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  1. Revie


    Let's stream a little bit. Starting soon!


  2. Revie

    Should writing on notes be modded back in?

    Yes please, I really would love this back ingame!
  3. Revie

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Good luck with this! Hopefully I'll meet you guys ingame at some point
  4. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    The old journal is currently not in Emily's possession. That fact and certain other circumstances keep her at the moment from writing down anything.
  5. Revie

    Realistic Farming

    I agree to this. Gardening is really way too easy and fast right now. I would like to see some change in here, though I think with the above stated changes, there should be one more change be added. The harvested food is not really that good against hunger, you have to eat a ton of it to actually really be full. I'm of course not speaking of making it the super food, yet it should give a bit more to deal with, when time and everything is increased to balance things a little bit. It would also be nice if you could grow potatoes, though I'm not sure if that's in reach right now.
  6. Revie

    • Revie
    • Malet


    Jona in a cup :3
    Can't wait till you are here again ❤️

    1. Malet


      Where do you even find this stuff? 😄

    2. Revie


      Mostly by accident? xD

  7. Revie


    Just installed my new graphic card.... holy... that thing is huge and heavy!

    But Cyberpunk can come now! I'm ready... with a MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning!


    1. Franny


      I'm jealous ...

    2. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      holy shiit. Tho, I got new 2080 so... I cant complain

    3. Voodoo


      My 1070 is still hanging in there 

    4. Camo


      Oh damn. I am just sitting here with a MSI GTX 1060 6GB I bought on Ebay earlier this year. I want an upgrade.

  8. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Calmly she writes a few words down in the old book in her hands, while her eyes move to Jona from time to time, like she was making sure he was still laying there next to her.
  9. Revie


    Finally home....


    1. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      caaar. Where is my blue car!!! Also! Welcome home!


    2. Mikey


      aaaw,so cute

    3. Scarlett


      Hope you had a good trip

    4. Revie


      Yeah it was nice ^^

  10. Revie



    Alright... gonna be gone till sunday, trying to find my way from Switzerland up to Köln in Germany. May I add, in whole Switzerland, we are not allowed to drive faster than 120 km/h on our highways... parts of Germany don't even have something like a limitation XD

    And I'm driving with a Mercedes A250 with 210 PS. I just say... weeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

    See ya all after Sunday ❤️
    I hope....

    1. RedSky


      driving hot rod GIF by Cornelio Vega Y Su Dinastia

    2. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Did you just steal our blue car. God damn it Revie

    3. Scarlett


      Have fun on the road and have fun 

    4. Galland


      Enjoy the landing strips ähmm roads...

  11. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Her hands are slightly shaking as she hectically writes some things down.
  12. Revie


    Character page update again. Added some relations and the description of already existing relations to update them to the recent events and meetings :3 I love to do this too much...

    1. Phoenix


      I always stalk your char. page because it's so pretty 🙂 

    2. Revie


      Awww thanks :3

    3. Scarlett


      I love your character page.  Aww you think of me as a lioness 

    4. Revie


      Thanks ❤️  Yeah Marie is a strong and independent woman 😮 Just like a lioness, who even fights with male lions if necessary instead of just lowering her head and comply ^^

  13. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Leaned against the wooden wall behind her, Emily takes the old book in her hands. For a while, she turns her head to watch the figure next to her sleep, smiling a little as she hears him snore a bit, before she starts writing in her book. When she's done, she places it aside and grabs the English book for Chernarussian children to learn, though obviously using it for learing some more Chernarussian.
  14. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Sighing here and there, Emily writes something down in the old book, in the end, the look in her eyes seem to be sad.
  15. Revie

    • Revie
    • Franny

    If Emily would challenge Husky, that she couldn't do this as good as the dog... would she feel triggered enough to do it?
    Maybe I'll even give her a cookie as reward 😜


    1. Franny


      1. Laska takes almost every challenge

      2. She loves sweets. A lot.

      ... she'd probably do it.

    2. Revie


      Haha xD

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