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  1. Drew finished up his degree at The Culinary Institute of America where he graduated with honors in early 2016. A few months had passed when he decided to pursue an internship under the famous chef Anton Tokarov. He operated the restaurant Khoroshiy Yest (Good Eats) in the city of Berezino. On December 12th 2016, Drew was on his way to Chernarus, it was his very first time leaving the United States... Fast forward a few months when the outbreak was in full swing Drew was on his own. With no way to make it back to the United States and having no real experience in long term survival the hardships soon kicked in. For awhile he stayed hunkered down in his attic apartment that he rented from an elderly couple, who seem to have vanished within days of the outbreak. Not having a whole lot of supplies and with the awful smell of feces and urine from the lack of running water Drew decided it was time to head out into the unknown...
  2. Good to be back with some familiar faces!
  3. Ran into the THE ROAD WALKERS tonight in Severograd. Top notch RP, the stories were detailed and amazingly believable. Look forward to seeing them again! Eminence and JamzorTheJaxxor hope to see you guys get official!
  4. *Drew begins to wipe the crust and dirt from him eyes as he's woken by the sound of a muffled voice coming through his radio* "Well well well.... You're alive" *Drew pauses for a second and lights a half ass rolled cigarette, he takes a long drawn out hit and begins to cough violently* "Last time I seen you, you were getting your ass beat for straying too far north, you should just give up on your UN buddies, they'll bring you nothing but trouble, that's even if they're still alive" "I tell you what if you can answer this simple riddle, Ill invite you up to meet the family. They're a lovely group" *Lets out a loud raspy laugh* "What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?" *static* *Drew throws his radio back in his bag and stands up and unzips to take his morning piss next to Brother Moody's favorite tree*
  5. Andrew8818

    Messages from the Forsaken [Open frequency]

    *Drew and a few of his brothers hear a familiar voice over the radio* "Well well well.... *slight pause* Sounds to me someone isn't playing nice, like he was ORDERED!." *The sound of faint gun fire can be heard right before Drew is about to speak again* "God dammit cut that shit out for a second"* *Drew takes a deep breathe and continues* "Do we need to come back up there and CUT away at some of that anger you seem to be holding too?"
  6. Drew looks over at a few of his brothers as they begin to laugh at the FEAR they can hear over the radio frequency they happened to stumble upon "Clowns you say? *Slight pause as Drew wipes the tears of laughter from his face* "Sorry its hard to take anyone serious when they run around like a bunch of circus freaks" *The sound of laughter can be heard* "I knew a clown once, he wasn't funny until he was DEAD DEAD DEAD" .........*STATIC*
  7. You should ask in character what happen to the last person who decided to use the word "Jackal" Lets just say she had quite the tongue twister, and wont be speaking to anyone anytime soon.
  8. Andrew8818

    [Game]If you captured the person above you (IG).

    Do I even need to answer this question?
  9. That plug tho. I had to do it. People think we're these awful, nasty people. I just wanna role-play. ;_; "awful, nasty people" We're one of the nicest care bear groups out there. Just because we happen to cut a piece of your skin off and hold on to it as a keep sake does not make us "awful, nasty people" We just wanna cuddle.
  10. These guys ended up having one bad fucking day..
  11. No big deal and all but I took that photo of Jack. Not sir Thadipuss.
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