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  1. You got me there. Except, they are the same thing. My good man, you are splitting hairs
  2. Agreed, if they are going to get it back, make it actual refund. By giving it to them as website credit you ensure they either never get it back, or have to spend it on things that literally mean nothing. Been on this website for three plus years, have never wanted to upgrade in any way. And if these returned players don’t want to use the credit it just sits there forever. In my opinion it’s kind of a way to make sure the website gets more money. Which, I am not against people paying for things and this website continuing to run, but this isn’t really a deposit, because you really don’t get i
  3. Salutations brah, have an awesome time! And remember, it’s just a game ?
  4. I haven't been active on this community for a very long time, in game or on the forums. And for the life of me I can't think of a reason why we wouldn't need Loremasters. This server is run on roleplaying, which means lore is created, does it not stand to reason we would need staff members to further that lore and keep things going? Is there some concern that they will receive rewards and privileges without doing work, because that is nonsense. I was a terrible CH for two months and even when I was in Help Desk very few people ever needed me. I haven't read this thread in-depth so maybe people
  5. What up Translumer, how's it going buddy. I got to say, your name sounds like a lightbulb Transformer, and I think that's awesome. I hope you enjoy your time on this server and bring some illuminating RP, sorry for the lightbulb puns and jokes. Have a great time!
  6. I am currently waiting for .63 to actually release, I have played it on public servers, and I think when it is all ready for public consumption it will add some great extras to be used for RP purposes. However, as .63 is now, no I wouldn’t want it on the server personally. DayZ is already a buggy mess, why make it worse to play when patience may make the wait worth it? .63 is fun, but there are a lot of issues that would probably add more heartache than anything. And considering a lot of people will come back for .63, if they come back early and hate the experimental.63 it kind of ruins
  7. I definitely remember you sir (I myself- a much lesser member- am starting to get interested again from not only friends but .63 , and seeing such a name on introductions is nice) Hopefully they can get .63 going for private servers very soon and we can all enjoy the reinvigoration it will provide. Welcome back
  8. Hey bud, how's it going?. Don't know if your whitelist got accepted yet, hope it did so you can start enjoying this server. If you made it this far, just keep the faith and hopefully soon you'll be exploring South Zagoria without worrying about being shot for no reason. Anyway, just remember to have fun. And don't take crap too seriously, after all, it is just a game ?
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