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  1. DeadKiller

    awww yisss

    It's going pretty well actually I do need to talk to you about one thing but I'll do that later.
  2. DeadKiller

    awww yisss

    Well, well stranger. Been a while old friend.
  3. DeadKiller

    DayZ Desolation poll

    Like I said there is a version of ACE that has no medical so we could use that if they conflict.
  4. DeadKiller

    DayZ Desolation poll

    So after seeing the poll and that the majority is Exile. I thought I'd put together a short list of mods to... Spice things up or in general make the game and server work well. I will also put my reasoning for each mod as well. Advanced Combat Environment (ACE)- The reasons for adding Ace are honestly just unlistable, but I'll name a few. First off medical. Ace adds a very in depth yet easy to learn medical system that Changes the way the game plays. Good bleed mechanic, Self and other player interactions, New useful items, just to name a few. Also It had many customization that can be edited. Its all around a great mod. Community Based Addons (CBA)- This is needed for a lot of other mods to work. Enhance Movement- This mod adds a whole new movment mechanic to the game allowing you to climb over walls, get on top of buildings, safely jump down from a ledge, ect. It would add a nice and smooth element on say evading infected and other stuff. NIArms- The all in one version of that mod adds an insane amount of weapons to the game. If you are looking to go a bit lighter, just get whatever packs of weapons you want. RHS USAF/AFRF/GREF/SAF- Adds a bunch of modern day Equipment and weapons. GREF specifically adds CDF and other Chernarus based factions and equipment to the game way better than CUP ever could. Also US and RUS equipment is always good. SAF is not needed as it more goes with Takistan and Desert stuff but hey I thought I'd throw it in there. Multi-Play Uniforms- More clothes and equipment Project Opfor- Even more clothes, Good amount are Civilian, about half are more For Takistan but the other half are for Chenarus. Also again WAY better than CUPs stuff. Immersion Cigs- No more text RPing smoking. And those are my suggestions, May have to Nix ACE if it conflicts with whatever EXILE uses for medical but there is a No-med version of ACE that could be used in its place just because ACE adds so much more than just medical. Thanks for taking the time to read guys.
  5. DeadKiller

    Hello there.

    Thanks Guys. Also lol I love how it says new Whitelist under my info.
  6. DeadKiller

    Hello there.

    Thanks been having fun on desolation. Been nice being back
  7. DeadKiller

    Hello there.

    Damn dude it's been a while. Gonna try and hop on for a bit once I wake up after work.
  8. DeadKiller

    Hello there.

    Desolation seems fun. Might come back to try it out.
  9. DeadKiller

    Blacklist appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Verdict was fair. Looking to come back now Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/a What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be able to whitelist and play again What could you have done better?: N/a
  10. DeadKiller

    An old ghost Poking his head in.

    Hello. Back for a spell. See whats going on around here.
  11. DeadKiller


    Well everyone I know is gone. So I'm going to go to. Bye
  12. DeadKiller

    does anyone know why this still happens?

    From what I can Tell its a bug with the forum Software. (Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc.) From what I can tell from there Support forums the way its fixed is something on the servers side. This was the only answer I could find pertaining to that error. (Not that you can do much about it)
  13. DeadKiller

    Back For real

    You know me too well
  14. DeadKiller

    Back For real

    Well, Since I've been around the forums and in game a bit for the past few days. I guess I'll say I am officially back.