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  1. In the video you can clearly see a person crouch walking to the spot where they take shots from, how long were you listening for?... where were you before you started moving to that spot?.. so you had no interactions at all with these people by your account and you just got involved by firing on them? Also while I have you here, who is the owner of this account? I had made my way from Vybor MC, North, all the way up the Western side of the NWAF. I first observed the group of people through binoculars from the North West side. I made my way West to the tents, moving up to where the voices were loudest. By the time I made it to the bush as seen in the video, I had been listening for approximately 4 minutes. Yes that is what I am admitting to. And that is my housemates character. I contacted one of the team to ask about confirming that we are separate people before I joined. As far as I'm aware, he abandoned getting whitelisted for this server and only plays on regular servers.
  2. Apologies, was my first in game interaction. It pretty much played out how these guys have all said. I got the wrong end of the stick. I had been listening for a while and thought this guy was getting held up by bandits and wanted to help. I had no idea who they were, let alone if they are streaming. That is the only thing I disagree with in what they've said. I don't know Percy, Reapers, or Colonists or if any of these guys/girls are streamers. Upon reflection, I did the wrong thing and I'm happy to accept whatever consequences you decide.