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  1. *walking down the winding road north, Piper laughs only to wince in pain from the rib pain. He pulls the radio to his mouth and transmits* Oh my, if it isn't another outstanding member of this lovely place, pleased to meet you, I'm piper, I'm in a shit situation which seemingly everyone else seems to be in as well. *Piper takes a breath to continue forward and cope with the pain, he hits the transmitter again* Try not to talk to me about politics either, I'm pretty sure no one wants to be in this country. *Piper puts the radio to his side and grins, he thinks back to the time the lovely inhabitants beat him for his weapon*
  2. *Piper rips his radio from his belt and begins transmission* Hello Michael, I've been attacked by a large group of people and was left for dead. I believe one of my ribs may be fractured or broken along with my skull hurting like a bitch. *Piper winces as he continues along the road* If I meet you in this crazy place I'll be sure to give you my private net. All I know currently is I'm north of Tugla moving along the main highway, near the coast. I hope to see a friendly face. Out. *Piper holsters his radio and continues his journey north*
  3. *Piper awakens in a shell of a house, groggily he picks up his AN/PRC 152 and transmits* 1/1 respond, this is Lance Corporal Piper, any members of 1/1 respond! *His voice seemingly agitated and confused at the same time, he calls out again* To anyone reading me on this net, my name is Lance Corporal Piper, I'm a member of the Queens paratroopers, 6th airborne division, I've been cut off from my section, I require assistance and medical aid. *He takes a break to await a response* We came in near Tugla, I have no idea where I am now, my men they..... *Piper sharply draws back, taking a deep breath before he gets back on the radio* Those from my section I'm heading north to the RV point, be safe, gods speed. Piper out. *He grabs his radio and kit bag heading out the door, he pauses to look back inside. The corpse of a walker the previous night before lays in the same room. "Fucker" Piper says before leaving*
  4. These stories are really entertaining. Legitmatley interesting to read and create a great backstory, keep up the good work!
  5. DragonZ

    Gun porn

    [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyAl9qK3Rlg Who doesn't love shooting 80 MM's from their shoulder? And now onto my personal love, fashioned by this sporting bloke. L85A2, bullup design with a UGL 40 MM system, fired these IRL and trained with some blokes from the INF and tank crews in the BAF. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/35/Soldier_firing_L85A2_in_Afghanistan_(MoD).jpg[/img]
  6. not really a favorite game, but I always find myself coming back to the original Rome total war.
  7. Hey there everyone. My names Alex and I'm hoping to join your community. Put my application forward, hoping to see you all in the apocalypse. A little about myself. New Zealander by birth, Englishman were I live. over 10 years on steam and have accumulated a bunch of games. Played the original DayZ when it first came out (mod version for Arma 2) enjoyed it to an extent then never played it again. Been an avid RP'er for over 4-5 years, playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Dark Heresy, Rouge Trader, Some G-mod stuff and what not. Been part of a Mil-Sim Group on A3 called the 6th Airborne for nearly a year and a half and am considering it as a future career (armed forces, not mil sim). Erm can't think of anything else to add really. If you have any questions or anything I'll respond as best I can. A. Piper Signing out