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  1. No-one will beat ZFC in fishing. Good luck bois, i think i've met ya in game today, was nice and pumped to see more
  2. Hey hello, i can see where you get the concerns from that i am using his gorgeous ak for malicious rule play, although i am very careful in what situations i choose to use this in. sometimes due to the circumstances in dayz : bears, wolfs , zombies. something with a higher caliber is needed, even when playing on "unarmed characters." Personally, i like to not use my rights at all, various groups can tell you this. it's not very nice to make such assumptions i can see your concerns tho, drum magazines are now way less common, also remember that the defender right issue is rather something of a community issue, not a game mechanic one. ofc there is no reason to have all the wacky attachments on. that just because i thought it was funny.
  3. Guess i put my 10 cents here, I love having a pocket ak, keeps petty thief's from useless robbery's all the time. that being said, i kinda understand it can be annoying if you are trying to get good hostage RP out of someone. -1 from me tho, this doesn't solve the pocket ak issue.
  4. Thank you for the kind words lads Glad i could help.
  5. Shoutout to the rac member who helped me catch fish ( @Drbeans) and the owner of the pub who we could borrow the bbq from ! also @SynO and @Benry for adding some tension
  6. Knight

    BBQ in Dubrovka

    BBQ in Dubrovka Bring beer.
  7. "Hello people of chernarus ! my name is Yacob brosz from the Zelenogorsk fishing club, we are organising our monthly BBQ in Berenzino. We encourage everyone to stop by and have a nice piece of fish filet, Please leave your petty politics at home tho, and dress a bit casually." "Before i forget, bring your own beer, we are currently running low on it."
  8. Yacob brosz (family of Adrick Brosz) is the owner of the Zelenogorsk Fishing Club and its compound, he has won various competition's in carp fishing and other fishing activitys. He inherited the place from his grandpa, seeing his father had no interest in fishing. During the civil war his family fled the country, coming back in late 2010. Politics never interested Yacob , but his brother had a strong nationalist and socialist pride. After coming back with his family he took the opportunity to expand the fishing club and organised tournaments, even for foreigners who locals usually didn't want to have around. His place became a shelter once the outbreak hit.
  9. shouldn't be forced at all, dayz as it is can already be an annoyance , i like there be non more -1 from me chief
  10. Yes Stop this before it gets out of hand Please.
  11. // moved to off-topic
  12. I honestly can't wait to pull a dab after a kill.
  13. A lil hole in my memory there, You lads are the reason i joined Dayzrp in the first place, good to see you are still around atleast say hi to percy from me
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