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  1. Bye Castiel, dont get permed pls
  2. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  3. Maybe I am wrong but people use the term Nazi and Hitler to insult staff, I dont think its about what they actually did (The Nazis) but mainly that people refer to Nazi as people having rules that are too strict. Salty members would just start putting hitler profile pictures to annoy Rolle and the other staff. But honestly I doubt anyone feels the urge to put a Hitler profile picture and if you want to copy Rolle profile than everyone is welcomed to.
  4. I dont know about your case but I can almost guarantee that most of the people that voted no never tried first person for a prolonged period of time because they did not want to leave their comfort zone. I was against it for a while, I tried it and I got to like it and now I actually prefer only first person. I cant be an exception
  5. The point is that by forcing it for a week people that dont like it may get to like it by using it more often. We could do a test run and if everyone hates it after 1 week than fine we go back to first/third person. And on top of that what is the advantage of third person?
  6. Someone correct me if I am wrong but the times first person was implemented, it was always on the secondary server and not on the main one. And I feel many people will go on the server were they have the choice to switch between first and third since that is what they always have been doing. But what if it was forced for a certain period of time, I am sure many people would get to like it and develop a habit. Because currently the only good thing about third person is make it easier for firefights and saying dont use third person if you do not like is not an argument since you would be putting yourself at a big disadvantage over people using third person. People are always looking for ways to bring back fear and tension in the game and first person is definitely a way to bring it back on a small scale. I would say give it a go and judge afterwards if you like it or not. I highly doubt if its forced on S1 that the servers will go empty.
  7. Hi Marc. How are you doing? Mom wants you to call her on Facetime.

    1. Beni


      I don't know who you man are... 

      But this is fucking funny as fuck, have a bean lad. 

    2. Simatho


      Bigrat is my twin brother that's been in Nepal for months now. Haven't heard of him a lot. Now this post just made it so I'm banned for double IP :(.

  8. Leaving tomorrow at 5am for Nepal for 2 months.



  9. Yeah and even though I do not know Jimmy Im pretty sure he should not have been permanently banned because he was being a productive member, same as Wumby.
  10. Maybe that was not Wumby's best roleplay performance, but gettting permanently banned for something like that would have been non-sense. And lets be honest, this report was made for OOC reasons and this thread is the proof of it. Going out after someone to get him ban is petty AF. And Im pretty sure that you should take this famous poet advice and think twice before making threads like that.
  11. Bigrat


  12. In my opinion in the best of world, it would be you die, youre done. But at the same time, people will just create the same guy with a different name, so I dont see this rule changing that much in the long term.
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