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  1. Very good read and super useful for me. I almost feel you made this guide just for me
  2. Thanks, very in depth, thanks for the guide
  3. With the new lore I figured I would venture into creating a Chernarussian character. I was wondering how does everyone speak so well with a russian accent so well? What are good tips to practice the accent? For people that simply cant do it, do you just become a text Rper? Would it be weird being a chernarussian without a russian accent?
  4. I am curious how will those groups work. Will it be staff leading them? Is it only IG recruitment or will people create characters and be affiliated to a group right away? Looks very interesting!
  5. Thanks everyone, I will definitely look at those different options and try my best not to sound like a toaster.
  6. Hi everyone, I am tired of my background sound every time I talk and willing to buy a real microphone and not just use my headphones. Anyone has a good suggestion for a microphone in the 60$(Canadian Dollars) price range? Thanks in advance
  7. How come I have access to the "premium forums" if I have never donated any money? Unless I have and I do not remember doing it 🤔🤔

    1. Simatho


      You have donated money in the past. I remember

    2. Cowmoo


      You rank is "Silver". Apparently you or someone donated money for you. Silver is a Premium rank that granted you access to that forum.

    3. Bigrat


      Yeah I checked and I have like 3 years ago. Guess I got a bad memory 😤

  8. Thank you for the detailed answer, that is a lot of nails, and I thought I had a lot with my grand total of 70 nails
  9. Thank you Realize, one last question since we are at it, how do I build those crates?
  10. How do I build those frames and walls, and what tools and material is required?
  11. Hi, I had a quick question regarding wooden shed. I was able to make the "blueprint" of the wooden shed and place it on the ground. I then added some planks and nails in the material section, but then what is next? How do I actually get to build it so I can store things inside? From what I read there seems to be plenty of things to build, and is there a forum post or an external ressources that explains in details how to build things. Thank you! Bigrat
  12. Bigrat

    I am back?!

    What a coincidence
  13. Hey all, The quarantine boredom got to me and I figured I would check out one of my past hobby! Things probably have changed a lot in the past few years (there is mods now?? will have to figure out how to download those). Anyway, if there is a few folks from the long gone Brokers group, feel free to send me a PM. See you guys in Chernarus
  14. Oh, I feel sorry for you ur related to @Simatho

    1. Bigrat


      Shit happens 😉

  15. Bye Castiel, dont get permed pls
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