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  1. Knightblast

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    Just like a few years ago when i first joined the community, i voted yes, it will only have a positive impact on RP, since its nowadays quite hard to realize new concepts since you got to account the 900 days that have passed. Also +1 this, would be nice to see more events / Radio events
  2. Knightblast

    BeanZ WAR

    97 oops
  3. Knightblast

    BeanZ WAR

  4. Knightblast

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

  5. Knightblast

    Advice needed! CPU vs GPU

    Balance them out with a bottleneck calculator, if you want something better safe up abit more, ive worked for 4 months to build my pc and i dont regret it.
  6. Knightblast

    DayZRP 20.1.1

    Can't wait to test some of the stuff In game
  7. Knightblast

    Enhanced Medical System

    I also think the Med system could use a rework, i'm all for more medicine uses ( and more infections )
  8. You'll see enough of me soon, for now ill be doing new things, see you soon
  • Knightblast

    Vybor Distress Call

    *Dan Presses his radio's PTT while driving* "Coming to give you a lift mate, try to lay low until then" *Dan looks at his co-driver Alex, nods at him and changes course*
  • Knightblast

    Staff Feedback: Knightblast

    Part of the Dutch boys. If you want to leave feedback on me, use this template:
  • Knightblast

    DayZRP Staff Agreement

    I, Knightblast hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  • Knightblast

    Bring back the Server Map

    I liked that map, it helped visualize what parts where controlled by who and in what area these groups were active in. To avoid the base raid scare the area's can just be huge again to avoid preciese locations. Altough i would say groups won't have to show it if they dont want to if they are afraid of meta.
  • Knightblast

    GIVE ME my FAL pls

    With all the effort of making this post while drunk, i support the cause of giving this man a FAL, if thats too much than atleast an M14.
  • Knightblast

    Redwood Radio [Open recruitment]

    Seeya later @andysuter and @Burak, Both good roleplayers. had some great times with ya at Altar.
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