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    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Rate the character page/profile from the person above you.
  2. Ramon

    Cant Find Passphrase

    Hi, I don't think its allowed to post the rules with the passphrase in it on the forum. I can assure you that the passphrase is in the rule section, I found it after 15 seconds. -SNIP- And take your time with it. Nobody is allowed to help you find it en say it to you. You need to do it on your own. Good luck!
  3. Ramon

    Let's switch to Discord

    How I see Discord: Discord Pros: FREE ( That is a plus. ) Cannot be DDoSed, doesn't lag ( Okay another plus if it is true. ) Easily accessible anywhere you are through desktop app, regular browser or mobile app ( TS is also easily accessible. ) Can message people when they are offline, see what games others are playing ( Sounds okay ) Notifications and mentions, just like on the website ( We have a website for that. ) Much more secure (no alts, VPNs or proxy trolls etc) ( Alts/trolls are easy to ban on TS since you need to register to get permissions. ) Better chat and voice quality ( Really? Not in my opinion. ) Better group management ( You mean Staff ranks/Donator ranks or something else? ) Bots with custom functions like custom commands, activity tracking, quizzes, tons more ( Don't need that to be honest. ) Much better looking (TS looks like it came bundled with Win98) ( Who cares? If it works it works. ) Multimedia extensions (embed images, videos) ( Website? ) Frequently updated with new features ( More things that you never use in my opinion ) We can have a widget on the front page showing who is online ( Is that necessary? ) Everything else ( Like...? ) Discord Cons: None, you have to overcome your fears, enter 21st century and let TeamSpeak go ( Uh please no! ) TS Pros: Donators can have private TS channels. Easy to see if everyone follows Rule 1.8. People can have custom badges/descriptions and/of avatars. Knowing Discord a bit you will need plus/minus 60 channels, is that possible? Easy to moderate for Staff. Discord will be a hell. Well, that's Staff's problem. Channels for groups. Voted to keep TS.
  4. Ramon


    Damn Majoo, I will miss you of course. Don't be a stranger on TS or on Steam. Thanks for being a Staff member a couple of times and thanks for your friendship! Take care <3
  5. Ramon

    UN/WHO - Media Thread

    Thanks A lot of members joined/made this new group, The Last Light. We have also a Media Thread for this group. So we are still out there.
  6. Ramon

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Malet, Malet, Malet... I really hope that is NOT going to happen! You drunk bastard! I really liked the RP by the way, really curious how this will end.
  7. Ramon


    The restart times are changed. The server restarts are now at 12:00, 18:00, 00:00 and 06:00 server time.
  8. Ramon

    Red Dead Redemption 2 : Official Trailer #2

    The trailer looks great! I hope to see some gameplay videos soon. Thanks for sharing Skinner
  9. Ramon

    Get out of jail card idea

    First of all no offense to who have a friend that is permabanned, but permabanned players are banned for a reason! From what I have seen from the permabanned players around the 2 March thing, I rather won't have them back at all. I rather won't have any permabanned player back. Even if it's a friend of mine. And didn't you said that they were never coming back to the DayZRP community @Rolle ? ( Or am I wrong with this? ) This is the most terrible idea I ever heard from you Rolle and I really hope you are joking. But I am afraid you are serious right now. Please re-think this as the owner of the community! Why even come up with the idea to bring permabanned players back? 0.63/BETA is right in front of us and that will bring a shit load of new people to the community! Never quote this, but when you are bringing this idea to life I am considering leaving. Now that will not impact you or anybody else and a lot of people will say: I don't give a shit. But this is for me, in my opinion, this is a step too far.
  10. Ramon

    Real life picture Thread

    You mean hot as fuck. Nice picture Chewy but you look tired. Go to sleep
  11. Ramon

    Best spots to find friendly RP nowadays?

    I would say find out ingame or try to get some information on the IC Radio threads. You can find '' friendly RP '' everywhere. Asking this question on the forums is in my opinion not really fun.
  12. Ramon

    The Last Light Media Thread

    Be nice to the Major, one of our leaders! Otherwise be prepared. Here some screens from a couple days back: @Razareth ( Driving ) Last pic: @Lemons @Mercy & @Iso
  13. Ramon

    I'm at school need someone to talk to

    Well, like Rory said browse the forums. Or make a status update? That's why they are here for or just join TS and talk to people up there. But the most important thing should be: Keep looking at your books in school and pay attention! School is way more important than DayZRP!
  14. Ramon

    Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Poor Ela Sorry for the big fail yesterday! @TheLastLight
  15. Ramon

    The Last Light Media Thread

  16. Ramon

    Pop. location

    There are people everywhere, you just need to find them. You can use the ingame radio's to find out where people are or you can use the IC radio threads to find out. Trust me, you will find people very soon.
  17. Ramon

    The Last Light

    Damn the thread looks GREAT! #HYPE
  18. Ramon

    Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    @UN @Skinner
  19. Ramon

    What's your internet speed?

  20. Ramon

    Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    Enjoy that fish! If you know what was in that pond you would not have fished there.
  21. Ramon

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    One last thing, when the BETA comes to Stable you will know it. Trust me, people will inform others quickly about it.
  22. Ramon

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    There is no known date of release of the BETA. It's a question of time and we can only speculate about when the Dev's are coming with the BETA.
  23. Ramon


    I feel bad for you DarkStyle, you made a good looking group. If I were not in a group yet I would have joined. Perhaps take a look at this thread to find people for your group if you didn't did that already. It would be a shame to see this back at group archive.
  24. Ramon

    Bonjour Monsieur/Madame

    Bon après-midi Jeune homme, comment vas-tu? I wish I could be French. Congrats with your whitelist and have fun ingame! If you have any questions you can join The Helpdesk on TeamSpeak and a kind Staff Member will help you. Au Revoir
  25. Ramon

    UN Evacuation Zone Event - 21:30 server time 9/15/17

    The event looks great guys, just like every event/missions and other stuff that the UN did looks very good. Not sure if I can be at the EVAC, I will try!