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  1. Basoon has given you a perfect answer to this question. There is no such thing as "best rp server". All servers we provide deliver outstanding rp. It all depends on who is where and on what server. /moving to questions /solving that is true
  2. haha Yeah i will try the american server looks fun
  3. i dont have a problem with one another server. I just wanted to know if anybody had a better experience on a server then another one.
  4. What is the best to join? What server has best community. More rpg. And bigger and better groups?
  5. i would go for the m4. It looks better. And AKM has a big recoil. And M4 is a good gun. And is easier to find ammo to it.
  6. Well. You earned my respect by showing me that Liam Nesson lives in us all. And the way you welcomed me. You have my respect. And i have a feeling we might get to know each other And i hope i see you out there in the dayz world of greatnes. hey
  7. Hi i love rp. and im ready to join an amazing world