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  1. Baz31

    New pc hype!

    The videos thing just gets me even more excited :,( it's a vicous circle my friend...
  2. After a long, dark era of painstakingly playing computer games on my laptop... I finally have bit the bullet and ordered a pc! The worst part is the wait Anyone got any tips for getting rid of this excessive 'hype'? Haha
  3. Baz31

    Opinions on a slave trade group?

    Personally I like the idea, It has the potential to be a big event or bit of gossip for others in chernaurus. Good luck with it all if you do decide to go for it, you have my vote. +1
  4. Baz31

    How often are you robbed?

    Never been robbed, people are too nice! Haha
  5. Im not sure if this helps in any way but I met ellis after the incident, as i was looking around the colony for some food etc, and overheard voices in the woods. I can confirm that they sounded very young. I do not have any recordings of the event so sorry if this statement is somewhat pointless.
  6. Good encounters with the VDC, so cheers for that guys. Also, RIP Jim, at least your with your family now...
  7. Yep im the exact same. Im always thinking 'this guy will be nice, im sure of it!' ... You are dead.
  8. Thanks to adam and alex, some real nice RP moments, shame it had to end so soon gg guys 10/10
  9. Yeah I can't imagine the human slaughter that will happen on public. As if people needed yet another reason to kill eachother!
  10. Didnt really think about that... Oh well if need be ill use my mobile I suppose you could always revise at school/college or in a library. Takes away the urge to play DayZ then. Probably wasnt the best idea of mine to apply to dayZRP prior to taking my exams thought id have the willpower to resist, but sadly I was wrong
  11. Didnt really think about that... Oh well if need be ill use my mobile
  12. Pretty much, next week is full of important exams for me. To motivate myself to study i've locked my computer in a cupboard :,( So ill guess ill see you guys after the exams are done. Until then, stay safe!
  13. Baz31

    100 players servers?

    Bring on the world repopulation!
  14. I like the idea of king of the hill! It would be good to try get everyone into one area. It would make it into a more memorable event imo, +1
  15. Hey guys, As some of you know im pretty new to RP in dayZ so I've been watching videos that other members have posted around on various places to try and improve my RP, and I was wondering of a place where people can show off their best highlights that they recorded. So feel free to post away your videos! (Sorry if there is a similar thread to mine, staff can feel free to delete this)