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  1. Lore Concerns

    I think this is my first forum post? I cant remember its been so long since I've visited the site, I'm quite the ghost here. I would ask if our lovely Cherno is the last to be hit, then why is there such a large foreign presence in the game world? The UN, the US Marine equipment, etc. I figure those countries would be focusing on themselves rather than sending assets to Cherno when their own nations are falling apart. To me it makes sense that the outbreak started in Cherno, or at least started near Cherno and the UN/world powers saw Cherno as a possible choke point or some such thing to halt the infection. :U
  2. DayZRP Thread of super awesome screenshots of games

    Meh Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn
  3. How often do you encounter Hackers?

    Only once on public. Was pretty depressing. I gave the guy some advice against going into w/e town I was observing at the time after hearing gunfire and watching some unsavory characters roll in. Next thing I know he unleashes his rapid fire invisible fists. I wake up from being knocked out, proceed to run away naked, at which point he teleports in front of me and blasts me with my own weapon.
  4. ASVAB and Enlistment Work Begun!

    Join the Army and go 11B bro! If you have a GT score over 100 and you're at least 70 inches tall you can come chill with the Old Guard/Honor Guard down here in DC. Be warned though, 11B's primary job during peace time is being a janitor. I've picked up more than 10,000 cigarette butts in my 2 years. I'll also add that according to the Army the war is over. Very little risk of getting frag'd according to the big wigs. So death isn't something you or your parents should really be concerned about, especially if you chose a support MOS (POG).
  5. Are you shy?

    Very. Sadly my time in the Army has yet to help me come out of my shell. Though being the quiet guy has helped me stay under the radar and avoid problems with my leadership. Now if I'm drunk its a different story. Hit a beer bong for the first time last night, that was a lot of fun... Those barracks guys are crazy.
  6. Military clothing and weaponry

    Well I'm a soldier in real life so I like running military equipment in game. I'll say that weight hasn't been much of an issue for me at this point in my career. Its something you get used to. IBA, Mags, Rucksack, Assault Pack (front loaded) really isn't all that bad. Can I sprint with it on? No, at least not for more than a few seconds, but I can speed walk for days.
  7. Marpat camo

    I would prefer my beautiful US Army UCP. Though I'll be honest, UCP is the ugliest camo ever developed and only works on gravel roads and floral pattern couches.
  8. Real Military Experience

    11B 1st BN 3rd INF The Old Guard. The Army's oldest active infantry regiment. We're the soldiers that do the funerals up in Arlington National Cemetery as well as the Tomb of the Unkowns, US Army Drill Team, Continental Color Guard, and the military's only Caisson Platoon. We're either doing ceremonies or sucking in the field somewhere, ain't no time for sleep.