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  1. EARLY LIFE: Dragan was born in Split, Croatia to an alcoholic father that was never home, and an abusive mother, that took all her anger out on their only child. Dragan wasn't raised particularly well, and got into trouble and fights at the mere age of 5, in his local community. He was admitted late into school, and didn't pay much attention in class, was mean to the teacher, and most other kids that looked weak to him. His way of getting friends was through intimidation, forcing kids to side with him, so they became exempt from getting beaten up. TEENS: Throughout his years in school he got into more and more trouble, and eventually got kicked out. When he got kicked out of school, he got kicked out of his home as well, from getting into a fight with his mother and father. Alone on the streets, he had no place to stay, and no place to go. Dragan eventually walked up to a local mechanics shop, where he met with his now father character, Bartolomej or "Bartek" for short. Bartek took Dragan in, gave him a job at the mechanics shop and a place to stay. Dragan eventually moved to his own place, but stuck to his job as a mechanic to stay close to the one person that really cared for him. Though Bartek tought Dragan much, Dragan still suffers from short temper, and easily gets upset if things don't go his way. BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE: One day, Bartek had recieved a special order, on a very custom car that a guy from Chernarus wanted done. Bartek assigned Dragan with taking care of the project, as he knew the only thing Dragan really was able to do was work on cars. When Dragan, over the course of about a month or so, was finished, Bartek asked him if he wanted to join him on a road trip to Chernarus to deliver the car. Dragan naturally said yes, since he had never been outside of Croatia, and saw it as some kind of a holiday. THE BEGINNING OF THE END: Unfortunately for both of them, they had no idea what they were about to happen in the days that followed. Dragan refuses to talk about it, and has only mentioned that "some fuck-ups" made a bad call during the first hectic days of the apocalypse, leading to the death of Bartek. Since then, Dragan has made it his mission to survive, and to avenge Bartek, by purging survivors he deem "too stupid to let live". He trusts his own judgement far more than others, which has led to some unfortunate encounters with other survivors in the past. He cares little about others, and mostly about himself, letting very few people get in his way, or tell him what to do. Let's just cross fingers, and hope you don't bump into him.
  2. Hm. I have a couple of barrels stashed around. I will check to see if your experience holds true
  3. I think it requires taking things in and out of inventory, not just moving stuff around inside them. DayZ is a crappy game. It could have been a bug?
  4. Yeah, I was pretty sure that wasn't right
  5. Is this true? As far as I've read, it only requires interacting with the inventory of the tents or barrels.
  6. Dingle


    Now there is no excuse not to add them
  7. Dingle

    Community Drama Stream

    Agreed. This is going to spark nothing more than hate. Remember, some people are going to latch on to some stuff they hear on there, even if it's just opinion. What we don't need right not in this community is more controversy. I also doubt that staff are going to listen to any criticism or ideas outside of the community as they would here on the forums. To me, this is a far shot off.
  8. Dingle

    Staff Disclosure

    As much as I would love to see this, as a lot of people mentioned before, some people are going to flame about staff hate and bias. I'd personally love to see this, because I believe that a lot of thought and discussion goes into every report from the staff team, and I would never believe that any verdict is due to an unjust reason. However, some people make mistakes, either intentionally or unintentionally, and will look for every possibility to get around a verdict against them. If they get to see who worked on their report, they can probably start all sorts of hate against staff. That's not what we need. Staff is doing an amazing job at the moment, this is after all a huge community (creds to them), and directing hate their way would probably be very discouraging, and with the already ongoing controversy about staff from some members, this would probably escalate things even further. TL;DR: I'd love to see it, but it would never work.
  9. Dingle

    New project thread

    I see, as we receive perks in exchange. I stand corrected.
  10. Dingle

    New project thread

    Just found this, and hope this gives insight to this situation "As a flesh-and-blood human being, you can't be a charity, even if you're a charity case. People can't make tax-exempt donations to you the way they can to the Red Cross or a church, but that doesn't mean you have to pay tax on money you're given. It depends on whether the IRS classes donations as a gift or income."
  11. Dingle

    New project thread

    You are simply wrong. I'd advise you go look it up.
  12. Dingle

    New project thread

    Are you aware that any donation, regardless of what it is, has to be taxed? If you donate a sum of money on let's say Twitch to any given streamer, they have to pay tax off of this sum.
  13. Dingle

    New project thread

    No, because that's not what he was asking. He was asking for a developer familiar with coding. Rolle has a huge reach in here, so for him, this would be a good place to check if some of his members had this kind of experience. He didn't advertise anything, he was asking for help.
  14. Dingle

    New project thread

    How is asking for a developer advertising?
  15. Dingle

    New project thread

    He wasn't advertising it, he was asking for a developer. This place is as good as any to do so