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  1. Permabanned of off teamspeak

    Yes sir I did and to my knowledge the only part of that that breaks the rules is the name change.
  2. Permabanned of off teamspeak

    Yes it wasn't seeming to work and I decided against the whole thing thinking it was foolish from the start so I hopped off to go turn it off and when I returned I was banned.
  3. Permabanned of off teamspeak

    Pedro has been my Team speak name for a long time and what I use for every platform after about 2016 i had been meaning to. I am not saying I did not make a mistake I did and I have properly changed my teamspeak name for the Dayzrp server to properly represent my forum name what I am saying is these five times I was asked did not happen. The mot recent change to "Informant" was for a bit of across teamspeak roleplay I was planning on doing with some of my group mates. The reason for the connect and disconnects was in the first one me going off to lunch the second for dinner and the last where I was "Informant" was do to mic issues and trying to trouble shoot them. Over all of my time on the teamspeak have ever been asked to change my name on the server much less five times.
  4. Permabanned of off teamspeak

    I was never asked I was simply banned i had changed my name for a total of 2 minutes and when i tried to rejoin the server was permabanned.
  5. Permabanned of off teamspeak

    To specify what I mean by warning I mean that there was no tempban or warning points given the punishment just immediately went to a permanent ban. Sorry for poor wording. What i meant by asking a moderator first was to ask for permission from a moderator or admin if it would be ok for me to use a pseudonym for a short amount of time for a roleplay exchange over teamspeak or in any other case of actions coming close to infringing upon the rules.
  6. Permabanned of off teamspeak

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): "You are banned permanently. Reason: "Refusing to use forum name" " Why the verdict is not fair: This was the first offense and I had received no warnings about it Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Reversal of permanent ban on the teamspeak What could you have done better?: Not done this without first asking an admin or moderator for permission
  7. KOS S1 , TORTUGA ( Stary)

    -Parker- I was down in Tortuga(Stary sobor) working for the Common folk as a recent hire to work as a trader and general laborer. I was heading down the street about to leave town to go make a supply run when i here a shot and see @Jango go down I rush up to try and administer medical aid but he is already dead when I get there. I stay in the area expecting an attack when @Dusty's girl comes up and got a good bit spooked and accidentally raised my weapon on her due to a misclick when i tried to zoom in on her. After a bit @ExoticRainbow comes sprinting down the hill and cuts down @Filetminyon99 without a word. I thought that @ExoticRainbow was one of the guys who attacked us and currently was and fearing for my life fired of a burst at him hitting him in the leg. After this he kicks me out of town in a huff of anger. I eventually make my way down to Kab where I start looting some houses hanging out in one of the red buildings when I came out of it the first time I meet @Dusty and his ally I say hi we have a brief conversation and I head back inside to wait for them to leave sadly a soon as I thought I was in the clear and left the house @Dusty after some light conversation he initiates I knowing he has a good bit of a sadistic kick to him and good reason to dislike me from time in town try to fight my way out of it to my sorry demise.
  8. Parker Lee

    Parker grew up in Alabama with his family growing up he always had a fascination with how thing worked be it firearms tanks cars or even buildings. He decided he would put this fascination of his to work and got his first job in a mechanics shop where he worked for several years. he eventually went and apprenticed under a professional welder and got certified. He worked for a construction company that specialized in contracts for foreign and domestic militaries and paramilitaries . He was the head welder for them and before the outbreak was in Chernaraus working on a contract for the government. Since the outbreak he has been doing his best to survive by being a trader and repairing things for people.
  9. Search for survivors [Open Frequency]

    *John picks up his radio and flicks it on and starts to talk with the sounds of the sea behind him* "Well you see mate Kelalogak is the name of my crabbing ship it's inuit for white whale or beluga." "And yeah the "Red Army" is a commie group they even went so far as to 'redistribute' my wealth when they met me and keep me around to help strengthen their proud nation with hard labor." *John flicks off the radio and gets back to fishing in the sea*
  10. *A lone man sits in an empty house on the coast and clicks on his radio.* "This Captain John Grey of the 'Kelalogak', I have recently escaped from Red Army custody." *He sighs and continues* "If any of my crew made it to shore after the crash make contact with me on this frequency as soon as possible." *There is a short pause* "If anybody who can here this has any information onto the locations or status of any of my crew I am willing to compensate you for your troubles." *the radio clicks off*
  11. Temp Ban Appeal

    Will do.
  12. Temp Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: NA Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The shooting of Kirby Lowe was accidental as he had come around the corner very quickly on me near a barn i jumped and fired hitting him in the arm. i then apologized and assisted him and we moved on. I am sorry about not getting to your question i thought the matter was wrapped up and did not come back to check. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: removal of temp ban What could you have done better?: keep track of ban appeals and notifications
  13. BAN APPEAL: Temp Banned

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): //www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-Baiting-Ruleplay-and-RDM-06-06-2016-2-50?pid=1449461#pid1449461 Why the verdict is not fair: NA Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In the incident in question I was moving away from the NWAF in order to avoid capture and torture by The Masquerade so I made my way south and was going through houses looking for food when in the distance I hear talking with an obvious prisoner walking among them. So I immediately take cover inside a house closing a door hoping they will just pass on by. Unfortunately for me one of their crew came into the house I was in I then held him up at gunpoint and forced him out of the house with all of his equipment intact and closed the door behind him. The group of people immediately converge on my building and begin talking with trying to coerce me out i remained resolute and told them I want nothing to do with them and supplied them a false name incase they were indeed Masquerade. During the negotiations I made it very clear that if the front door opened I would open fire or "come out shooting" it was soon after this that they opened the front door of the house initiating on me by doing so. Seeing as they had done exactly what i warned them not to do I then opened firing killing one. What followed was a back and forth negotiation in my attempts to get them to leave and their response of grenades and attempts to get me to surrender culminating in my demise. It is also to my understanding that they believed that I was allied with their prisoner and had been lead to them by him through illegal means as he had had his radio taken away. This is false as I neither knew of him nor wanted to to get involved with him. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: A removal of the temp ban What could you have done better?: reported to give my pov on the incident in a timely manner
  14. Land Mines

    could you in an RP acceptable manner use them for public executions