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  1. Wait, if they were together, then why did that guy Stan ran into a tent? I just assumed that he saw something and ran, i repeated the actions. I had no clear sound on the other guys VOIP, only the one next to me, then Stan asked me what we gonna do, and then i died. Don't know how do they think i could hear anything from the other guy while communicating with the Stan. Anyway that was no way of approaching and clearly not an clear initiation of the combat or hostage situation. And the most important thing is that i was not in the tent until they opened fire on me!
  2. Server and location: S2 Military tents on NW airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12:35h 30.06.2016 Your in game name: Niko Cage Names of allies involved: / Name of suspect/s: Don't have the name of the suspects. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 0 Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were looting tents when we heard something unclear in the distance, afterwards the shooting started and i ended up dead. Really sad moment, first problem i ever had on dayzrp in 1 year that im a member of the community.
  3. I'd love to meet more hostiles too, but robbers and kidnappers are hard to find these dayz. Best action so far was at the facility near nw air stripe when a guy came laughing and wanted to chop down our apple tree which we worship
  4. So this is the story i created for my character, u may find it a bit unfulfilled but was the best that in the moment i imagined it Born and raised in a small town, grow up with his both parents working hard to create the best environment for me to live in. Dad was a car dealer and owned his own pluming company, mom was working in the small real estate company as a official dealer. Marshall was growing up into a fine young man, training all day long to become the best boxer of all times, but then in 1 match a guy broke his ribs and Marshall was off the line for the title so he stopped training and joined the army. When he got wounded at Vietnam, he got retired and went back home. He got married, got 2 beautiful kids, son and daughter, everything was fine until the moment when this catastrophe happened and he had to send away his wife and kids to the village until all this nightmare fades away. And so on we come to this moment when Marshall is surviving in this cruel environment with his mind only on his wife and kids, not knowing whether they are alive or dead.