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  1. Tucker, who was born in Poland moved to Chernarus at a young age as his parents were killed in a car accident and his closest relatives lived in Chernarus. He was always a person that punished those who were in the wrong but praised those who did right. Before the outbreak he fought in the Polish army for a couple years which gave him bad PTSD and made him basically insane toward those who do wrong. During the early days of the outbreak he set up in a church as a pacifist and helped those who came but when he heard his parents had gotten sick he had the goal to get back to Chernarus to see them one last time.
  2. Bobslave

    S4: KOS/BadRP/NoTimeComply - Solinchiny19/07/2016 06:50

    We did yell drop the knife and scorpion, you said "even if it was on my back, so are you saying it was or wasnt? Even if we didnt know that we still had reason to kill because you did not comply and if there is a countdown you should probably do what is asked before reacting because you will be dead before able to complete the action. You are not valuing your own life by deciding to not do as told because if i had a gun to your head in real life you would comply not decide to talk it out, Im not saying its bad to use text rp but if youre using TS to talk with friends, you can also use voice in those situations to make it clear, or couldve typed that you're going to do it. Thank you, Bobslave
  3. Bobslave

    S4: KOS/BadRP/NoTimeComply - Solinchiny19/07/2016 06:50

    Yes we did hold up Zinnia, we did technically give her three seconds but at the same time after telling her to get on the ground i told her to drop her stuff on the ground, i did give her a bit of time before telling her she has three seconds because she was delaying, i told her I would give her three seconds and gave her a couple more after the countdown... I also told her to drop her weapons on the ground before and she failed to do so, she dropped a knife but kept her scorpion, which gave me another reason to attack... I understand the confusion but me and yosef were not in the wrong because we did initiate as we should and tried to rob her but she failed to follow our directions and posed a threat for not dropping her weapons. I do not believe there was any . As you can see in the chat she asked "please" when i told her to drop everything, there were about 15 seconds before she was killed after that for not complying. I see her problem but i do not see how I did not give her time, fail rped, or kosed because there was time before the kill and she couldnt be trusted not to pull a weapon on us
  4. I haven't been playing DayzRP for long but I've run into a lot of people and they were all friendly, that's good right? No, Wrong. For some reason everytime I meet people I secretly hope they will take me hostage or something but they never do. I know it's meant to be RP but it isn't a lot of fun to me when no one is being a bad guy. The worst I've had was a guy telling me not to look at him because his lip gloss wasn't on. Am I the only one that hopes someone you run into is hostile?
  5. I feel there isnt as much hostile Rp because there are a lot of people in the community who report when they are taken prisoner and it's a drag to get rid of the report. Many people just don't want to be reported.
  6. Got whitelisted today after struggling on it for a while, I can't wait to get in game and play with all of you! I'd be in already If I didn't mess up my Guid haha.
  7. Bobslave

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my guid and SteamID reset for my profile // Owen GUID reset. Please enter it on the whitelist page.
  8. Bobslave

    New website bugs

    I got whitelisted earlier today... now I am not whitelisted. Yea that is a bug I think
  9. Imagine you had the full server with you and everyone is friendly, what would you do? How do you feel about a faction server? ( 5 factions, 10 players each, last faction alive wins)
  10. Bobslave

    Are you shy?

    I feel in real life I am shy until I get to know people. If I'm with people I know I am not at all.