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  1. This is definetly something that needs discussion, altough maybe first a test period of the map before we make the change ?
  2. This, and also the lack of drug dealers, where am i supposed to get my comfort if there is no-one to pass it around ?
  3. No you don't, be sure to aim for the head while fighting zombies, aiming for center mass isn't as effective. also don't get caught in a group of them.
  4. Looks great lads, best of luck
  5. As long as there isn't any OOC info / ridiculous comments on them, but dumb notes are realistic after all.
  6. I geuss i'll stay on the roads from now on
  7. Tbh i love it on the Repeater, i remeber having a nice akward stand-off where i was aiming at a guy and his magazine was empty only to realize that i pressed "r" a time too many and my gun was dry aswell... So we just ran back reloading
  8. Help, I've fallen into the lego city river and I can't get out.

  9. Thank god that man was saved from the lego city river. o7 thank you for your service.

  10. Just like a few years ago when i first joined the community, i voted yes, it will only have a positive impact on RP, since its nowadays quite hard to realize new concepts since you got to account the 900 days that have passed. Also +1 this, would be nice to see more events / Radio events
  11. Balance them out with a bottleneck calculator, if you want something better safe up abit more, ive worked for 4 months to build my pc and i dont regret it.
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