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  1. Hello, again.

    I feel like I've made quite a few of these over the past year and a half, so here's another one (real this time). Since the lore wipe has happen and is in full effect I see a lot of people have returned, myself being one of them. I took a long (too long) break from DayZ. In the meantime I've invested 2100 hours into the rage simulator of Arma 3 (online & roleplay) and am currently in a very happy relationship which has taken up most of my time. I plan on dedicating a fair bit of playtime and effort to my new character and am excited to start over in more ways than one. Above all I'm looking forward to seeing a few new friendly faces in game, and maybe some old ones.
  2. Lia Paterno

    *in progress*
  3. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Sounds like a neat time to comeback for a lot of people. +1
  4. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    I like the border to match the fancy white/black name. 9/10