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  1. Rolo noKoS

    Don't Take Vehicles for Granted

    Well, what is the difference? Creatures ignoring all Zombies only chasing you and other survivors, that reminds me to something. Those are allways attacking you and your truck first .... hmmm ... have seen this in chernaurus before. Would not call those "human survivors", should call those "creatures" ZOMBIES :-)) To zombies you shurely are not more than a moving target with your truck, that is for shure. Make up your own mind ...
  2. Rolo noKoS

    Don't Take Vehicles for Granted

    Why is walking boring? As a fresh spawned charakter walking is much more efficient than driving a truck, or is it not? With a truck you can´t loot buildings at all, or if you should try, you could do it only once .... ;-) Yes, I confirm. Trucks are not like shoes. You really need to be carefull with those. Trucks will be earlier or later more an option for smaler or larger teams and not a granted option for single players. Rolo