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  1. Hi @Para, thanks for reaching out. We're going to have a serious talk with our members to ensure that no one breaks character or stonewalls others, excluding them from RP. This is something I was made aware of after it happened OOC, since I haven't been in game today. I will personally apologize to those that fell victim to this, and I will ensure that it is understood among our members that such behavior is intolerable. This does not fly.
  2. Aslan's POV: I logged on to an ongoing situation involving @Onion and I guess @Leik, however Gareth wasn't there when I arrived as far as I could tell. They were being held up in the barn in Olsha, after having made some threats about "pillaging and raping" the town, and naturally the Olsha community had held them up and was going to tell them to leave and not come back. The Fishermen ended up taking over the situation, and dragged @Onion out of Olsha to get rid of him. I was told they let him go, so that's fair enough. Shortly there after we spot someone on the hill aiming down into the town, and we run up to see who it is. We then find @Onion on the hill with what I think was a Blaze rifle, trying to get a shot on the people in Olsha. I then gave chase with a few other members of Olsha, caught him, took his gun and told him to run off AGAIN, even after he had, to my knowledge, been threatened to not come back into Olsha. Him returning to Olsha in what, at the time seemed, like a 1vEveryone is kind of sketchy to me, as he knew at the time that he wasn't welcome. As for what a potential kill for him would provide roleplay wise you would have to tell me, because I don't really see it. Anyway, we tell @Onion to run off a second time and not come back, after having removed his gun from him. Fast forward a bit, and we have an ongoing situation in town, between two of the Olsha people and myself arguing about a decision that was made. @Maybelele was confused as to what the dispute was about, and demanded an explanation as to what was going on between us, and we stepped aside along with a few other people to explain. As we were in the middle of great roleplay, @Maybelele gets domed right in front of me, and after that I get hit as well and die immediately. @Leik and I didn't have an interaction today at all, as far as I know, and why he chose to kill me is completely oblivious to me, as it achieved nothing and ruined great roleplay. He took two shots at us both from the hill west of Olsha, and dipped right after. It didn't add to any roleplay at all, and given the fact that we didn't execute any of them, or do anything else than strip them of some weapons and clothes, beat them up a bit and told them to leave, I really see no point as to why @Leik decided to come in and kill us, as it did nothing constructive to the situation we had going on, at all. And why @Onion decided to loop back around to a full town of known enemies to try to take a few shots after being told to leave is also strange to me. That's all folks
  3. I'm gonna need one as well, Onion. I'll let you use your full creative freedom here. Make me proud.
  4. This is the biggest, baddest, most disgusting, bad mannered, big thonk, big dick, slam dunk yeet I have ever seen on DayZRP The most perfect alley-oop, perfectly executed by all my boys @Havikar, @FireDude and @Watchman edgegang. take note
  5. Actually not a bad idea, but it would also just mean more work for the staff and lore team to have to look over a "forestory" every time a group archives. I'm also worried that a lot of people won't pay attention to archiving groups and their "forestories" leading to conflicting reports of "they vanished" and "let me tell you everything in detail of how they disbanded." I think the reason for a group to disband and archive should be obtained ICly, and it shouldn't be mandatory for groups to provide the entire server and all characters with an IC reason as to why they are no more. The long-term commitment I can get behind
  6. > uses something > item becomes worn or damaged > fixes item > item goes back in time and becomes new again somehow The only reason you would want to be able to repair something back into being pristine is for gear purposes. The system works fine as is, and I don't see a reason to change it. pro gamer tip: if you want a pristine fit, don't get hit
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  8. -Makes a group
    -Pisses off the entire server

    Good job 👏

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      Never even saw a member. 

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  9. He siked so hard he got siked himself. EZClap
  10. #edgegang

    Fight me

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    7. edgy Dingle

      edgy Dingle

      also fight me @Para and @Whitename

      my name pissing you off means it's working in being edgy


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      dw my new name going to piss you off more dingle, and it'll bring me joy.

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  11. Thank you. Always a pleasure @groovy blisna, hope to see you around more!
  12. Solid roster! Already RP'ed with @groovy lamb and she killed it as a psychiatrist. Best of luck to all of you!
  13. Appreciate the approval! We hope to continue what we've been doing so far, and hope people will enjoy our precense going forwards. Thank you all for the feedback you have given us. Helps us know what we're doing.
  14. Get in touch! You know where we are.
  15. Bruh, that was a long time ago. 2015 here!
  16. Man, oh man... I don't even know where to start ya'll. Thank you all so much, genuinely, for lighting my roleplay fire once and for all. Today was nuts and the last few days have been nothing short of... well... nuts. @Scouse - Every day we get closer, and I finally got to show you off in your beautiful dress, that I get to keep you in for a full week. Love the relationship we're building, and I'm sure it will only lead to amazing story and get stronger over time. @IvarTheNarrator - FINALLY I get to talk to you after a few days of not being around you. Love the dynamic we have going, and I hope to spend a lot more time with you and build story. Today was awesome, and we have a lot on our plates for the near future. Safe to say, I love hanging around you and taking on the world side by side. Here's to much more of that. (also sorry for decking you with and axe) @ImAtrix - Thank you for almost breaking my nose with a floodlight, you little shit. No, but in all seriousness, you make such interesting situations and scenarios, and I love the curveballs you throw me. They way you play your character is amazing, and I can't wait to watch Oliver grow alongside me. @PhoenixLR - Where to even begin. Our characters have opened up to eachother so quickly, and it genuinely just feels so fluid and right. Probably the most heartfelt and genuine heart to heart I have had in a long long time. Our relationship is rapidly growing and it feels so real, and I am so happy Aslan gets to be a part of your story. He'll open up over time and you'll see how similar Luca and him are. Can't wait for everything to unfold. This can only get better. @FireDude - Slowly but surely I get to know Bishop more and more. We haven't had too much interaction just yet, but from what we had tonight, it seems to me that Aslan and Bishop are very likeminded. You're a stellar roleplayer, and I can't wait to tackle whatever comes our way with you. Hope to build on everything further over the coming days. @Gwimm-chan UwU - You're one of the people I'm most eager to learn more about. While Lee can sometimes seem reserved and is often busy with the community, it is certain to Aslan that the faith that people have put in Lee for guidance and leadership is well put. Excited to see what the future holds for the both of us, and I hope to get to know you a lot better. @Wolfstorm - The young leader, Tion knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Aslan already respects Tion immensely for his choice of words and decisiveness. I hope we can have a few one on ones in the future and get to know eachother better. Here's to more of that. @Conrad - One of the first people to drag Aslan into the Olsha community, Jett has quickly become a reliable friend for Aslan. Jett is hard working and always out to make sure everything is taken care of. Hope our characters get closer over the coming time, and I get to know more about you. There are so many more people I want to mention, but it's almost 5 AM and my brain is slowly shutting off. All of you that were around know who you are, and my thanks equally extends to all of you. I hope to build more story with all of you, and hope to see everyone around more. Thanks again!
  17. It's not like any of us in the group don't trust the military, that isn't mentioned in the lore. All it says is, some people had a home, they don't anymore, and thus have decided to take matters into their own hands. We don't know where the RF camp is and the RAC is currently on lockdown and isn't servicing civilians, however they do patrol at Olsha often, and we cooperate as much as we can.
  18. Seeing how easy it is to host voice communication on Discord now a days, I feel like most people that run groups prefer to set up their own servers to control permissions and access to chat feeds and voice channels. I don't really see much of a use for it, and given how little VC activity we see on the DayZRP Discord, I doubt official voice channels will generate much more use out of the official Discord server.
  19. Gameplay wise? Yes, they are definitely zombies. Lore wise? The team can make them whatever they want them to be, which is what they have done. As Rover beautifully put it: Imagine not adjusting to what the lore says, and choosing to call them what they roleplay wise, are not.
  20. Difficult to say when a lot of this information is hard to come by IC. The situation is bad in Chernarus, no one doubts that, and I don't know about you, but my character has no way of knowing how bad it is around the world. It's difficult to call it an apocalypse yet for me. It's going to get there eventually, but my character doesn't see the end of the world just yet.
  21. I feel like some people take the whole survival thing too far. My character doesn't think the world is lost yet, and that some place somewhere things will get better. As it is only a little over a week into the lore, MOST people shouldn't have gone full survivalist just yet, but that said, I also see a lot of people playing it out just fine. However, when it comes to the term "outbreak", it IS an outbreak. The only thing we shouldn't call it yet is an apocalypse.
  22. Basically what Rover and Whitename are saying is; we have barely gotten to the point where we can start calling ourselves "survivor groups". No groups or small enclaves of people can claim that Chernarus is "their land" or that they have managed or lived there for any extended period of time to have any reason to negate local authority, not even native Chernarussians. We are 15 days into the outbreak. That's a day over 2 weeks. There is plenty of reason why the RAC should and would try to manage the local residents/survivors in the area. We are not anywhere near the point where demolishing an entire military would be feasible, as after 2 weeks, there would realistically still be some authoritarian effort to manage the situation. As Rover lovingly put it:
  23. @Phoenix, @Harvey, @Gwimm-chan UwU, @Poster Nice meeting all of you, sick medical RP and hilariously awkward conversations, all under God's roof. @ScouseViking, @ImAtrix, @IvarTheNarrator Thank you for one of the most eventful RP days I have had in a long time. Hopefully there is much more to come! Thank you all!
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