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  1. The Terror of Chernarus... Tom
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  3. *A deep breath could be heard over the radio as the transmission starts* "Listen. And listen well... You are not going to fool anyone with what you are doing. At this point, I've seen and heard most of the shit that people waste their time, spewing out over the radio. Smear campaigns like this one are not the first ones I've heard, and it will surely not be my last. So what do you hope to achieve with your little speech here? Support? Disdain for Spero? I'll tell you one thing. Instead of trying to grasp for straws of support, which is what you are doing, let your actions speak for themselves. I can tell you now that your recent endeavours have spoken... loudly. Like with everyone in Chernarus, people will know what you do, who you are, and what you stand for, and make up their own minds about you. Just like I, and everybody else has." *He releases the PTT*
  4. "DROPPED ME FUKEN EARS" - @wastingdoor 2021
  5. I like the idea, but I'd at least ask for removal of the weapons overlap, like the standard FAL, AS-VAL, Makarov, SVD and so on, as to not mix stable vanilla weapons with the modded ones. To sum it up, only keep and use the weapons from the mod that are unique and don't have a direct vanilla counter-part. Should be an easy loot-table fix. (+1)
  6. As per request of the OP, this group has been /archived.
  7. HAPPY borf

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  8. As per request of the OP, we're closing this thread. /Closed
  9. It's always a question of stability, but mod & its content looks solid. If it's stable +1.
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  11. Loving the 4.11 rule. I'm hoping this solves the mindless bodythrowing and firefights. Finally there can be actual danger roleplayed in regards to the scenario of loss of life. +1
  12. It has come to my unfortunate attention that you are in fact not a real gamer.

    Time to leave the community. I wish you good luck elsewhere.

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  13. I voted no. I don't want to get rid of something that is realistic and can be found in game. It's a simple and fun item, and I would rather rely on the decency of our players to use them appropriately, rather than over moderate every aspect of the game.
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  15. I voted no, but simply because I think the question lacks condition. That's going to depend a lot on the person, and what they were perma banned for in the end. Would I consider allowing in ex-staff, that have been in those shoes, and made good contributions to the community, and THEN got banned? Yeah, if they recognize their ban and have shown good strides towards change, I don't see why not. Would I allow any player that have been perma banned? No, because in that case, staff doesn't know who they are dealing with. In the case of an ex-staff member, at least there will be some documentation and evidence surrounding how they conducted themselves in staff that could be drawn upon. When it comes to just any play that has been banned? That's too much of a wildcard in my opinion.
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