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    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Sorry! I put wrong GUID. Can I have a reset? // Owen GUID reset. Please enter it on the whitelist page.
  2. DayZ FPS How To Increase Your FPS Dayz Standalone! Are you suffering fps loss in DayZ? Here are some tips and tricks to increase your fps in DayZ Standalone! Launch Options: Launch commands for Dayz Standalone, you can add launch commands in steam library! -cpuCount=# Amd CPU: -Dual Core: -cpuCount=2, -exThreads=1 -Quad Core: -cpuCount=4, -exThreads=3 -Six Cores: -cpuCount=4, -exThreads=5 -Eight Cores: -cpuCount=4, -exThreads=7 Intel CPU: -Dual Core: -cpuCount=2, -exThreads=1 -Dual Core with 4 threads: -cpuCount=2, -exThreads=3 -Quad Core: -cpuCount=4, -exThreads=3 -Quad Core with 8 threads: -cpuCount=4, -exThreads=7 -maxMem=# RAM – 1024 = maxMem# 2GB 1024, 4GB 3072, 8GB 7168 *Max memory used my DayZ is about 3gig. -maxVram=# Ram of GPU in numbers, no changes -nosplash –noPause -winxp My Launch Commands For my specs AMD Phenom II x4 980BE, GTS Geforce 450 and 4 GB memory i would put launch option commands “–cpuCount=4 –exThreads=3 -maxMem=4096 -maxVram=1024” Ingame Settings Ingame you can choose to low down your settings from the game settings! Here are the lowest settings what you can set there to increase your FPS ingame! Quality TAB – Objects -> Very Low 2-4 Cores AMD/ 2 Intel Cores -> Low/Normal 6 Cores AMD/ 2-4 Intel Cores -> High 8 Cores AMD/ 4 Cores Intel (8Threads) – Terrain Low, will increase your FPS – Clouds and Shadows Disabled! Textures TAB – Texture Filtering -> High or very high if good GPU, otherwise turn it down Rendering TAB – Antialiasing –> Disabled, you should disable AA from your Windows Graphics Cards Settings! – Alpha to Coverafe -> no significant drop if AA kept on low – HDR Quality -> Set it to Very Low – Ambient Occlusion -> Disable it for FPS – Post Process Quality -> Disable it – Rotation Blur -> Disable it DayZ Config File DayZ.cfg can be found in your Documents folder Dayz folder, open the .cfg files with your Notepad! To find the commands from .cfg file CNTR+F to open find! BACKUP the .cfg files before you start!! – DayZ.cfg -> GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1 – GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1 Here you can try setting AToC=6. I'm not sure what it does but, dayum, I got 15 more FPS from this. – YourName.DayZProfile -> sceneComplexity= 150000 (anywhere from 250000 – 50000, lower is better) – viewDistance= 1200-1800 -> preferredObjectViewDistance=1000 (distance when objects are drawn) -> terrainGrid= 50,25,12.5,6.25,3.125 >= Better FPS, worse looking -> shadowZDistance= 100-200 (distance at which shadows are drawn)