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  1. Twitch Channel: Timezone: GMT What type of roleplay do you focus on?: All types but often survival/hero/some military RP. Focus on character development from stream to stream. How often do you stream: Few times a week for around 6-10 hours total Logo or picture you would like to be on your banner:
  2. I enjoyed it too thanks I wasn’t on that much longer anyway so don’t worry about it, and the African accent was pretty consistent actually
  3. Look forward to bumping into you guys IC
  4. I won't go into the exact detail of the saboteur plans muahahahaha xD Thanks for engaging in the group idea though
  5. Sabotage is more of a tool in the offensive military actions of the group to undermine Chernarussian factions, to offset the typical style of offensive action = PvP. The diplomacy is more bringing western factions to the cause of “Westerners-for-Westerners”. Diplomacy will not be made with Chernarussians.
  6. Thanks, sometimes westerners kind of get ‘shoe-horned’ into backgrounds as to why they’re part of a group so I thought why not make it part of the premise
  7. Anyone with a vendetta against Chernarussians would fit well Saw it on a T-shirt design, looked dope and then @Mademoiselle sorted it for me
  8. Thank you for the love guys Existing characters will 100% still be taken on (as long as they're westerners :P). I've written the lore such that those wanting to join have the freedom to decide whether they want to play at character that was one of the ones present at the start of the Last Bastion settlement, whether they arrived later or if they were recruited on the SZ expedition.
  9. "You cannot see brotherhood; neither can you hear it nor taste it. But you can feel it a hundred times a day. It is the pat on the back when things look gloomy. It is the smile of encouragement when the way seems hard. It is the helping hand when the burden becomes unbearable." - Peter E. Terzick 157 Provost Company Project HOPE The Davis's The Blondie Brothers The summer of 2018 was when Last Bastion went from a group just trying to survive, to a formidable player in the region, capable of recruiting settlers and expanding their community. Some had already arrived as drifters, integrating well with their own particular set of skills, which was the inspiration that pushed the council to dedicate resources to finding more westerners to add to their community. Luckily, a nearby radio tower was able to be fixed and a 24/7 loop, directing settlers to a nearby rendezvous where they could be collected and taken to Last Bastion, was set up. The signal wasn’t perfect, in fact it was mostly filled with static, but the short message and looped nature made it understandable to someone listening for a few loops. Although not immediate, some who had survived out in log cabins or escaped the Chedaki in the north heeded the call and brought with them tales of what they had experienced. Some spoke of South Zagoria, a region not far east of Last Bastion which was not as badly affected as the rest of Chernarus. This worried the council, fearing that whispers of another utopia could damage Last Bastion or even lead to its collapse due to a mass exodus. It was thus decided that facts needed to be established, and they must find out whether South Zagoria was the utopia they described or just another shit hole. Over the next few months, a volunteer militia of sorts was created, containing members of each faction within the community, to venture into South Zagoria and decide upon whether it was a potential new location for a settlement or overrun by Chernarussians, making it too dangerous to leave. Platitude was granted to them to both form diplomatic relations in the region and commit sabotage and subterfuge to any parties that could prove dangerous to Last Bastion or any future settlement. The volunteers, led by the experienced Lucas Black, were trained by each faction. 51 Sqn would teach basic soldiering; Project HOPE would teach trauma management and first aid; the Blondie Brothers taught Chernarussian culture and how to avoid angering them whilst Steven taught a 101 on hunting. Whilst short on time, after a few months of intensive training, and under the guidance of faction representatives, the militia was ready to deploy. Lucas was chosen to lead them, alongside Hayley and Steven as representatives from the council. Just before they set off, the council revealed to him previously undisclosed intelligence about the real nature of their mission, and orders to accompany it. This information could only be shared between himself, Steven and Hayley; to be treated with the highest level of secrecy. The main objective remained the same, yet these orders would remain forever at the back of Lucas’s mind. - Establish detailed intelligence reports on every group encountered (to be posted on the forums - one per week) - Commit acts of sabotage and subterfuge on purist Chernarussian factions. (Day 700) - Build the foundations for a possible future location for Last Bastion in South Zagoria. (Day 690) - Establish diplomatic relations with other western groups. (Day 690) - Recruit other westerners to the community (Ongoing) - Build an overall picture of the suitability of South Zagoria for Last Bastion V2 (Ongoing) - Provide a mix of Lawful good and Lawful evil RP, based upon the characters we RP with. (E.G. Westerners/Chernarussians) - Take newer members onboard to improve their standard of RP. - Create long-term storylines for each and every character, allowing IC actions to have profound effects on the long-term group direction and goals. - Empower members to RP ‘in the grey’, not just as a ‘good guy’ or ‘bad guy’. - Act as a counterbalance to purely hostile groups. Expedition Lead - Lucas Black (@KencoBlaze12) Loving Father - Steven Davis (@PhantomPlayin) To make this work, I'll need members to fill roles from the group lore (definately Hayley and Steven!). There's ample to choose from, whether it be a military character from 157 Provost Company or medical from Project HOPE. Fill out the below application, send it to me and we can work on what character best suits you! TL;DR, the roles fall into military, survivalist and medical, with ample scope within those categories to make the character 'yours'. All feedback is very much appreciated! Thank you to @Mademoiselle for the AMAZING graphics, @Phatal and @Major for the help with the lore and @PhantomPlayin for the story-development inspiration!
  10. The main reason why there wouldn't be a colonel is the number of UN in Chernarus. A Colonel does not take command of 30ish blokes.
  11. TL;DR - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  12. Where my heli crash site spawns at so I can Urm...RP as a heli crash survivor...no other reason okay just gimme
  13. My group’s theme I'd like is: Phoenix-based, “risen from the ashes” type of deal. The colour font should be: Red/Yellow/Orange/Black Link to character page: N/A Link to images wanting to be used in titles: https://www.vexels.com/vectors/preview/161414/strong-burning-phoenix-t-shirt-design I know you can’t take that exact picture but gives an idea of the feel What titles do you want? Lore / likes / dislikes / tattoos / personality / relationships: Title - Last Bastion Lore, IC Goals, OOC Goals, Roster, Recruitment
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