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  1. Update: How to join made a little more clear 1 short term Goal Completed Thread Edited for spelling and Grammar mistakes by @Jarvis Seistt
  2. I had this Problem a little While ago. I fixed it by Uninstalling the launcher Uninstalling Java Reinstalling Java Reinstalling the Launcher I'd say try that.
  3. I, DeadKiller hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  4. Yeah, I've had some bad experiences in the past with people yelling and getting loud so it can make me uneasy at times. But its all good. I can handle it.
  5. Was some pretty good RP today. Whoever was yelling put me on edge so much. But it was fun.
  6. Small Update before the big one: @Rosiak, @Shanoby, and @Tewudin Promoted to full defenders. Congrats boys. Also I forgot to do an update post when @Angima got promoted. Big new graphical update and lore Update soon now that our lore has progressed some more.
  7. Good to see another group going for neutrality. Will warn you. It is not easy. Trust me.
  8. Update: @JesterInPeril Moved from Doctors to Specialists @Angima Promoted to Defender from Defender Recruit for keeping a calm head, protecting me, and doing so in a way that is exactly how the defenders are supposed to do. @Jarvis Seistt Promoted to Warden of The Homestead as leadership for the Specialists is needed.
  9. Also. That guy in the brown coat owes me his life. I was his bullet shield lol
  10. My health went from fine to red in a matter of seconds. I accepted my fate but some how I survied.
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