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  1. [Solved] Where on the servers is the rp?

    Okay. Thank you both!
  2. [Solved] Where on the servers is the rp?

    I've been running around in game a few days and I've only run into one person. So where is it? I've been on full servers and never seen anyone.
  3. ---

    Aww, thank you! I'm hoping to do more over the summer so it gets better. My art looks nice as lineart but when I add color I'm all "8(" I actually only ran into one person yesterday. Hopefully I'll see more today!
  4. ---

  5. Howdy I'm new!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!
  6. Howdy I'm new!

    Feed drugs to the zombies!
  7. Howdy I'm new!

    Hi! Thank you! c: I hope DayZ won't burn my lap while I try to RP!
  8. Howdy I'm new!

    Hi! I've been rping since around 2003. I've never actually played seriously in games like WoW or DayZ before, oddly enough! I thought I'd give it a try for once, now that the semester has concluded itself for the summer! Should my whitelist application get accepted, I will be playing a 40 year old woman! Gasp. I'll put her profile up or something if the whitelist goes through, I guess! Hi c: