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  1. Hello. Recently I've heard of a program called SweetFX. It makes Dayz look a heck of a lot better, by increasing color etc. I am aware of the countless steam threads about SweetFX and weather or not you can be banned for using it. I'm here asking if anybody here uses it, and if so, can you be banned for using this program?
  2. I could see a tranquilizer gun being useful. It could be a gradual thing, and you could get alerts like "I am drowsy" or "I am about to fall asleep" when shot by it. It would add an interesting mechanic IMO. That way you can still have a non-lethal weapon, but not have to be within punching distance to use it.
  3. IGN: Nathan Vatz Age: 18 Country: America English skills: Native Language DayZ Mod Experience: At-least 4 to 500 hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 250 hours Roleplaying Experience: I've played as a cop in a few island life servers, but nothing as serious as this. I would like someone that could take me under their wing. Teach me the ways of DayzRP. What kind of In Game role best describes you: A lurker/sniper. I understand this might sound a bit childish, but i prefer to lurk about. I like to asses the situation from a distance, and judge how to attack. I have many ArmA hours as a squad lead, and have a very tactical mind. So while my preferred role is a scout-like player, I do just as well at being a squad lead. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes, I have been in many. They have all taught me one thing. How to get along with others, despite having different ways of playing and different ideas. Additional notes: I have a very "tactical" mind. When i say this i mean i can judge situations very well. I know how to command men, and take a lot of pride in my ability to do so. Best way to contact you: Through steam. My name is DesertGhillie. Add me, and feel free to talk. Backstory: The short version is that I'm a PMC working for ION. I got shipped to Chernarus when the sh*t hit the fan. I have great military experience, and I'm a good people person.