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  1. [Solved] Where on the servers is the rp?

    Okay. Thank you both!
  2. [Solved] Where on the servers is the rp?

    I've been running around in game a few days and I've only run into one person. So where is it? I've been on full servers and never seen anyone.
  3. Stella Hamsun

    Aww, thank you! I'm hoping to do more over the summer so it gets better. My art looks nice as lineart but when I add color I'm all "8(" I actually only ran into one person yesterday. Hopefully I'll see more today!
  4. Stella Hamsun

    Name: Stella Hamsun Sex (biological) / Gender (psychological): Female/female Age: 40 Birthday: 24 February 1975 Height: 6' 0" (183 cm) Weight: 240 lbs (109 kg) Eyes: Round, blue Hair: Strawberry blonde, long, medium thickness. Skin: Pantone 50-8 C Languages: Norwegian (native speaker), Russian (native speaker), English (started learning during apocalypse) Past: Stella was born in Norway to Noora and Kasper. Quite soon after birth, their little girl was diagnosed with PKU (or Phenylketonuria). Thanks to the quick discovery of her disorder, complications from it were avoided. Her family moved to Cheranus when she was just six months old. She spent her childhood doing regular childhood activities (swimming, sports, various after school activities). Being a shy kid, Stella didn't put herself in the spotlight too much. She continued doing after school activities throughout middle school and high school as well. At the age of 14, there was a teacher that she really liked. They talked a lot after school, went to dinner, read books together, and he helped her through a couple of break ups. By March of 1990, Stella wanted their relationship to be more. She was very comfortable around the 28-year old man and trusted him with her life. She eventually convinced him and they began dating. The both kept their relationship a secret and they were damn good about it, too. Problems soon arose, though, months later when her pregnancy became increasingly hard to hide. She finally told her parents before they discovered for themselves, but refused to tell who the father was, claiming she didn't know. Stella assured her parents that she wasn't raped, she just didn't know which of her multiple partners was the father. This got her grounded for a good long time. Her parents were furious and everything, but as any smart person knows, it's near goddamn impossible to get a job if you're an adult and didn't finish high school, so they let her stay with them. As her father still worked at home, he watched the child while Stella went to school, but she was to come home right away after school as part of being grounded. She was to move out by her 18th birthday, though. On Halloween of 1990, Raphayul was born. By the next school year, Stella was in school full time again, but her boyfriend had resigned from being a teacher there by now. Of course, they still stayed in contact... in secret. By the summer of 1991, she moved out of her parents' house, and in with the baby's daddy. Despite this, they did not see each other very often. The baby's father managed to get work hours of 6 pm to 1 am, allowing him to be at home during the time Stella was at school and after for a bit, where she had picked up wrestling. He often worked from home, researching things and doing other small tasks for the city mayor. By 18, Stella stayed home full time to be with her child, allowing her boyfriend to move on to a more fulfilling career. He became a political consult at the state level and even did some work at the national level. The family of three could live quite comfortably on his salary. When she was 25, after the two had been together for 10 years, they got married. It was after the wedding that the two lovers revealed that Raphayul was their son together. Stella took Raphayul around the city a lot on the weekends and after school, as she never held more than a part time job during this time. The family was an overall happy one. The couple enjoyed camping and hiking, both without and with (once he was old enough) their son. Over the next few years, twins Eltyn and Felix were born. In 2008, her husband died in a car accident. It was quite a loss for the woman, as she had spent more than half of her life with the man. Despite the tragedy, she pulled through. Her son was 18 and thinking about college at this time, so she took up a full time job. She sold the larger house the family had lived in and moved into a smaller one so she could help her son pay for college. These years were uneventful for the two of them. Stella was living on her own now, with her son living in an apartment with a job and classes to take. She followed her daily routines of work, then walking or going to the gym, usually not returning home until later in the evening. When the outbreak happened, Stella, unfortunately, lost her children to the plague. Now she wanders with a hardwood bat with a large nail through the top, alone. Perhaps one day she'll join up with a group. Picture: My crappy art. / Closest photo reference I can find (Essie Davis, The Babadook) __________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC stuff: I prefer text chat to voice chat, to be honest. I kinda hate voice chat, really. I'll only do it if absolutely necessary.
  5. Howdy I'm new!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!
  6. Howdy I'm new!

    Feed drugs to the zombies!
  7. Howdy I'm new!

    Hi! Thank you! c: I hope DayZ won't burn my lap while I try to RP!
  8. Howdy I'm new!

    Hi! I've been rping since around 2003. I've never actually played seriously in games like WoW or DayZ before, oddly enough! I thought I'd give it a try for once, now that the semester has concluded itself for the summer! Should my whitelist application get accepted, I will be playing a 40 year old woman! Gasp. I'll put her profile up or something if the whitelist goes through, I guess! Hi c: