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  1. Clare

    Hello, again.

    I feel like I've made quite a few of these over the past year and a half, so here's another one (real this time). Since the lore wipe has happen and is in full effect I see a lot of people have returned, myself being one of them. I took a long (too long) break from DayZ. In the meantime I've invested 2100 hours into the rage simulator of Arma 3 (online & roleplay). I plan on dedicating a fair bit of playtime and effort to my new character and am excited to start over in more ways than one. Above all I'm looking forward to seeing a few new friendly faces in game, and maybe some old ones.
  2. Clare

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Sounds like a neat time to comeback for a lot of people. +1
  3. Clare

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Panda 10/10
  4. Clare

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    I like the border to match the fancy white/black name. 9/10
  5. Clare

    I'm back.

    Welcome back
  6. Clare


    I took a bit of a break from DayZ and RP just from it getting boring. I plan on becoming active again in the next week or so. Excited to see everyone in game <3
  7. Clare

    Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

    Apologies for not fulfilling requests recently. All the hats and stuff will be done tomorrow, I've just been busy with other things .
  8. Clare

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I like drinking tomato juice with pepper in it.
  9. Clare

    Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

  10. Clare

    2015 Character of the Year nominations

  11. Clare

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    Five Finger Death Punch 10/10
  12. Clare

    What music fits your personality?

    When I was younger my Mom would play a lot of 60-80s rock music from when she grew up and got me into liking it as well. AC/DC, GnR, Golden Earring, Meatloaf, The Who, The Doors, etc. I was heavily into rock/metal growing up and still very much am and has been very influential on me. There's specifically one song by Golden Earring which was my Mom's favourite song and has since become my favourite since her passing. [video=youtube]
  13. Clare

    Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

  14. Clare

    Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

    No worries! Kinda hard to get the hat to follow the gif since it's a bit choppy, but I tried c:
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