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  1. Funny how some people seem to think that force archiving is just done because the admin team feels like it. It is always tied to a rulebreak or some shitty behavior, at least from what I have seen. Is anyone stopping people in groups from just following the rules and acting appropriately? Not that I know of. Is it hard not to? You tell me.
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    I mean right now you can stack wallets in wallets indefintely and have unlimited storage. Not that anyone would ever do that...
  3. *As the announcement rolled through, Aslan would be busy organizing his supplies. He turns to the radio on his bed and raises and eyebrow. He steps over and sits at the edge of the bed to listen to the replies coming in... Some signals would appear clearer than others. When he heard a break in the replies, he pushed down his PTT.* "I'm sure everyone here would like a safe place to stay, a place where people are taken care of. A place where they have what they need, where they can kick back and not worry about the world as it is. When you can't even provide people with a solemn sense of security outside of the cities, why would you expect people to come flocking to you? You have done nothing for us. I've heard nothing but beatings and harassment, and you try to take it upon yourself to provide for people? With what senserity? You're building a wall based on fear with the consequence being whatever we already know you have been doing to people that don't kiss your boots." *He would take a deep breath, getting more pissed off as he spoke.* "If you cared about any of us at all, you would listen to us... Good luck with your prison." *He would release his PTT and toss his radio aside in his bed and continue is work.*
  4. *Your radio awakens with subtle static during the autumn morning... The soft white noise going on for a while before someone starts to speak.* "...Good morning. I don't know how else I should start off. I've been on my feet all night... Since yesterday morning really. I'm finally back east... Back in South Zagoria. I don't know how many of my old friends and family are alive, dead or missing. For anyone I left behind, I am sorry... I had to." *The voice pauses as the white noise takes over.* "For anyone that recognizes my voice, get back to me. I am eager to see a friendly face again. My travels have lead me north, and I will stay up here for about a day to rest and look around... See you soon." *Your radio goes silent once again.*
  5. Had an unexpected and intersting run in with @DarkStyle, @Empress and @Nonplayer out in the middle of nowhere. Haven't been on in a long time and had a lot to catch up on apparently and I quickly got the lay of the land again. Nice people, definitely someone Aslan would seek out again. Thanks for giving me a nice return to DayZRP!
  6. Thanks to team @Hofer for a good game

    EZClap 👏

    GGs @RonnieLR, @ChewyLR
    , @Albe, @Aris003

    1. RonnieLR



    2. MarikLR


    3. ChewyLR


      GG, apologies for being dead weight.

    4. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      You only made it more even lmao @ChewyLR

  7. Hi @Para, thanks for reaching out. We're going to have a serious talk with our members to ensure that no one breaks character or stonewalls others, excluding them from RP. This is something I was made aware of after it happened OOC, since I haven't been in game today. I will personally apologize to those that fell victim to this, and I will ensure that it is understood among our members that such behavior is intolerable. This does not fly.
  8. Aslan's POV: I logged on to an ongoing situation involving @Onion and I guess @Leik, however Gareth wasn't there when I arrived as far as I could tell. They were being held up in the barn in Olsha, after having made some threats about "pillaging and raping" the town, and naturally the Olsha community had held them up and was going to tell them to leave and not come back. The Fishermen ended up taking over the situation, and dragged @Onion out of Olsha to get rid of him. I was told they let him go, so that's fair enough. Shortly there after we spot someone on the hill aiming down into the town, and we run up to see who it is. We then find @Onion on the hill with what I think was a Blaze rifle, trying to get a shot on the people in Olsha. I then gave chase with a few other members of Olsha, caught him, took his gun and told him to run off AGAIN, even after he had, to my knowledge, been threatened to not come back into Olsha. Him returning to Olsha in what, at the time seemed, like a 1vEveryone is kind of sketchy to me, as he knew at the time that he wasn't welcome. As for what a potential kill for him would provide roleplay wise you would have to tell me, because I don't really see it. Anyway, we tell @Onion to run off a second time and not come back, after having removed his gun from him. Fast forward a bit, and we have an ongoing situation in town, between two of the Olsha people and myself arguing about a decision that was made. @Maybelele was confused as to what the dispute was about, and demanded an explanation as to what was going on between us, and we stepped aside along with a few other people to explain. As we were in the middle of great roleplay, @Maybelele gets domed right in front of me, and after that I get hit as well and die immediately. @Leik and I didn't have an interaction today at all, as far as I know, and why he chose to kill me is completely oblivious to me, as it achieved nothing and ruined great roleplay. He took two shots at us both from the hill west of Olsha, and dipped right after. It didn't add to any roleplay at all, and given the fact that we didn't execute any of them, or do anything else than strip them of some weapons and clothes, beat them up a bit and told them to leave, I really see no point as to why @Leik decided to come in and kill us, as it did nothing constructive to the situation we had going on, at all. And why @Onion decided to loop back around to a full town of known enemies to try to take a few shots after being told to leave is also strange to me. That's all folks
  9. I'm gonna need one as well, Onion. I'll let you use your full creative freedom here. Make me proud.
  10. This is the biggest, baddest, most disgusting, bad mannered, big thonk, big dick, slam dunk yeet I have ever seen on DayZRP The most perfect alley-oop, perfectly executed by all my boys @Havikar, @FireDude and @Watchman edgegang. take note
  11. Actually not a bad idea, but it would also just mean more work for the staff and lore team to have to look over a "forestory" every time a group archives. I'm also worried that a lot of people won't pay attention to archiving groups and their "forestories" leading to conflicting reports of "they vanished" and "let me tell you everything in detail of how they disbanded." I think the reason for a group to disband and archive should be obtained ICly, and it shouldn't be mandatory for groups to provide the entire server and all characters with an IC reason as to why they are no more. The long-term commitment I can get behind
  12. > uses something > item becomes worn or damaged > fixes item > item goes back in time and becomes new again somehow The only reason you would want to be able to repair something back into being pristine is for gear purposes. The system works fine as is, and I don't see a reason to change it. pro gamer tip: if you want a pristine fit, don't get hit
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