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  1. Doc Phlox


    You got me there. Except, they are the same thing. My good man, you are splitting hairs
  2. Doc Phlox


    Agreed, if they are going to get it back, make it actual refund. By giving it to them as website credit you ensure they either never get it back, or have to spend it on things that literally mean nothing. Been on this website for three plus years, have never wanted to upgrade in any way. And if these returned players don’t want to use the credit it just sits there forever. In my opinion it’s kind of a way to make sure the website gets more money. Which, I am not against people paying for things and this website continuing to run, but this isn’t really a deposit, because you really don’t get it back. other than that I think this is a great idea, reinvigorate that server baby! +.5
  3. Salutations brah, have an awesome time! And remember, it’s just a game ?
  4. Doc Phlox

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    I haven't been active on this community for a very long time, in game or on the forums. And for the life of me I can't think of a reason why we wouldn't need Loremasters. This server is run on roleplaying, which means lore is created, does it not stand to reason we would need staff members to further that lore and keep things going? Is there some concern that they will receive rewards and privileges without doing work, because that is nonsense. I was a terrible CH for two months and even when I was in Help Desk very few people ever needed me. I haven't read this thread in-depth so maybe people are making much more coherent points than I am. But seriously, why wouldn't there be Loremasters on an RP server? For shame ?
  5. What up Translumer, how's it going buddy. I got to say, your name sounds like a lightbulb Transformer, and I think that's awesome. I hope you enjoy your time on this server and bring some illuminating RP, sorry for the lightbulb puns and jokes. Have a great time!
  6. Doc Phlox

    Switch to 0.63?

    I am currently waiting for .63 to actually release, I have played it on public servers, and I think when it is all ready for public consumption it will add some great extras to be used for RP purposes. However, as .63 is now, no I wouldn’t want it on the server personally. DayZ is already a buggy mess, why make it worse to play when patience may make the wait worth it? .63 is fun, but there are a lot of issues that would probably add more heartache than anything. And considering a lot of people will come back for .63, if they come back early and hate the experimental.63 it kind of ruins the switch over, right? Of course I haven’t played for any extended period of time in ages, which is why I’m hoping a finished .63 will tempt me back.
  7. Doc Phlox

    Music List from the Radio Show & SONG REQUESTS!

    get some 80’s J-pop going
  8. Doc Phlox


    I definitely remember you sir (I myself- a much lesser member- am starting to get interested again from not only friends but .63 , and seeing such a name on introductions is nice) Hopefully they can get .63 going for private servers very soon and we can all enjoy the reinvigoration it will provide. Welcome back
  9. Hey bud, how's it going?. Don't know if your whitelist got accepted yet, hope it did so you can start enjoying this server. If you made it this far, just keep the faith and hopefully soon you'll be exploring South Zagoria without worrying about being shot for no reason. Anyway, just remember to have fun. And don't take crap too seriously, after all, it is just a game ?
  10. I am quite interested to see how this turns out. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like meta gaming to me, especially considering that people are electing to have their name on the server list that shows they are open to hostilities. It’s not like the people electing to do this are unaware everyone knows they can be initiated on. If they didn’t know we knew, and didn’t give consent then, yeah, a bit iffy. But in this way the people that want a little more trouble can get it, and those who don’t can keep on their path. Correct me if I am wrong, but if Person A is open to hostilities, they can’t initiate on Person B, who isn’t open. It really only puts the people electing to do it in danger, again correct me if I’m wrong. This adds a little bit of intrigue if you want it. We shall see though, we shall see
  11. Guillermo was born in Mid-November. To a family that was neither rich nor arrogant. A simple family, just able to support what was needed. Growing up in the streets of Maracay Guillermo was not exposed to the level of violence and insurrection others of his age would have. From a young age he had a yearning to join the armed forces of his country a yearning which would be fulfilled as conscription was mandatory in his country. He also had a love of writing, reading, soccer, and vaqueros. But his family no longer wanted to live in Venezuela. But by the time he was ten, his mother, an American decided she wanted to moved back to her homeland. Taking Guillermo and his two siblings, they moved back to where was born, not too far from New York City. However, Venezuela was home for Guillermo and he would try and visit his father as often as possible. Even deciding to attend university there. In college his love of writing took the form of Journalism. Not always the safest job for a South American man, but Guillermo felt that the truth was a powerful thing. A weapon to be wielded. After college Guillermo decided to take his life on a path, one of travel and intrigue. He became a free-lance journalist. A roving investigator and reporter. Guillermo came to greatly enjoy the adrenaline of reporting on the more dangerous aspects of his career, civil disobedience, riots, demonstrations, even war. During his time as a reporter he spent three months in Helmand Province covering ISAF training of the ANA. An experience he would keep as his most fulfilling. In March of 2017, Guillermo and his friend Jorge, who served as his cameraman and editor were contracted. Their job was to cover the growing tension in a small country that until recently was racked by civil war. It was only to be protests and demonstrations they were told. The money was good, and the job seemed easy. What could go wrong? With a full wallets and empty note-pads, Guillermo and Jorge set off for a small nation known as Chernarus.
  12. As the title suggests, saying what up to all you excellent people out there. While this is a not an actual introduction thread, it is a re-introduction thread. Some of you may remember me, but %99 of you will have no idea who I am. I am Doc Phlox, one-time staff member and a member here for over two years. I used to roll with the Post and loved every second of it. The last six or so months have been a whirlwind, with work, life, and the ever present curse of losing all interest in DayZ for extended periods of time. Anyway, I am trying to get back into this community that I love so much. And now that I possess an awesome gaming machine I will even try to play the game again. Well this is getting a bit wordy. Just wanted to let all those new and old know that old Phlox is coming back. Stay cheeeeelllll and see you out there
  13. Doc Phlox

    Who Listens to Profiles Songs?

    I immediately pause them, without fail. I do not like them, they are usually loud, sudden, and music I don't listen to. Added to the fact I am almost always using headphones it makes for an unpleasant experience. But coming from a "free" country I like the fact that people have the option of posting one (after paying for it). It shows a great range of diversity in our membership which I also enjoy seeing. Is it for me, no. Do I think it's cool that we can do it, yes. But honestly, why not more jazz? Like some Ryu Fukui or Art Blakely? Just saying.
  14. Doc Phlox

    Website Migration

    Not going to lie this new website is turning me off, everything about it is just not what I loved about the old site. Change can be good, like when you change a childs soiled diaper. But this change is making me want to stay away Can we bring back the old site please?
  15. I always go with the words of House Tully "Family, Duty, Honor". Be with your son and your family, living at home just gives you another reason to be close to them. It may wound some people's pride to still be living at home at that age. But, those types of people probably have too much pride anyway. So remember the words of House Tully, my friend. Be with your family, these are your sons most formative years. Be a part of that, as often as you can. Just my advice, hope all goes well with you
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