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  1. Hi, I don't think its allowed to post the rules with the passphrase in it on the forum. I can assure you that the passphrase is in the rule section, I found it after 15 seconds. -SNIP- And take your time with it. Nobody is allowed to help you find it en say it to you. You need to do it on your own. Good luck!
  2. I had to kek


  3. Razy? Where are youuuuu?  I miss you <3

    1. Razareth


      I'm where I've always been. In your heart :x

  4. I'm Poppy.




    and i miss you

    1. Ramon


      I am Ramon and I miss you too.

      I am not longer active in this community ( Only in TS ).
      Of course, you can always send me a poke on Steam buddy <3

  5. Damn Tim! :)   Congrats and good luck! <3

    1. Spartan


      Thanks Ramon, come play dayz soon

  6. How I see Discord: Discord Pros: FREE ( That is a plus. ) Cannot be DDoSed, doesn't lag ( Okay another plus if it is true. ) Easily accessible anywhere you are through desktop app, regular browser or mobile app ( TS is also easily accessible. ) Can message people when they are offline, see what games others are playing ( Sounds okay ) Notifications and mentions, just like on the website ( We have a website for that. ) Much more secure (no alts, VPNs or proxy trolls etc) ( Alts/trolls are easy to ban on TS since you need to register to get permissions. ) Better chat and voice quality ( Really? Not in my opinion. ) Better group management ( You mean Staff ranks/Donator ranks or something else? ) Bots with custom functions like custom commands, activity tracking, quizzes, tons more ( Don't need that to be honest. ) Much better looking (TS looks like it came bundled with Win98) ( Who cares? If it works it works. ) Multimedia extensions (embed images, videos) ( Website? ) Frequently updated with new features ( More things that you never use in my opinion ) We can have a widget on the front page showing who is online ( Is that necessary? ) Everything else ( Like...? ) Discord Cons: None, you have to overcome your fears, enter 21st century and let TeamSpeak go ( Uh please no! ) TS Pros: Donators can have private TS channels. Easy to see if everyone follows Rule 1.8. People can have custom badges/descriptions and/of avatars. Knowing Discord a bit you will need plus/minus 60 channels, is that possible? Easy to moderate for Staff. Discord will be a hell. Well, that's Staff's problem. Channels for groups. Voted to keep TS.
  7. 9ddafaf771d493ee8d0e1848f6be0fba.thumb.jpg.c1d04debbe7d2c503a91cd379465f194.jpg


    1. Ramon


      OMG, the memories! This is a very old picture! ;) 

  8. Happy Birthday <3  I hope you have a lovely day today!

    1. Razareth


      Awe <3

      Thank you BB :x

  9. <3

    1. Saradomin



  10. raining_david_tennant.gif

    1. Ramon


      Sorry bud <3

  11. Damn Majoo, I will miss you of course. Don't be a stranger on TS or on Steam. Thanks for being a Staff member a couple of times and thanks for your friendship! Take care <3
  12. 0047d54501.png

    Off to the third-world country of Friesland with you

    1. Ramon


      The ABUSE! #Triggeredlikealways.


  13. Thanks A lot of members joined/made this new group, The Last Light. We have also a Media Thread for this group. So we are still out there.
  14. I miss you <3

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