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  1. Kyle laughed as he heard the last transmission, then proceeds to pull out his radio and reply Oh I know what your 'excuse' for acting that way was, too bad you're men never got taught not to steal as kids. Kyle chuckled to himself If I were you, I'd spend a little time teaching your peacekeepers a little thing or two about soldiering, they've got a lot to learn. KM out. As he released the PTT, he'd mutter something under his breath before heading back to post.
  2. Kyle would take a break from guard duty to respond There sure is buddy, they've paid us NATO guys a few visits here or there. Can't say they're what they used to be though... Although there was much more on his mind to say, he left it at that for his own sake
  3. Static's got it. Just be aware that the morals and style of RP for NGOs compared to the style of RP for PMCs is very different. If you are looking to be a PMC, there is a well-defined group for that already established. It's a common playstyle on the server, and if you'd like some help in developing your PMC character to stand out, I'd recommend the Mentor Program.
  4. A PMC still would not field 5 medics and 2 combatants, that's just ineffective for whatever their contract is.
  5. A PMC with 2 combatants and 5 medics? Doesn't make sense to me. My advice would be to join an existing group for the meantime, there's plenty in that field for you to sink your teeth into.
  6. KencoBlaze12

    UN Evacuation Zone Event - 21:30 server time 9/15/17

    Depending on how long the event will last for, I think it should probably end around about 2300-0000 for EU players, and that would be reasonable.
  7. I was at Berezino at the UN yesterday aswell, and can I say great RP from all the guys and gals there we were even blessed by @Isaiah Cortez and his guitar
  8. Born to a English mother and Belgian father, Kyle's junior years were stable. His father, a Belgian Army officer, spent most of his career serving in various UN peacekeeping forces abroad, most notably being the failed mission in Rwanda in 1994. As a platoon commander, he had the responsibility of keeping the president's wife safe from harm, yet she was killed by a Hutu militia and 10 of his men butchered in the process. The man never recovered from the incident, and throughout Kyle's adolecent years he had a father struggling with PTSD. This affected home a lot, with the relationship between his mother and father being severely affected due to her unwillingness to empathise with the illness. This struggle took a toll on school. Not wanting to open up to anyone, he never truely faced his home issues head on and this lead to his grades slipping considerably, despite Kyle being a very bright kid. His main outlet was rugby. Although he never applied himself enough to chase any dream of professional play, it was Kyle's way of getting rid of all the anger, stress and agression that he built up. When he turned 18, he turned his attention to the military. Although it had always been a consideration for Kyle, the military wasn't something he'd wanted to do his whole life. As he approached adulthood however, this changed. Due to the mission in Rwanda being a failure, Kyle's father always felt as though the family's name was tarnished, but pride prevented Kyle from letting this stay as the case. He thought it his duty, not only to his family, but to himself to right the wrongs of his father. ******************** A few years later and Kyle had established himself as a model soldier. For his merits, as well as already being bilingual, he was given the opportunity to attend language school in Shrivenham and train in Russian.
  9. KencoBlaze12

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Back on topic... The perpetators of the Rwanda genocide should face the death penalty rather than 'reconciliation'.
  10. KencoBlaze12

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I thought this was an opinions thread not a facts thread
  11. KencoBlaze12

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    European beer is on a whole other level of superior quality compared to American beer.
  12. You might want to clarify your exact meaning here. A saline IV is not going to stop the bleeding, it will only act as a temporary isotonic solution to make up for lost blood (e.g. treatment for extreme low blood pressure as a result of heavy blood loss). Blood transfusion is preferred.
  13. 2 - 5 Mbps download, although thats wifi. Pretty standard for normal fibre in the UK.
  14. KencoBlaze12

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts