased by some people leaving us unable to stop and enjoy some rp. When we got to a safe location, the other Jerry, Norman and I rp'd with you while Wade and Kaiden were negotiating with your group. You didn't seem like you wanted to role play at all while you were being waterboarded, talked to, etc... When we brought you to Vybor industrial and placed you in the tower one of the guys said that if you came down you would be shot. After a few minutes of us getting into place you decide to climb down and run which is the last time that we see you for awhile. While you were running we fire a few shots at you hoping to hit you... I don't think this was attempted rdm whatsoever since you were still our hostage and we were still in the area.
  7. That would be great I only heard you say that once your friend said to give him the gun... I can see that you shot me when I didn't have the gun on my back at all and still kept shooting me as I was crouching being completely still and not a threat to you whatsoever.
  8. I dropped the ak long before you guys initiated so you must have me mixed up with someone else... I dropped the bolt action when you said to or when your friend said to... I never shot anyone...
  9. I don't understand how you could see that if I never picked it back up.
  10. I never went for my rifle whatsoever I dropped my rifle on the ground when somebody demanded it which is why I had my hands down.
  11. I dropped my weapon on the ground when your friend said to drop it. I don't understand what you mean by how I had a weapon on my back. You said to drop my vest and backpack which I did... Then your friend told me to drop my rifle and I did.
  12. Server and location: S1 / West of Dolina Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4:40 Daytime or Night-time: DayTime Your in game name: Jerry Hunt Names of allies involved: Wade West, Gwandoya Okello, Norman Casey Name/Skin of suspect/s: Andy Bogart Suspects weapon/s: Ak 74 AKM Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None that I know of Detailed description of the events:Me and a few friends were at Dolina when we decided to hold up a few guys and bring them into the forest west of Dolina. We took all of their radios and one guy was saying he was with the Chedaki. We were asking our prisoners questions for a good 5 minutes when all of a sudden a few guys come out of the woods telling me and my friends to put our hands up. I complied with the request, while my friends ran off, one of the people who told me to put my hands up said to drop my vest and backpack so I did just that. Another one of his friends told me to put my weapon on the ground which is when I was shot and killed. I am also putting meta gaming in because I don't know how the hostages "buddies" found us. With this report I request Kill logs, Text logs, and connection logs.
  13. POV: I was there at Dolina at the time as the other guy who initiated on George, in the video I faintly hear you say for him to put his hands on his head and walk to the police station. Therefore in doing so you initiated on him as well as me which granted the sniper KOS on both of us.
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