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  1. Austin Stoke grew up in a small town in rural Washington, USA, learning skills like gardening, mechanics, and gun usage. He took an interest in cars and anything with a motor from an early age. He also thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, backpacking and camping, subconsciously developing survival skills. He did well in school and went on to university. He studied mechanical engineering and worked in the field for a few years, gaining a lot of knowledge and experience and eventually went on to work for a company that contracted out projects all around the world. His first project was to provide engineering consulting in a machine shop in Chernarus. He loved the opportunity to travel across the world, not knowing that all hell was about to break loose. The machine shop, being located in the middle of nowhere in Chernarus, made him unaware of what was happening in the country until it was too late. He was staying in a nearby cabin alone with no internet or cell service. The only time he made contact with his family was when he went along with the workers to Chernogorsk to pick up materials for the shop, which wasn't an often thing. He would be off the grid for months at a time, and he got used to it. He was already not much of a social person growing up, so he enjoyed only seeing his coworkers and letting his mind sink into the projects. He showed up to the shop one monday morning, 5 minutes late and anxious about his unprofessional conduct. As he walked up, he noticed that the shop truck was gone. This was weird to him, because they only ever used the shop truck to make runs to Chernogorsk. Upon entering the building, he quickly noticed that nobody else had shown up that day. After waiting a while and realizing nobody was coming, he grumpily decided to walk into the town that the shop workers lived at. He only knew where it was at because the crew had dragged him along to the local pub a couple times. As he approached the town, he noticed a strange silence. Despite being a small town, there were usually locals walking around during the day. He walked towards his favorite coworkers house and noticed a man standing in the middle of the street. "Hey man, what's going on here?" He yelled to the man. The man quickly turned his head and started running towards him, making sounds that Austin never thought could come from a human. He knew something was up, so he ran to the closest house and started pounding on the door. As the man got closer to him, he kicked in the door and quickly shut it behind him, just in the knick of time before the man had reached the house. The man was trying frantically to get inside the house. Austin propped a chair against the door, knowing it wouldn't last very long. He quickly looked around the house and noticed that whoever had lived there had left in a hurry. "This can't be good." Austin muttered to himself. He grabbed a kitchen knife and whatever food he could stuff into his cargo pants. Trapped inside the house, he looked for an escape. All of a sudden the man stopped pounding on the door. Austin peaked out the front window of the house and noticed a woman wearing a backpack sprinting down the street. The man caught up to her fast and tackled her. Austin could not believe what he saw next. The man tore into her flesh and ripped out her organs in pure rage. He acted fast and ran out of the house while the creature was distracted. He knew there was no saving that woman. He returned to his cabin and stayed there a few days, then moved all of his gear into the machine shop, knowing it would be safer with no windows and metal walls. Over the next few months he would make quick trips into the town for food and survival gear, avoiding the increasing number of the creatures like the plague. He tried to wait it out and see if the military would intervene, and over time he realized that help wasn't coming. As the amount of creatures in town increased, he knew his days of staying at the machine shop were coming to an end. His mental health had deteriorated from isolation and doing whatever he could to survive. He needed answers. Was his family okay? Were there any remnants of society? Is anyone else alive? He packed up his most essential gear and headed out on his journey to get out of Chernarus.
  2. Here's what I think: Nerf the traders, no OP gear, remove bandit and hero traders. Make it so the max you can buy at a trader is like a mosin, lee enfield, sks, etc No suvs, humvees, etc and have the best vehicle you can buy is a gaz, and thats like 2 10oz gold, or more. And the price difference between buying and selling is huge, so you get like only 5 gold for selling one. No helicopter trader. Make it so you have to have a plot pole to build, and that you can't buy them or find them. Your clan has to apply on the forums for a plot pole and pay a briefcase or more. Make it so you can add keys to existing vehicles. Basically nerf a lot of main epoch vehicles.
  3. You are walking along the road, when you see a composition book lying in the middle of the street. You pick it up, and the front reads "Journal" You open up to the first page and begin reading. My name is Alex Payton. I'm a hunter from North America. I came to Chernarus because an old friend of mine told me that the elk hunting was great here. Worst decision of my life. The hunt was a complete bust, all I could find were rabbits and the occasional goat. I was going up to green mountain to get a phone signal, as Sprint has horrible international coverage. I arrived near the radio tower and pulled out my iPhone to order some plane tickets, when all of a sudden I heard a weird electrical boom of sorts. Confused, I looked at the display of my phone and it had completely stopped working. I said outloud "Shit". The car engine wouldn't start, I assumed the battery was screwed up. I sat there in frustration. I looked up into the sky and noticed a small dot that was getting larger and larger. I looked closer and closer at it, and it looked like a jet fighter. It was coming straight for me. I quickly thought of an idea, and jumped out of the car and begin pushing it down the slope. When it finally started rolling on its own, I hopped in, slammed the door, and focused, as I had only one chance. The car starting gaining speed. When I was content with the velocity of the vehicle, I pressed the clutch, threw the stick into second, and released the clutch. The engine roared to life, and I hit the gas. I looked in the sideview mirror, and in the backround I saw the jet impact the ground in a spectacular once in a lifetime display of jet fueling catching aflame. I sat there in fear, confusing, and pure awe at the explosion. I stopped the car and pulled the Emergency brake, then got out and walked up close enough to see in detail of the explosion but not close enough to get burnt. In the distance, I saw a limping figure walking towards me.
  4. *Begin Radio Transmission* A filtered voice comes through the radio. "Hello. My name is Alex Payton. And I was just killed in a hatchet fight at the ravens nest, forced by communists to fight another prisoner. I just woke up, and I have no idea where I am. This has happened before. I got killed by zombies at the North East Airfield, and I tripped over a rock at Zub Castle. I have died multiple times, and each time I wake up wearing a new outfit and with none of my previous gear. I believe that I am possessed by a demo... The voice on the radio goes to static. *End Radio Transmission*
  5. I've decided that I don't like my character anymore, there's not much I can do with him currently. Can I create a new character and keep the name? I don't like the military backround.
  6. Day 1 The Helicopter was to land between the two largest cities in Chernarus. I'm not even gonna try to spell them. While we were organizing the mission my leader called them Cherno and Elektro. I wasn't sure which was which so I decided to just go west. I followed the road and came up to a bridge with an overturned ATV on it, and guess what was strapped to the back? An AK sort of weapon, wasn't sure exactly what it was. I kept following the road and in the distance I saw a couple of tall buildings, and still following I read a road sign that looked similar to "Cherno", and I continued on. I should've taken russian in High School. Whatever. As I entered the city, I saw the very thing we were quarantined for in America: the walking dead. Rather than be cliche' and call them zombies, lets call them walkers. I never saw one in person, which is a good thing. As I got closer, it hit me like a semi truck. The smell. It was like a rotten egg mixed with moldy bread and decomposing flesh. I couldn't stand it! I held my breath and got on the ground so he wouldn't see me. Slowing crawling, I started looking around for some type of building that would have useful stuff in it. I entered a church and found a m1911 and a revolver. I took the m1911 because it had more rounds. My next priority: A map of chernarus to help me navigate. As I was looking between benches, I found one. The First miracle since the outbreak. Well, besides the weapons. I left the church and continued down the road, until I found a supermarket. It was stripped to its foundation, all I found was a knife. I left the city and heard gunshots. Muttering to myself I said "Shit." and got on the ground. I crawled until I got to a barn and look around. I found some clothing, a hatchet, and some chemlights. I took all three. I left my military camo there and hid it, figuring that locals would be more willing to take in someone non-American. I left the barn and retreated to the tree line and continued on. After about twenty minutes I found an airfield. I sneaked around and looked around in the hangers. Lucky me, I found my same weapon. With a sight on it. I checked the other hanger. Nothing. Finally, I went into the control tower. Then I heard a ear splitting shriek. A walker had sighted me. I ran up to the top, to find nothing of value. The walker lost sight of me and I climbed down a ladder, only to be met by another one at the bottom. He bit into my flesh. I let out a shriek followed by immense cursing. I ran to the treeline, took out my sidearm and shot him in the head, not even hesitating. I was low on blood. I was feeling woozy and had blurry vision. Not was. Am. That happened about ten minutes ago. I just put on a bandage. I hope I don't turn into one of those damned things. I'd rather die. Oh god. What have I done. I just killed something. In my whole military career, I had never killed anything. It's a whole new feeling. Ending a life. Oh, What am I talking about! That man was already dead! I was putting him out of his misery. Maybe some sleep will help the pain. Good day.
  7. // let me remind you, this isn't a bio. This is a journal entry. This isn't his first either, so he's not gonna explain his life story. Being in the army would make most sense, because then I could explain how I know how to pilot a heli, shoot a gun, etc. I can Bio if you like. And Cookie, he's not gonna be all macho. I'm gonna have him be a well developed character, this is the FIRST entry.
  8. 21st May 2013, Day 0 Stranded. After finally getting off out of the quarantine, I was deployed to Chernarus to rescue survivors. We were in our rescue heli landing on shore to clear the area. Of course, I had to be the first one to parachute in. A couple seconds after I jumped out, I heard a .50 cal shot. I turned to look at the helicopter, and saw a bloody windscreen. Another shot. Killed the co-pilot. The heli went down and killed my whole squad, from what I could tell. They didn't see me, so I landed and hid in a bush. After that, I saw him. Obviously not military trained, he tried to be stealthy and get the gear. He must've not been the shooter, because he was horrible at staying hidden. A truck drove in with 2 people in it. Okay, 3 people. Would've been an easy shot if I had my weapon. I saw them load up the truck with our weapons, medical gear, backpacks, etc. And they just drove off, like nothing happened. For those bastards it must've been routine. We have lost contact to many rescue squads coming here. How do they know we're coming? Where we are gonna land? Only one way. They must be tapping in on our radio. That means there must be a radio station to pick up frequencies from that far away. I'm gonna try to find it. No. I'm gonna find it. I have to contact the U.S. I have to contact my family.
  9. Hello everybody, I'm proud to join the dayz rp community. I love roleplaying. My character is Alex Payton, a U.S Army Ranger which was dropped off in chernarus to help fight off the infection. After they landed, he got separated from his squad during a zombie attack and the rest of the squad without him, leaving him with nothing. His Goal is to reach a communications tower to try to contact the U.S, and get back to his family.
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