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"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong... - Murphy's Law"

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  1. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Emily sits in one of those more or less comfortable seats, here and there looking over to Jona, while she keeps writing. Just when she is done and closing the note book again, she then reaches out with one hand for him, gently holding onto his arm.
  2. Revie

    • Revie
    • Dino

    Happy birthday from me too :3

    1. Dino


      Thank you!

  3. Revie

    • Revie
    • Mikey

    You know why 😜

    1. Mikey


      aaaah,my only Weakness xD


    2. Revie


      I know 😏

  4. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Sitting on the roof of the pub, she enjoys the last light and warmth of the sun, while writing something down in her note book.
  5. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Emily looks very tired and sleepy as she tries to write some things down.
  6. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Smiling she writes a few things down, though she seems less focused than usually.
  7. Revie

    Emily's Gallery

    Screenshots of scenes and stuff of my character Emilia Moore.
  8. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    A soft and honest smile is on her lips the whole time she writes her thoughts down. Even afterwards as she lays down again, there is still a soft smile visible on her lips.
  9. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    @Eddie Thank you very much :3 Glad you like it
  10. Carefully she uses the last light outside to write a few thoughts down. Here and there she pauses, taking a look around her, before she continues.
  • Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Emily writes a few things down again in her note book. After she is finished, she holds onto the shirt of the figure next to her, this time making sure he wouldn't disappear without her noticing, before leaning her head carefully against his shoulder.
  • Revie

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    Yes please! +1
  • Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Silently she writes a few words down, trying her best not to wake the sleeping figure next to her up.
  • Revie

    Add back double stamina

    In addition, maybe as well add back slower drain of food and water? Cause right now it appears for me like I could eat and drink the whole time something... and no, I most of the time normally walk during roleplay (or crouch, which consumes a ridicilous amount of water and food in my eyes) Liked it more how it was before. Same for stamina
  • Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Leaned against the cold wall of the small church, Emily writes a few words down as the sun just starts to rise outside. Here and there, she pauses and looks around to the other sleeping figures around her, causing a soft smile to appear on her lips.
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