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  1. The death of his travel partner.. He will never be careless again.
  2. * Hears Bull's response * * click * I'm pretty sure we will meet one day, Bull, to share that bottle. Until then, stay safe! * Turns off his radio *
  3. RockWall

    Phrases To Avoid during RP

    It's a good guide but if I may add.. If you ever need to go AFK try not to go OOC. It's pretty easy to find an excuse to stop walking around for a few minutes and still stay in character. Examples: "Guys, we've been walking around for hours now and I really need to take a leak. It'll only be a moment." or "Ouch! I think there's a rock in my shoe. Can you guys watch over me for a minute while I get it out." Those are just some examples that came to mind but I'm pretty sure there are a lot of possibilities. Hope this helps!
  4. * Click * Unfortunately I drank my last drop yesterday morning. *sigh* Maybe I should get out of here and explore a bit to find more. Anyway it's nice to make your acquaintance Bull, name's Dave. * Clicks off his radio and takes a big bite of a green bell pepper. *
  5. *David stares at the radio in silence for a few minutes before gathering enough courage to turn it on.* Emmh.. I'm not very good at this and I might regret it later but I haven't heard a friendly voice in weeks so I was wondering if anyone was up for a little chat? *He turns the radio off and puts it down by the fire.*
  6. RockWall

    Character's Weapon of choice?

    1. Any hunting rifle 2. David's father owned a outdoors sporting goods store in Maine and David worked there for summers. He also hunted deer since a young age so he as experience around those kind of guns.
  7. RockWall

    KoS Hour 0.58

    Darn!! Why do I always miss these things?
  8. RockWall

    New whitelist system now live

    Steam integration is a great idea and it works really well for members already whitelisted. Great Job!!
  9. RockWall

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception." - Carl Sagan
  10. RockWall

    Bugs YOU spotted in 0.57

    I've found that I couldn't pick-up some items that were on the ground for whatever reason. Some times the item beside it worked though.
  11. Is it the Kashtan C1? I have yet to find anything interesting, but I'm really looking forward to finding the Winchester.
  12. RockWall

    VOIP Bug

    Damn!! I was happy to see the update and I wanted to start putting more time in DayZRP but I might just wait a bit for a hotfix.
  13. RockWall

    [GAME] To Kill a Sniper

    Sneak up behind him, empty gasoline can, light match!