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  1. Born in Moscow, Russia to a father who was a private military contractor and a mother who was a training doctor visiting Russia for a lecture of off a prominent medical professional working in Russia, Jack lived in Moscow until he was 9 years old. His mother had decided to move back to the UK since his father was usually abroad with work and she was lonely not being able to fluently speak Russian and finding it hard to keep friends. At the age of 16 Jack dropped out of school and was given the ultimatum of finding work to pay his keep at home or be kicked out of the house. He joined the British Army where he worked for four years and then put his year notice in, eventually leaving it in 2018 and joining his father in the contracting industry. After some time working in the contracting industry Jack had made a fair amount of money and with fishing being a passion of his father's he decided to treat both his father and mother to a trip to Chernarus, both a getaway for his mother and a good fishing trip for his father. Arriving in the country in December 2019 they were to spend Christmas there and up until June of the next year in a rented cabin on the west border of South Zagoria. Hearing news of disease outbreaks across Chernarus the family ignored it mostly and continued as normal, enjoying their holiday, not realising how much of an effect this would have on their lives. Being isolated from most of South Zagoria's populace gave the family a sense of security as they listened to the news over the few months leading up to the declaration of country wide marshal law and eventually mass evacuation. Thinking it was safer to stay put eventually they were found by what they thought was a military patrol however, when Jack's parents left the cabin to greet them they were gunned down in cold blood. Knowing it was useless for him to attempt to put up a fight as he to would meet the same fate Jack rapidly left through the cabin's rear entrance, sprinting off into the woods below, hoping he wasn't seen and followed by whoever it was that had killed his parents. Although he vowed to kill them if he ever found them again the men were not wearing any identifiers for who they belonged to and he only had their faces to go off of. For now however his main goal was keeping himself alive in the hopes one day he may stumble across those who murdered his parents to avenge them.
  2. Of course when something exciting happens that I want to record my shadowplay had switched itself off, ffs. Poor Frank will never get his video 😞

  3. Yesterday was a blur. There isn't much I do remember but I will write down what I do to see if it comes back. I was heading to Gieraltow from.. somewhere. I wasn't too far away, just a field or two and then a pack of wolves appeared out of nowhere, I didn't hear them or see them until one had already pounced onto my back. Managing to get it off the others then came in for their attacks, I was knocked off of my feet barely managing to take down enough of them for them to lose interest and run. Managing to barely get the blood to stop gushing out of the deep wounds on my arm and legs I'm pretty sure I lost consciousness. When I thought I had woken there was a man in front of me, he was instantly recognisable, yet he had been dead for a while. I was standing instead of laying somehow, a bullet hole adorned the forehead area of his GP5 and the eyes were all blacked out. I'm quite sure that it was just an effect of blood loss but I collapsed once again, whether it was reality or not though I can't be sure. When I awoke once again I was in a bad way, all I could feel was pain. I never carry morphine and I felt like I really needed some, the only thing I had was a bottle of vodka I had been lugging about for a special occasion. Some vodka went to the cleaning of the bites as I rewrapped the blood soaked rags and the rest I downed. The lack of blood already made the alcohol even more potent and as I stood up I wobbled about. I had marked the edge of my compass before I started walking to Gieraltow so putting that in front of me and staggering over wasn't in theory going to be too much of a problem. However, putting that into practice the only thing I remember from it was how painful it actually was. When I finally arrived to Gieraltow there was a large crowd outside of Iris' place. I sat down outside of the double green house in one of my usual spots and felt sick. My head had been spinning and I was in a lot of pain. I think someone noticed, I heard someone ask if I was ok and as soon as I moved my head up to look I think I was out cold again. Waking up a final time I was somehow in Iris' restaurant in the back room. Iris was sitting in front of me and told me that I had been asking for morphine, apparently nobody gave me any which I was thankful for. I knew I had an injector on me that would clear my system of any opioids if I could find it, just in case I did take something somewhere nobody could see. My vision was grey and blurry and a commotion was going on outside, while Iris was trying to deal with the aftermath of what had happened I realised that I couldn't tell the difference between the sticks. I injected all four of them, I was carrying three epi pens and neuro.. something or other I think it was. The epinephrine abuse cost though and I couldn't really control my shaking at all, I felt like somebody had fired a rifle next to my head and my heartbeat seemed like it wouldn't slow down. Through what I'd gathered from Iris I'd somehow started trouble with a couple of Filomena's boys and had pointed my rifle at a few people. I couldn't really remember much at all well, anything at all really. If I had done what was explained I think it may be time to tell them, maybe the next chance I get to meet them. Friends are good to have, even I know that and considering I'm not dead I think it's only fair that they get both an apology and an explanation.
  4. *He takes his radio off of his belt and lifts it closer to his face, pressing the PTT he begins to speak* "Is everything ok up there Iris? I was on my way into town and was told that it's probably not the best time. Are you guys safe there, is there anything I can do?" *He releases the PTT and sits the radio in his lap, eager to hear a reply*
  5.  Probably a better character song, hmm...

  6. "You're a good friend Roger". The memories of a time before I met anybody I sat with came back to me. Back out west of Chernarus I used to have what some called a good intuition, I would get a "feeling" that something was about to happen and mostly I would be right. However, the one time that mattered I didn't feel anything, I couldn't do anything. A man I thought of as a brother, a man I looked up to lay dead because I was ignorant in believing someone I didn't know could help him. I didn't think I had any friends out in Livonia, I didn't want any friends here either. Getting close in any aspect to anyone to see them die would more than likely tip me over the edge. But as much as I told myself this it seemed like I wasn't having any of my own shit. It was hard to get away from Gieraltow for any long periods of time, there were people that I'd met there, people who thought I was trustworthy. None of them knew me, knew what I have done, know what I will do if I have to. Everything felt fake, I felt like I had walked into someone's elaborate plan to make me feel guilty. Do I give in to it? Can I allow myself the privilege of having any sort of bond with anyone? It seemed almost inevitable but I'd hold out as much as I could, these people knowing who I really am could be a turn for the worst and right now that wouldn't be ideal.
  7. *Roger presses down his PTT* "Had a slight mishap which wrecked our car, we're half way to Giraltow. May be a while unless someone is able to get us on the road?" *The PTT is released*
  8. "That's right, take all the time you need. I'm in Nadbor right now but we'll make our way over. I still don't know what this guy's "plan" is but I hope we can help you out somehow." *Roger releases the PTT and takes a deep breath* "If need be I have a little experience, I'm not sure if it will be enough though for a neck wound. Tell me when you're there, stay safe" *The PTT is released and the radio goes back to static*
  9. *Roger presses down the PTT on his radio* "Hey, I think I recognise that voice from yesterday. I have a little first aid training but my friend thinks he could do something to help. Where about are you?" *Roger releases his PTT*
  10. *A wave of static is heard over the radio as Roger presses the PTT* "Hello again, pretty sure it was you and your mate I was hanging about with before. See things went well for ya, made a little trip through the airfield just after we parted ways, seen a couple of those guys down there but they were pretty easy to avoid." *The static ceases and then sparks back into life as Roger realises he forgot something* "Oh nearly forgot, I managed to get that scrap heap of a car working so if either of you are in need of a ride give us a shout. See ya around, Roger out" *The static comes to a stop once again*
  11. Hey, same to you! Was good fun, first time I've properly interacted with anyone here and ended up making me sink a good few hours into the server today.
  12. I was playing on the UK 1 server yesterday when I was killed at the firestation in Chernogorsk. I am not sure whether I was killed by another player or just a glitch. I was also killed today in Elektrogorsk, also by something unknown. Would you be able to check the logs and contact me about what I was killed by, and if possible restore my gear from yesterday before I was killed. Thanks, Harry Hall.
  13. I was playing on the UK 1 server yesterday when I was killed at the firestation in Chernogorsk. I am not sure whether I was killed by another player or just a glitch. I was also killed today in Elektrogorsk, also by something unknown. Would you be able to check the logs and contact me about what I was killed by, and if possible restore my gear from yesterday before I was killed. Thanks, Harry Hall.
  14. It just took me like an hour to finally find the passphrase (Not too good with stuff like that) and many people are having problems already. Should just leave it the way it is
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