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  1. I see your point because there are times that S1 is full and S3 isnt open. I would have thought that S1 being full would cause it to open but I guess not. When I go on S2 I can notice the higher ping and sometimes it puts me off playing.
  2. I like this idea and I like the way that it will add an new "mission" for groups to do. The only thing that I would like to see is the train being apocalyptic with boarded up windows and stuff so the it keeps with the apocalyptic theme of the game and so it keeps to the RP experience because lets be honest a virgin train passing through Cherno would look pretty out of place.
  3. OharaOli

    KoS hour

    I think this would be a pretty good idea if you could get it to work
  4. OharaOli

    After Wipe, A kinda new beggining

    I see how this idea is different and I get the whole "last stand" idea to it and i like that but I think it would make the whole experience seem disjointed if this suddenly happened one day and then the next day its back to normal. I still think this would make a good idea for an event.