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  1. Hey there guys so im rewriting my whitelist application and i wanted to ask if i am allowed to use the same story that i used when my application was rejected (aslong as my application wasent rejected by the story) Just in case im talking about the tab called Your characters background:
  2. Thanks for all the quick responses, if staff wants to close or remove this thread that would of been great. cheers Cheers for the graphs
  3. Yeah, i tryed to look at them but for some odd reason they dont seem to be appearing for me
  4. Hey, i just wanted to ask about the europe servers and how many people generally play on them. And maybe someone could give me a rough estimate of how many people play on them each day. Was thinking of applying for whitelisting but before i do it would be nice to know how many actually plays on them, as i see most people are on the us ones Cheers