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  1. Hello, My name is GUTZ. I am a lone wolf survivor on Day Z. I recently stumbled upon this server and the ping looked ok so I thought Id give you guys a go. Although Ive encountered mostly KOS players on every server (most players on dayz are anyways nowadays), when Im not avoiding other players and looting to build campsites and I discover other players I usually try to assess if theyre hostile from a distance and on chance Ill try to befriend other players,only firing if fired upon. Im usually pretty patient with the circle of life on Chernarus. But when Im betrayed.. in any way,shape or form... and/or encounter bandits I am out for BLOODY VENGEANCE ,and believe that I will do so mercilessly and with surgical precision~ Anyways, I do work alot but play as frequently as possible. I prefer to play with mature players, like having a good time and help others often. I play well tactically in a team but do proficiently well running solo. I will stick around awhile and hopefully enjoy my stay Look forward to meeting and gaming with you all, -GUTZ