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  1. Search for survivors [Open Frequency]

    *John picks up his radio and flicks it on and starts to talk with the sounds of the sea behind him* "Well you see mate Kelalogak is the name of my crabbing ship it's inuit for white whale or beluga." "And yeah the "Red Army" is a commie group they even went so far as to 'redistribute' my wealth when they met me and keep me around to help strengthen their proud nation with hard labor." *John flicks off the radio and gets back to fishing in the sea*
  2. *A lone man sits in an empty house on the coast and clicks on his radio.* "This Captain John Grey of the 'Kelalogak', I have recently escaped from Red Army custody." *He sighs and continues* "If any of my crew made it to shore after the crash make contact with me on this frequency as soon as possible." *There is a short pause* "If anybody who can here this has any information onto the locations or status of any of my crew I am willing to compensate you for your troubles." *the radio clicks off*