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  1. Dom in there, casually saving your ass.
  2. *He flips the radio switch and plays a message* *A muffled indistinctive voice can be heard, he talks slowly so everything can be written down and the message is repeated twice* The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, IV, 30, 3: III, 22, 5: II, 15, 11: V, 43, 6: VIII, 80, 18: If you are worthy, await further instructions *flips the switch back down*
  3. We enjoyed a bit of RP with Destiny and well it didn't go so well. [video=youtube]
  4. Terodar

    What does your RP character look like?

    Practically the perfect picture of Grigori
  5. Pardon me if I'm off base here, I've never welded anything in my life...but How is that even remotely possible? welded is probably not the best word for it as the process has been a bit longer practically burning the skin under it applying disinfectant so it doesn't get infected, putting on the mask and letting it heal so the mask is practically ingrown in the skin, its been more surgical then just normal "welding" but I call it that in short because the story is longer. pardon me if I'm out of bounds here, but how is this question connected to the report? //Edited format by Wendsill. 3rd time doing it, watch where you post.
  6. The hostile party does not need to leave you with Food and Drink if you are close to a location where you can re-supply (such as apple trees, lakes etc.) The hostile party should however care for their victims and supply food/drink when their victim informs them it is needed (either by asking their victim or their victim asking them). If you supply no RP into your status be it hungry or thirsty how will your attacker know? got it, mistake on my part take it back. I didn't need to, otherwise I would've done it. //Format edit by Wendsill
  7. First of all I don't die because of the air I die because of the pain caused by the removal of the mask as I wrote that it is WELDED to my face when u remove it u take all of the skin with it and cause excruciating pain. I also never wrote I die because of air It's written OOC because the game doesn't allow me to actualy WELD the mask on my face so u have to pull to remove it A man that has a mask welded to his face won't start immidiately saying my mask is welded to my face until u start touching it. It'S not something I would be proud of as Grigori. I am also not reporting u because of this I am reporting because u gave 0 RP what so ever No context to the robbery said nearly nothing and basically robbed me for nothing How could u not find any food there when I went there and later on found food + there is a village right next to that spot with FOOD that I found there later as well. (I wrote "leaving hostage without food and drink" Just so u understand that this is not something u should do. If I were in woods far away from anything that I could easily die.) And with this I will only answer to Staff. //Edited format by Wendsill
  8. Ok well if the mask is welded on (not 100% sure why a mask would be welded on) but how would you be able to eat or drink if the accused did leave you with something? Quite easy in the RP, I carved out the part of the Filter with a knife, unfortunately the game doesn't allow it so I have to RP it out.
  9. It is a part of the story for Grigori he had a rough past (if u want I can write the story of it but it would take a bit of time) and the mask has been the outcome of it. Well I took it as a mistake as he obviously didn't want to kill me immidiately and it was just an honest mistake and because it would be bad for RP for it to just happen like that I chose to overlook it, as if it didn't happen. I would also Like to add that I asked for a reason why I was being robbed and he gave none
  10. Server and location: S1 Veresnik millitary compound Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:40 UTC+2 27.12.2015 Your in game name: Grigori Akhatar Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Lucas OConnor Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I was standing near Veresnik millitary compound just afk when I heard an ingame voice talking to me I responded to it. Without saying anything he had his gun pointing at me. A minute later he told me to raise my hands and I complied he then tied me up and said that we need to move, we moved a bit away from veresnik. We were talking quite a lot OOC because he did something but I was willing to overlook it. U can find it in logs. After that he proceded to robb me, not RPing at all the only thing he said were commands and no context of why I was being robbed what so ever. He proceded to take my gun food drinks , Its gear I don'T mind it, but I had 0 RP experience from that + He seemed to have enought of supplies for himself with having a AKM in his hand with a Drum mag. Then he untied me told me to look at the compound and run there I complied and went back to veresnik.
  11. My POV: Most of my POV is already covered by Bauglir as I was running there in the same way as he was, we saw a man laying on the ground and a man standing above him with a gun, I standing at overwatch see that he raises his gun and aims at Kirill I give it a second and start shooting from my AKM. At that point He hid behind Kirill I stopped spraying and mostly started tapshooting so I don't kill Kirill the next thing I saw was only him spraying Kirill down. I killed him a second later. Unfortunately I do not have video evidence.
  12. It's really a shame we couldn't continue because of the server crash.
  13. Terodar

    Bad RP Initiation

    Unfortunately I do not.
  14. Terodar

    Bad RP Initiation

    To your previous point those people had KOS rights on us I won't just stand there like a duck and get killed. U are right we didn't know who you are that is why we wanted to question u and questioning a guy who can shoot you on sight without taking control of the situation is very dangerous. Also on your part maybe it would've been better if you wouldn't just start shooting immediately I myself consider poor RP not reacting to a man pointing a gun at you and saying "Put your hands" up several times. Unfortunately I do not have a video. I did not say hands up once I said it several times I was literally saying it the entire time while you were just looking at me and said nothing. You could've lived it was your choice to act as you acted...