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  1. A tad bit rude innit ? The man was so polite !
  2. Hello Legend Inferno imma fix. @Benry @Andromexus @DomBC ill see ya guys soon when you feel like playing. Thanks for hanging out in discord. ..........
  3. What. Map is too small to be nuked, but it would look cool to introduce an irradiated area like this +1
  4. image.png.41bb3eb57c27e6427aec6d1732134f0c.png


    @AndreyQ was at work today, but this seems needed again.

  5. until

    An escort mission ?!?! God help us.
  6. I think the dude also made some junk looking motorcycles, those prob would work better. -1
  7. IC stays IC . OOC is OOC. if there is a OOC problem that transfers in game talk about it with staff. seeing this would be just be a duble rule. -1
  8. WORLD FASTEST UN-ARCHIVING SPEEDRUN ANY % !! Glad to see you back bois
  9. ALL RIGHT LADIES, STEP ASIDE. (i'm enjoying this thread, good videos.)
  10. Suggestion: See what causes the issue with and add the Ammo crafting mod. Reason: With ammo getting more scares it would be a fun and immersing thing to do, being able to craft shabby shotgun ammo from 9mm would be nice for the future if the server goes into a more survival/scare resources kinda direction As far as i heard it caused issues at first though, so i just wanted to post this to kinda shed light on the mod and see what causes it's conflicts with our mods.
  11. Graphics updated ! Tnx to murdoc <3 We are also now open for recruitment, if you are interested, fill out the recruitment form.
  12. No. lets not play on a huge map that we have played on for 5000+ hours plus. New maps fine, get used to it.
  13. Hello , I've been quite busy with moving and prepping for university as of recent, therefore i have not sat down yet to properly re-write group goals, Seeing i find the actions we do in game to be more important than some words on a page and some flashy looking graphics. The group goals are subject to change soon, but the mentioned goal is something we elaborate further on in game, i understand it's vague but this is something that could be meta-gamed easily (As some approved groups have even vaguer goals, i would say this goal in particular is not our main concern.) I however fully agree with you our indefinite goals could use a little more personalisation, i will work on them as soon as i get the time. As of our graphics , @Murdocis on the case, but he also suffers from the Real life debuff, and is currently busy in the job market. Then again, a book should not be judged by its cover. ------------------ All aside i would say some of our goals have been all ready completed and i will work on more goals for the group, as of recent tough, we have made positive contact with many people and gotten ourselves a few contracts, but with my absence this week i want to give credit to my group members who have envisioned the image of the group quite well
  14. image.png.6fffddc28502b50d75129263589f83e7.png



    1. Kermit


      It do be that time of the week again.

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