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  1. Could be, that I did some mistakes and didn't notice them. Thanks though.
  2. Thanks man. I like to write while listening to music. Added the last chapter. I am shelving this character. Not sure if I ever will return to him.
  3. Kirill was always in a good shape, since he lived in a small village in the mountains and his father was a lumberjack. Everything would seem to be in order, except... for a few things. Kirill was a single child of his parents. They hated him, literally. Everytime, when something happened, he took the blame. Constant beating, being held in the cellar in complete darkness, took its toll. But the boy was pretty smart. He digged his nose into every book he could find. So naturally, graduating from schools was not a problem for him. Manipulating people around him was his hobby we could say. And now, living in a new world after the outbreak, new possibilities opened before him...
  4. Bauglir2011

    Taking Inventory

    Is it even possible in game?
  5. Thanks man. Well it would be interesting. I still need to improve some things on this character.
  6. The edgelord is gone for now. But he is always watching from the shadows...
  7. Added chapter 2. Don't forget to listen to the song hidden in the spoiler while reading.
  8. Chapter 1 Chaos. Panic. Madness. That’s how it all started. Everyone just wanted to get away as quickly as they could. I wasn’t any different from the others. When I heard the bad news I went home immediately, grabbed the most useful things and drove away with my uncle and aunt. I didn’t really knew what was going on. Something happened, that made all the people crazy and scared. I didn’t care what was the real reason. I saw something on the TV. It didn't look good. We just had to get away.The whole country went mad. The roads crowded with people and blocked with cars. I had to do something before it was too late. So I decided to use the dirt roads instead. It wasn’t a problem with our offroad truck. Things went pretty smooth until the night fell. Driving in a dark forest isn’t really easy. Anyone could tell. The last thing I remember was a pair of glowing eyes, a couple of trees and a big crash before everything fell into complete darkness. Chapter 2 What happened? Seems like a new war started between Chernarus and Russia. I didn’t wanted to be a part of that. When the bombing of the northern part of the country started, I knew we had to get away. So we packed the necessary things and drove off. I used the dirt road to avoid the traffic jam. If only that stupid deer wouldn’t get in my way… I woke up. My head hurt like hell. My vision was blurred, but it slowly got away with the dizziness. It was still dark. The first thing I noticed was my face. One side was stained with dried blood. I got from the car and checked the trunk. Luckily the first aid kit was still there. I was able to wash off the blood and bandage the wound. My uncle and my aunt were missing. Fuck! What now? Where should I go? Find them or just be on my way and leave the damned country? First I have to leave this place and find some people. Maybe somebody saw them. I took some painkillers I had in the car, a flashlight and went to find my way out of this fucking forest. I made it on day break. Found a farm and ran there. It was already abandoned. But I managed to find some food. I was too exhausted to continue, so I decided to stay for a while. I hope auntie and uncle are alright and on their way out of here. Chapter 3 When I woke up on the next morning it was because of the livestock. I slowly opened the door on the farm house and checked the barn in front of me. I didn’t realised, that the owners left some animals behind. The door on the barn was wide open. I carefully looked in. There was a cow tied to the wall there. She was mooing loudly. Like it was in pain. I stepped closer to it and tried to touch its head. "What’s the matter?" Then my gaze fell behind the cow. There was a man, dressed in farmer clothes, his eyes blood shot, fresh blood under his eyes, his mouth and around his ears. He was... making strange sounds. But the worst part was... he... he was eating the cow. Alive! The front of his clothes were stained in blood and bits of flesh and maybe insights? He managed to chew a large hole into the cow and was still widening it with his filthy hands. I could see the guts clearly from where I was standing. The cow was staring at me with its big eyes unable to escape and in great agony. I returned the gaze frozen to the ground, but then I realised, that the „farmer“ was slowly heading towards me, with his bloody hands stretched out to me and his gaping mouth filled with blood and bits of flesh releasing a terrifying yell. I turned around and ran back to the house shutting the entrance door right behind me. It’s former owner started to bash on the door quite heavily. I didn’t think twice. Ran to the other room on the other side of the house, opened the window and jumped out. After that I just sprinted into the nearest woods without looking back. I spent the rest of the day wandering through the wilderness. I knew I was slowly heading south. I wanted to reach Chernogorsk before nightfall. I failed. The night took quickly over leaving me in complete darkness. I refused to stay in one place again. Not after what I saw that day… What the fuck was that? I used my flashlight again. Thank God I took it from the crashed car. After an endless march I began to feel sleepy again. I forced my legs to continue, but it was getting harder by the minute. Suddenly I noticed a light between the trees. Dawn! Finally! I ran towards the light and saw that the forest was ending. I ran out to see where I was. There was a large city under the hill where I stood. But it wasn’t the rising sun from the horizon like I thought, but the flames from the buildings. Chernogorsk was burning. The entire city was bathing in red and yellow dancing flames. I fell on my knees struck by the sight and the weariness. Unable to move I was just kneeling there looking at the chaos and destruction right under me. What the fuck happened? Chapter 4 When I left the woods behind me and found myself on a green meadow, I snapped out of it. How long was I on the march? A week? Two maybe? I had no idea. After seeing the blazing inferno down south I turned around and headed back north. Surviving on scraps of food and wandering aimlessly. What happened? And most important: why did it happen? I didn’t understand. When I finally left the woods, I realised, that I knew this area. I was near a small fishing village on the eastern coast of the country. I didn’t go there. I decided to check the larger village Turovo close by instead. When I reached the bank of the small lake I looked on the other side. I saw them again. But this time more than one. The flesh eating monster were prowling the town. I was in desperate need of food and water. Despite of my fear, I decided to enter the village and try my luck. I realised, that I had my machete with me. Funny, it was there all the time – clipped to my belt. Lucky me! Although I wasn’t sure if it would help me to protect myself. But it was definitely better than sneaking through the village unarmed. I managed to draw no attention towards me. Those freaks are pretty stupid. Or more like they tend to act on instinct. I learned, that when I stay far enough from them without being seen, I have a chance to avoid them and survive. I wasn’t able to find any food. When I dared to step on the main road, I saw a figure. At first I thought it was another of those freaks. But I was wrong. Terribly wrong. It was a person. Or it looked like it. I felt strange, when I saw him. Yes, he looked like a man and he was armed. I ran into the nearest house and closed the door. But it was already too late. He saw me too! I should have been glad that I finally met another human being. But I was not. There was something strange about that man. I had a bad feeling when I saw him. My right arm was shaking from the tight grip I was giving to the handle of my machete. „Hey! Are you alright? Mister!“ I quickly turned around, ran upstairs and slammed the second door behind me. „You ok in there?“ I slowly approached the window and looked out of it. There he was. Standing outside the house with a rifle in his hand. He looked calm. The presence of those things didn’t had any effects on him. I hid behind the wall next to the window. „I’m comming in!“ „NO! GO AWAY!“ my hands were shaking. I didn’t know what to do. All I wanted was him leave. „Uh are you alright sir? You need anything? Food? Water?“ „Just leave. Leave me alone!“ that was all I could get from my throat. „I can help you. I am going in!“ „DON’T YOU DARE!“ I took out a pistol from my pants. I found it this morning in an abandoned house. I’m gonna shoot him if he comes up! But do I have the guts to do it? I don’t even know how to use it. “Čo mám robiť? Kurva! Čo mám robiť?!” “Ehm, are you polish?” “No! Go away!” why would he ask that? Why does he wants to know my origin? Maybe he wants to hurt me. “I can’t leave you here in such a condition.“ „I told you to leave. I don’t want you around!“ „Alright. I’m gonna leave some food and liquid outside. Feel free to take it. By the way, I am from the UN. If you would need anything, just….“ The voice slowly got away. I was focusing not to panic so much. Just leave. Just fucking leave already! I looked from the window and saw him leaving the area. He was just casually walking down the road and shooting those freaks like it was nothing. I waited a moment, then got outside too. There was a can of food and a cola lying in front of the door. I took them and threw them into the lake. Sure. Help... What if they were poisoned? I didn’t know for sure. But I wasn’t taking that risk. I left the village as quickly as I could moving west. I had to try and leave the country. Maybe it wasn’t too late for that. I don’t know who I met today. But that guy wasn’t human. Chapter 5 When I was going through the town of Novodmitrovsk, I witnessed something terrible. I dared to enter the city’s center. While I was looking for food I turned on the main street and found myself on the square. There was a lot of commotion. I didn’t noticed it at first. Was still focused on finding some food. But then the sounds popped my bubble of thoughts. I saw a great herd of those walking corpses standing body next to body. They were pushing against each other. Like fighting over something. I hid behind a car wreck and watched the scene in front of me. After a moment I was able to see the reason or more like the treat they were trying to get. It was a man. Well, he definitely looked like one. He managed to push himself through the seemingly unbreakable wall of rotting yet still moving flesh. But only a few steps. The mass pushed him against the ground and started to feast on him. Never before have I seen something so brutal, so raw, so terrifying and disgusting at the same time. Hundreds of hands trying to rip some flesh from the victim only to put it quickly in their gaping and greedy mouths. One bite after another. Like a big mass of glutony. I could even swear there was a moment, when the guy looked me right in the eyes! Like he was expecting me to help. Why should I help an imposter? How do I know, he didn’t want to hurt me? Rob me? Or something like that. Besides, he was already gone. There was nothing I could do. I could just watch and hope that the herd or maybe some other corpses in the city wouldn’t notice me. The screech! His screeching voice will haunt me for the rest of my life. I felt shivers cold as ice running down my spine while listening to it. It felt like thousand red hot needles were sinking into my back. When the carnivorous mass managed to detach one of his arms, I turned around and ran. I just ran away as quickly as I could. I left the city and found some shelter in the woods. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. Chapter 6 Being frustrated and tired of finding any normal human being to spend the time with, Rob became unstable and even more paranoid than before. Without noticing it, he wandered the wasteland like a ghost. Aimlessly travelling from village to village avoiding all contact with humans and even the infected. While disappearing in the woods by the sunset, nobody, not even himself was sure, what would become of him.