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  1. wtf....i think i found it dude thank you I found it i read the mod rules and the community rules I never seen this page so thank you so much man and basically all the pages say the same thing in rules just some are more informational
  2. Like this First sentence is mis typed ''Role play must be you primary goal while playing'' Alot of things stand out in this its really hard to find it when i see that lol Ok fair enough but honestly another Sentence mis place like this ''previous hostilities between the you and the victim that would warrant the hostility''
  3. Well I know that i just like need to know if its a sentence or a word because like I am reading it out loud like every one is saying I have KOS on lock down along with NVOL and meta gaming and all that I do not see anything out of the ordinary other than a lot of mis spelled words...maybe the fact that i have been working all night and haven't slept yet thats why but ill read it again
  4. I know you can not give me the answer i have read the rules i am reading the mod section now but i am curios is the passphrase just one wordor can it be multiple like when i type it in is it only one thing for example '' Rage'' or is it like a sentence such as '' He is dead'' ?