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  1. Revie


    The moment your CPU water cooler things: "NOPE fuck you!"
    And then suddenly functions again...


    1. RoCKiE



    2. Scarlett


      Its mission is to test you lol

    3. Elmo


      what kinda cooler you using?

    4. Revie


      Corsair h100i v2

    5. Elmo


      Corsair coolers are pretty good, my h80 kept shitting itself for a while before it died though. Ended up switching back to fan cause the hassle was far less.

    6. Revie


      Yeah I mean to be fair, I have that water cooler already for... 6 or 7 years. I ordered myself now a new one for the time it will die completely, just like the next generation of the one I have already.

    7. Elmo


      Lmao that's pretty sweet, you sound more prepared than I was.

    8. Revie


      Well not really XD
      When I started the PC today and wasn't really doing anything on it and my CPU was suddenly around 100 degrees... my heart just dropped. Cause it's very difficult to get another water cooler in a shop... so I have to order it, and since it's weekend now, it won't be here before monday... so... if it doesn't keep up for the weekend, I might not be able to use the computer Q_Q

    9. Galland


      I was under the impression after the "fuck you" that it gave up its will to live and emptied all the water over the other components 😄

      Dont question it... roll with it

    10. Revie


      No luckily not xD OMG... I'm not really to loose my new i9 CPU or even worse... my RTX 2080 Ti Q_Q

    11. Elmo


      Honestly if it shits itself again I'd keep my PC off, I was retarded when my cooler broke and kept trying to run it, nearly damaged my CPU.

    12. Revie


      Yeah.... definitely... I'm already checking the temperature of the CPU every 5-10 minutes cause I'm so paranoid 

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