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    Hey everyone

    Welcome to the community! Hope you've been enjoying your time with us.
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    Very stuck in a player made structure.

    Hi, Umfrage! Just hop into Help Desk on Discord and explain your situation. We'll help you out.
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    Welcome back to the community! Enjoy your return.
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    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I voted yes. Mainly due to the fact that even though many is of the opinion that nothing will change, I for one think that it will always spark new ideas. You can't change the players, but you might be able change the dynamic in which players act. We've always had periodical lore-wipes, and it's always nice to have a fresh start to have characters, events and stories start from. I don't know how it will look a month after, but I'm sure that it will change something. It's more for the premise of a fresh start.
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    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome back to the community!
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    Real life picture Thread

    It me. I haven't slept for 22 hours.
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    Serious midget RP right here. Catch me skrrrt'ing in your neighbourhood.

    📸: @ImBlisna

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    Staff Feedback: Dingle

    Sorry for taking a while to get back to you guys! Thank you, Blisna. I love to see that you are curious, and come to ask when you're in doubt about the rules, even when it is not regarding yourself. It's good to see an effort from you to get well versed with the rules, and to make sure that all parties are happy and following our guidelines. Definitely a quality I would love to see from more players! Thank you alot! Really means alot to me, coming from a player that has been in the community for a long time. I always enjoy talking to you when you come into HD, and I recently had the oppourtunity to meet you IC (don't know if you knew). Always really friendly with me, no matter the situation. Thank you both for your feedback!
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    Hello All!!!

    Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
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    Oh, Hello.

    Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time with us
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    Just a newcomer saying hello

    Welcome to the community! Hope you'll have many more good experiences on the server. See you in-game!
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    Silliest deaths in DayZ

    Ah yes, the Chernarussian Space Program. The only man-made objects that can go anywhere from Mars to hell.
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    An Pobal [The Community][Livonia]

    Hi! I had some thoughts and feedback, due to recent interactions with An Pobal. I have not had any friendly interactions with you guys, so all I can go off of are the hostile ones that I have experienced. I run with the KoG and recently you attempted a firefight with us that we ended up retaliating, and also tried to infiltrate us by going undercover. Now I as I said, I don't really know what you guys do in your group, but coming on to your page here I find it very odd that you would attack the KoG base, due to your IC reasons. I have mainly 2 concerns in regards to your IC goals: 1. Community Center [Indefinite/Ongoing] Establish a functioning community center to help survivors. This is the exact same purpose that the KoG has. It is meant to be a safe haven for people to come get supplies, food and meet friends, so I find it weird that your characters IC would have a problem with the KoG to the point of attacking them. As far as I know, we have not attacked you or been hostile with you, so it's a little bit confusing, as I would imagine 2 communities like this would build off of eachother with a common goal. 2. Loose Ends [Indefinite/Ongoing] Attack and shut down any compound or group that is unwilling to help those in need. This is the most counter-intuitive to me, and the most confusing. The goals of the KoG are literally the same thing, and so I'm confused as to why the KoG would be subject to your hostilites. There seems to be some lack of harmony between what your group claims to be, and how you conduct yourselves IC in the game. Suggestions for improvement: First I'd just like to put in a disclaimer that as I mentioned, I have only seen hostile RP from you, so that's what I'm basing this off of. It's all meant with respect and in an attempt for you to better understand how other players react to your roleplay. Now, my suggestion would be either to change the way you approach and establish hostilities towards other groups, because I have a hard time making sense of it. Help us build as story as to why you would be hostile, if that's what you truly wish to do. If this is not of interest, I would suggest either you alter the way you behave and conduct yourselves in-game, or change your group page to better suit your behavior. All the best! -Dingle
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    New Life Rule warning

    This would lead to too many excuses in my personal opinion. There has to be clear lines to define this rule to avoid gaining an advantage. Unfortunately we can't control the state of bugs in the game.
  15. Aslan Eriksen Early Life Aslan hails from North Jutland, in the 4th biggest city of Denmark, namely Aalborg. The beautiful city runs along the Limfjord and splits Aalborg and Nørresundby apart. The city is small and compact, yet scenic and modern. A bustling place, with much to offer. Aslan was born into a middle-class family, being the younger of a sibling pair. He was an active child, often running around, playing and making friends. He had a neighbour a couple of years older than him and spent the primary part of his childhood along his side. Aslan was a clever kid, but not academically. He often made decisions deriving from intuition and logic, and was very much against being told what to do. During his time in school he could never sit still, had a wandering imagination, and due to this, rarely paid attention to his teachers, which he was often scorned for. There was some suspicion that Aslan suffered from ADHD, but it was never further investigated. Aslan was born to a 9-5 working mother, and a retired special forces father suffering from PTSD. When Aslan was young, this didn't affect him, as his father wasn't affected by his mental illness yet, however, when the PTSD came haunting his father, his mother divorced, splitting the family in half. During his late childhood, his mother and father spent their time waring each other over custody of the kids. They began hating each other, and using Aslan and his sister as messengers in their feud, to avoid talking directly to each other. Aslan and his sister were stood in the middle, torn between their parents whom they both loved and wanted to make happy. At Sea During Aslan's late teens, he enrolled into SIMAC, inspired by his father. A school for maritime navigation, owned by Mærsk A/S, also known as simply Maersk. A Danish business conglomerate with activities in the transport, logistics and energy sectors. He enrolled in 2016 at the age of 18, and started his journey in educating as a martime officer. After a year of getting the basics down, he was sent to a 3 month period of hands-on practice aboard the Vistula Mærsk, a ship sailing along the ports of Scandinavia and the Baltic Ocean. Aslan did well, and felt alive aboard the freighter-ship, not really missing home, and contempt of the simple life of a sailsman. He was able to use his hands for most of his work, and his intuition helped him make important decisions on ship, even though they were mostly practice decisions, with no real implications. On the 5th of July, 2017 the Vistula Mærsk was to dock in Kaliningrad, the freight-capital of the Baltic Sea. They were doing a drop and load and were docking for a few days to refuel before heading out. Aslan spent some time exploring Kaliningrad with a few other crewmates. It was summer, and the morale was high. On the 7th as they were about to head off on their route, tension arose in the Russian province. The talk was going back and forth of Russian and Chernarussian troops moving along the borders, due to some conflict in the neighbouring country of Chernarus down south. The port was temporarily closed due to this, and Aslan was stuck in Kaliningrad with the ship and crew. Aslan and the crew closely monitored the news and heard rumours of a disease spreading somewhere in Chernarus. The Landing The days started tallying up, and there seemed to be little insight into the Vistula Mærsk being allowed to continue its journey up the Baltic Sea. Some days later, Aslan and the entire crew were ordered off the ship, and the Russians impounded the ship for unknown reasons. There seemed to be a heavy military presence, and Aslan and the others were ordered to stay in Kaliningrad. They were given some basic accommodation for their troubles. The officer of the ship, Tony Andersen was furious upon hearing the order of leaving the ship and was avidly complaining to the crew, and even to the soldiers stationed in Kaliningrad. He persisted and started causing trouble, due to his aggressive behaviour, and shortly after he was taken away. The crew never heard from him again... Nearing the middle of July, it was clear that something was completely amiss, as the talk of the disease had spread through Livonia, trough the Russian province and to Kaliningrad. The city was on complete lockdown. No one was allowed to go outside, resources started to dwindle, even as the Russian soldiers tried their best to ration what they had to the population. Soon after terror struck... Freaks with torn flesh, bleeding, rotten... started to fill the streets. First, they came for the soldiers that tried to meet them with heavy force, but alas the fighting didn't last more than a day, before the city when quiet. Now and again, you could see civilians running through the streets, chased by these freaks, mostly succumbing to fatigue and being completely ripped apart, with screams of pain and mery... On The Run As Aslan and the crew were bogged down in Kaliningrad with chaos ensuing outside their windows, their supply of food and water ran low. They planned to go raid the ship they arrived on, and as night fell, Aslan was on the prowl with a few of his fellow crewmates. Through patiently moving as an opportunity arose, they managed to get past most of the disease-ridden people between them and the shipyard. They managed to get into the shipyard by cutting holes in the chainlink fence to crawl through. The shipyard was oddly enough mostly rid of any freaks. They knew there was a fence around the perimeter, but they also noticed a few bodies lying around. They decided to proceed with caution, although there was no movement in sight. The shipyard was dark and quiet, except for the growls coming from the other side of the fence. As they moved closer to their ship, they noticed that the land bridge had been retracted, despite there seemingly being no activity aboard the ship. No lights or noises. With little option left, they started climbing the rope holding the ship in place on the dock. Shortly after Aslan and a few other set foot aboard the ship, gunfire started hailing on them from the bridge of the ship. They started panicking, some got noticeably hit, and some jumped off the sides to escape the gunfire. Aslan jumped off the side of the boat in panic but luckily jumped off above the rope, which managed to break his fall. He tumbled and landed on his shoulder, but with the adrenaline kicking, he quickly got up and started running. The gunfire had attracted the entirety of the freaks on the other side of the fence, and they were now angrily pulling on the fence. Some tried crawling over the fence and got caught in the barbed wire, but a few managed to get over. Aslan was disoriented, he heard voices behind him as he ran, but in his panic, he was unsure whether it was man or monster. Aslan just kept running...
  16. Dingle

    Meta Gaming

    Hi again ImNovaaa. So here's how I see it: When he first opens comms to his group in Discord (1:12), he tells them that they have Pacho and that he is at the metal barn. As far as I know, they are not in sight here, and as they hear this information, they do not have a line of sight on Neo, and therefore don't know that he doesn't have access to his radio. As far as I can tell this is the only information that they could have acted on that they weren't able to deduct themselves IC, and as I said, there is nothing that points to YAK and Kill being aware at this point. Unless I have missed anything, nothing they act on any further could not have been deducted through IC means. Neo at this point is the only one with the orange armband, so it would justify the others identifying you as enemies. When Neo is moved away, he doesn't relay any further information about his position. As in regards to the information and accents on Discord, as far as I'm concerned we do not require accents when talking amongst eachother on Discord, only that said information be double mic'ed, should anyone else not involved be in the vicinity to have heard said message.
  17. Dingle

    Meta Gaming

    Hi ImNovaaa Mainly, it's due to the fact that there couldn't be reached a conclusion whether or not they were acting on meta-gamed information. They wouldn't know if the info provided by Neo was meta-gamed. They were in the area, and there is some reason to believe that they could gauge the information from their own characters, but more importantly both Kill and YAK were talking to each other, and while they were in the call with Neo, and he provided some info, it is as far as I can tell unclear to them that he is being held up and can't access his radio, as he didn't tell them in the clip. This was the evidence provided, so the staff team can't tell whether or not it was done prior, but as far as evidence goes, there is no information provided by Neo that he doesn't have access to his radio, and so we can't tell if YAK or Kill would know. Therefore inconclusive. There isn't enough evidence to suggest it. Also, please let me know how it was CLEAR that they knew the info was meta-gamed?
  18. Dingle

    Cannot join Game

    Hi! The server uses mods. You can find them here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051
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    Happy New year to the entire community. I wish everyone a good time, and hope you all enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

    Hilft Happy New Year GIF by Coppelius

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      Who are you?

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      New year new me, who dis? 


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      Happy new years :🎄

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      Make it yours and I will @APositiveElmo

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    S2 Topolin - Baiting

    I have talked to @Killsceamguy, and I am under the impression that he has learned from his mistakes. The report can be closed.
  21. Dingle

    [GUIDE] DayZRP Server not listed

    As of late there has been some issues with both the DayZ Vanilla Launcer, the DayZSA Launcher and the in-game server browser not listing our both or either one of our servers. Here's a quick overview of what to do in-case you're experiencing this issue. Method 1: Inject IP and port into launcher. DayZRP.com - Chernarus - Whitelisted Role Play Community IP: s1.dayzrp.com - Port: 2300 OR IP: - Port: 2300 DayZRP.com - Livonia - Whitelisted Role Play Community IP: s2.dayzrp.com - Port: 2300 OR IP: Port: 2300 Under parameters in the launcher (settings in DayZSA Launcher), you will see the option to input server IP and Port. EXAMPLE: DayZRP.com - Chernarus - Whitelisted Role Play Community It is recommended that you use the numerical IP counterpart, as it seems to work most consistently. NOTE: If any of your mods have not been set up correctly, or there is any other error, connecting to the server this way might not give you a specific error, and instead return "Unknown error has occured". To fix this, use method 2 with the in-game server browser, to have the game return a specific error message. Method 2: Searching by server IP. If you are experiencing issues from method 1, or you prefer to use the in-game server browser but can't find the server listed, searching the server by IP is the way to go. EXAMPLE: DayZRP.com - Chernarus - Whitelisted Role Play Community Make sure that you have hit "Community", to look in the community server list as we are not listed on the "Official" one. Also note, that as long as it says "Loading..." at the bottom of the search window, it is still looking for the server, and it can take a while for it to appear. Hope this helps!
  22. Dingle

    Halp, I cannot enter Poland.

    The screenshot of the modlist definitely is @Ron, but if you just enable the mods given in the link provided on the guide, you will get all of them. I do however undertand the confusion that the screenshot causes, so I'll adjust it
  23. Dingle

    Halp, I cannot enter Poland.

    Often, providing the IP and port in the launcher causes issues. Try finding the server in the in-game server browser, or input the numerical IP counterpart to the server. Hope this helps!
  24. Dingle

    Staff Feedback: Dingle

    Much appreciated @Sung. Glad to see my work is being noticed by the community
  25. Dingle

    S2 Topolin - Baiting

    Server and location: S2 Livonia, Topolin Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12/29/19, around 7:00AM server time Your in game name: Dragan Stojanovic Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Provided Detailed description of the events: I was in Topolin and heard gunshots coming from around where the video took place. After it cooled down, I went to go have a look to see what made all the ruckus. Met a guy named "Billy", just standing around. I try getting some contact with the people inside, but they seem cautious but aware that I am there, understandably so. I walk around for a bit and RP with Billy, all is good. I mention I was low on food at some point, and soon after, the people from inside start throwing food off the roof. Then this fresh-spawn shows up around 9:55 in the video. He says hi, to both of us, and immediatly comes off as rude. He asks if I am with the people in the building, and then after walks over to the door saying he is hungry. We tell him that there is food they threw off that he can have. He doesn't want any of it. He yells at the people in the building to "come out and fight him" because they hit the kid with a pumpkin. After which he again says, "Whoever threw that fucking pumpkin I want you out here right now". A little time passes, we RP a bit. At 13:19 he says "I'll find where you live" followed by "You know, the Russos will be coming for you for this." This made me aware that he was probably from a group, the Russo Syndicate. He runs around the base, comes back and says "I'll call my boys over." The guys in the base finally make contact with us, explaining why they are lying low, to which he is rude. At 15:38 he says "I have to find a breach in this fucking bitch." He then asks Billy to do "frogleap" with him, which is basically him trying to boost into the base. At 17:28 he says "theres a female Riley out here trying to kill me let me in.", and after a bit he passes out, probably by emote. After that I take my leave. What I think was wrong: My personal opinion is that whoever did it, violated: 4.7 You are not allowed to bait other players. Baiting is the act of provoking, insulting or acting in an offensive manner unsuitable to the roleplay situation at hand, with the aim of getting the other party to initiate on you. My reasoning: You unprovoked ran up on the building, immediately being rude when people were throwing you free food. You told people to "come out and fight you" basically unprovoked. Your character lied about someone trying to kill you so you would be let in, and later you said that you were going to find a breach in the base, and attempted to boost onto the roof. There was literally no reason here for your character to act like this, unless you knew them already, and had some kind of IC grudge against them, or was enemies with them, to which I would like to ask: Why did you seek out enemies fully unarmed and under equipped and attempt to break into their base? Luckily they didn't fall for it, and did minimal interaction with you, but from my perspective, you were trying to bait an initiation. You said in-game that: "You know, the Russos will be coming for you for this." and "I'll call my boys over." which leads me to believe that you were trying to bait an initiation for them. As of writing this, I don't know who you are, or if you are a part of any group, but my personal opinion is that it was seriously bad RP, and that you attempted to bait them out. If you were on your own, you would have no reason to go to their base and say what you said, and attempt to "find a breach". You were a fresh-spawn, so I would think you b-lined straight for the base when you respawned. That's all I had.
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