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  1. Nice to see John making an appearance, it's a nice read man keep it up!
  2. johnm5425

    Coldwater [Open Recruitment] [Active]

    good luck with this guys! can't wait to rp with you all again!
  3. *Static is heard, a husk voice and uncertain voice is heard* I'm on what I believe is the Wolves frequency... *The man coughs violently* Excuse me. I doubt any of you will know my voice, but I have met your family on few occasions, I guess I tend to listen more than I speak. *He pauses, taking in a deep breath, and slowly releasing it* My reason for contacting you Is I'd like to arrange a meeting, I know you have no reason to trust me and believe me if I wasn't desperate, I wouldn't have reached out to you like this. If you are interested in hearing me out, I expect it to be on your terms. I'm pretty beat up at the minute but I should be good travel where ever you may choose.
  4. I agree it can be hard to find you place in the community but in my experience, the more experienced rp's have helped newer players by guiding rp encounters to keep them away from clique rp.
  5. johnm5425

    LiF: Life is Feudal Giveaway!

    number 7 please man, this is really generous of you +1
  6. Put a fair few hours into M&B, only played the Got and Floris mods and they're both really fun!
  7. loved our rp last time mekkor, cant wait to meet your new group.
  8. Good to see you're officially back mark
  9. You'll be missed cookie! come back soon o7
  10. IGN: John Westwood Age: 19 Country: England English skills: 10/10 DayZ Mod Experience: Very little DayZ Standalone Experience: Over 300 hours, most of this on dayzrp Roleplaying Experience: Only Dayzrp What kind of In Game role best describes you: I don't really have a certain role, I'm quite happy to fill in any where. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Scars, Reapers v.3 Additional notes: Looking for a group that has strong internal RP as well as general rp Best way to contact you: Pm or steam: johnm5425 Backstory: I never kept my character's written up story, I've basically built the character around IC interactions and events. I'd be more than happy to explain my character over ts if needed.
  11. johnm5425

    Freedom Movement [Recruitment Open][W.I.P][FEEDBACK PLEASE]

    Good luck with this Shanoby, it's good to see you back!
  12. *John picks up the radio with a smirk on his face* People are finally starting to see what Zbor are really about. And too any Zbor listening, Thanks for letting our buddy escape from your massacre of innocents at his so called trial. *John puts down his radio and continues cooking his evening meal*
  13. johnm5425

    A call to the Reapers [ Open Frequency ]

    *John listens to what the stranger had to say and with a smirk on his face lifts the radio to his mouth* "The less the know about us the better." *john strikes a match and lights his cigerette* "It's probably better you've never met us, we don't like nosey assholes. And I wouldn't advise getting on our bad side"