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  1. I've been running around in game a few days and I've only run into one person. So where is it? I've been on full servers and never seen anyone.
  2. Aww, thank you! I'm hoping to do more over the summer so it gets better. My art looks nice as lineart but when I add color I'm all "8(" I actually only ran into one person yesterday. Hopefully I'll see more today!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!
  4. Hi! Thank you! c: I hope DayZ won't burn my lap while I try to RP!
  5. Hi! I've been rping since around 2003. I've never actually played seriously in games like WoW or DayZ before, oddly enough! I thought I'd give it a try for once, now that the semester has concluded itself for the summer! Should my whitelist application get accepted, I will be playing a 40 year old woman! Gasp. I'll put her profile up or something if the whitelist goes through, I guess! Hi c: