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  1. So hey this is my back story for my character Constant Clair. If you have any tips for how I can improve this just leave a message and I will respond. Full Name: Constant Clair Age: 16 Height: 5'8" Weight: 180 lbs Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Orientation: bisexual Zodiac: Pisces Background: Constant was always called the ‘sweetest baby around’. Having been raised in poverty, he learned to value the smallest pleasures in life, such as making people happy. He was always the first to crack a joke and to have a good time. grew up on the outskirts of Paris, near Chavanay. From a young age, his parents helped him gain a strong fascination for music. He decided to join his local band at his school Lycee international, choosing to learn the flute. He then continued his fascination with learning the oboe and guitar, two of his childhood favorites. One day, a incident occurred. No one truly knows what happened that day, only rumors. When local reporters questioned the police, they fabricated different stories each time for his arrest.. His trial in juvenile court was held in secrecy, the only detail given was his sentencing. Sadly, Constant received life without parole with mandatory drug counseling. During his prison sentence, Constant started to behavior... differently. Sentries reported that during the night he would 'change' into someone else. After multiple inquiries from his fellow inmates, he was moved into a Mental institute for the schizophrenic. After many lab tests, Constant’s night self was deemed volatile, yet his day self was deemed a sage. During the day Constant was allowed to travel the institute helping fellow inmates in their studies, but once the night came around, he would be put into solitude in fear of what he might do. After strangling a fellow inmate in order to get more food, he was ordered to be conveyed to another institute in Moscow, Russia. While passing through Chernarus, a ragtag group of militia attacked the convoy. The militia salvaged him from the wreckage and kept him hostage for three days hoping to receive payment for his release. However, during day 4 the guards that keep him captive disappeared without any traces. After hours of working the rope around his hands, Constant managed to escape into the now ravaged Chernarus. Constant now travels the land trading loot with fellow survivors, and during the night he settles down waiting for other survivors to trade with. They say if you are lucky, you might catch him playing his oboe, wishing for this to all be a bad dream.