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  1. Could be, that I did some mistakes and didn't notice them. Thanks though.
  2. Thanks man. I like to write while listening to music. Added the last chapter. I am shelving this character. Not sure if I ever will return to him.
  3. Bauglir2011

    Shepard and Not Giving a Fuck

    Loosing his shit as usual?
  4. Kirill was always in a good shape, since he lived in a small village in the mountains and his father was a lumberjack. Everything would seem to be in order, except... for a few things. Kirill was a single child of his parents. They hated him, literally. Everytime, when something happened, he took the blame. Constant beating, being held in the cellar in complete darkness, took its toll. But the boy was pretty smart. He digged his nose into every book he could find. So naturally, graduating from schools was not a problem for him. Manipulating people around him was his hobby we could say. And now, living in a new world after the outbreak, new possibilities opened before him...
  5. Bauglir2011

    Taking Inventory

    Is it even possible in game?
  6. Is this how you brits react in a car accident? :D



    1. Hellspawn


      Yeah pretty much.

    2. Bauglir2011


      Lol! We slavs would tear other apart. xD

  7. Thanks man. Well it would be interesting. I still need to improve some things on this character.
  8. The edgelord is gone for now. But he is always watching from the shadows...
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