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  10. SOKOL TERESCHENKO Sokol Tereschenko was born to Russian parents in the Crimean peninsula. He was a normal kid, did alright in school and made good friends. He spent a lot of his time outdoors, being a boy scout and learning basic survival skills. When he turned 20, he went into the Ukranian military, after attempting to refuse military service. After his compulsory 18 months in the army, he quit swearing never to serve the Ukranian army again. During the Crimean crisis, the joined the Russian-separatist militia groups as a strategist, fighting the Ukranian military and making his family p
  11. Hello, @Bregy Stardust. Welcome to DayZRP! Good luck with your whitelist. Hope to see you on the server.
  12. Welcome aboard @OpenButter! We hope that you and yours have a good time with us on DayZRP.
  13. KILL LOGS: HIT LOGS: CONNECTION LOGS: Calling in the following players to post their full PoV of the situation, as well as any unedited video evidence. @Klogg | Muhammed Ibni Naser Harran | OP @VoidTheWeeb | Andrew Rose | POSTED @Nonplayer | Radzig Kobyla | POSTED @Timberwolf | Runian Kuzco | POSTED @Woodzie | Yegor Kaska | POSTED
  14. Hello, valued community member groovy ducky. Unfortunately, at the current time of the 27th of March, 2021, the Nintendo Wii, released by Nintendo, unfortunately does not have a version of Bohemia Interactive's "DayZ" available, and thus the game console in question does, in fact, not support the game. I hope I was able to adequately answer your question to a satisfactory level. Also, /moved to "Off-Topic".
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