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  1. watched smixxa on twitch, and her playing dayZ-RP made this game fun on a whole new level!
  2. Naa

    What is your Character's Greatest Desire?

    to find her husband, if hi's not dead that is.
  3. Naa

    Hofmeister's Photography

    Oh lord! I wish the game looked like that for me! Nice nice!
  4. Lisa was separated from her husband in Grishino when a horde attacked. There was allot of those things running after her husband and he yelled for her to get away, to run! He shouted that he will make it if she just ran. Lisa ran, and she has been on her own ever since. Maybe if she had done things differently, maybe if she didn't listen to her husband, then she could have at least been with him, died with him. But now she is alone, she is afraid. She has lost the only person she had left to love in this cruel world, and she feels its her fault.
  5. Naa

    Sleep Paralysis

    Yep have had it quite allot. Last time it happened it sounded like some one was breathing in to my ear, but I could not see anyone. I could not move or shout for help. Just lie there and listen to the heavy breathing. Not nice!
  6. jesus, that looks really very scary, nice but scary.
  7. Naa


    I love cowboy bebop!
  8. Naa

    Books to recommend?

    I am legend - is a 1954 horror fiction novel by American writer Richard Matheson. Its really good! Especially if you like the apocalyptic end of the world thing. Its nothing like the silly movie with Will Smith. Also on the same theme, The road - 2006 novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy. Also a apocalyptic book, very intense. (looks like I was a tad late, oh well... )
  9. A prepper thanks you Always interesting to get other peoples opinions and new ideas. If you like this you can also search for documentaries on youtube regarding Chernobyl or a thing called earth after man i believe it was called. There are tons of good stories to be found, though they are a tad hard to find. åhå, tack tack ! ja - I was not sure where this post should be. Sorry about that!
  10. Hope its ok to post this, it could help some with their ideas for stories and how to RP, thou I wish it was in English so more people could listen. But its a talk by Herman Geijer ( zombie survival expert ), he for example talks about human behaviour when crisis happens and about group psychology etc. Any way could be interesting for some, thought I should share. ZOMBIEÖVERLEVNADSEXPERT
  11. Thank you all! I wish this third go will work! I have my last go on getting white-listed now. Managed to get the KoS rules wrong twice. Some thing I guess I am misunderstanding there. So now I feel nervous that I will blow it... And I am so excited to play, but we will see if I actually get it right this last time. Hopefully see you all in Chernarus.