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  1. Best stream on the server, get on that lads
  2. Decide on whether you're going to take up good causes only or whether you'll dig up dirt on anyone as long as the pay is good, depending on which one you go for will change the type of character you play a lot.
  3. KencoBlaze12


    Welcome back
  4. Lucas grabbed set down his rifle and calls the radio operator to him. Replacing the battery, he raises the radio and presses the PTT. Hello Lima-Bravo One this is Charlie-Oscar 3. Be advised transmission will be fewer due to lack of battery power. He looks down to his notes and continues. Charlie-Oscar 3 making progress on foot. Vehicles not arrived. Progress limited by local CDF presence. He raises his head to scan his surrounding area. Expect delayed arrival in South Zagoria. Do not risk exposure before our arrival. Out. He returns the radio and picks up his rifle, motioning to his men as he does to close in on him for a brief.
  5. Imagine that because things don't go your way = everyone else has shit RP xD
  6. Reminds me of this absolute gem. Anyways welcome Wealdstone Raider V2, if this isn’t who you RP as I’ll be very disappointed.
  7. KencoBlaze12

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    Jon Snow hands down, if he doesn’t I’m gonna be rewriting the script to get my boy on top.
  8. Normally just fire up my stream and talk to chat whilst I wait. .....otherwise just pass the time as blokes do Do my best not to do both
  9. Unpopular opinion probs but I thought that GoT episode fell a bit flat

    1. Harlow



  10. Anyone who’s looking for a role model to watch, check this lad out. Quality content.


  11. Emotional night ngl, buzzing for tonight’s stream
  12. Welcome! Get stuck in, read the rules again every few days to get to know them inside out and enjoy the server!
  13. There’s a lot of hate for roleplayers and roleplaying communities out there tbf
  14. KencoBlaze12

    Developer Roadmap

    Love this idea, might help with directing developers towards projects that have lots of support and thus (hopefully) a better appreciation for their work.
  15. Glad to have you in the community mate, your stream has some of the bst RP I’ve seen in a fair while.
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