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  1. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Thanks But how can he be in here if he's between Jona and Emily in the love shed? xD You have to rp with me more
  2. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Still a bit upset, Emily writes down a few lines, here and there shaking her head, before a look on the sleeping figure next to her calms her again and even makes her smile.
  3. Revie

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    "Hmm alright. I trust in your opinion about people."
  4. Revie

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    "Alright... wait you mentioned they... who are they?"
  5. Revie

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    *She quickly replies afterwards.* "Close to that location, we met once by accident. I believe a little bit more north east. You and your friend. It's better to meet up I think. Can you come there? And will you be alone, or other people coming too?" *She waits then for a reply.*
  6. Revie

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    *Hearing the familiar voice over the radio, Emily quickly grabs it and would reply right after.* "Hey you, glad to hear your voice again. Uhm... sure, I think that should be possible. Question is just where..." *She waits then a bit.*
  7. Revie

    Forced First Person Combat

    I honestly dislike 1st person POV. Not because of firefights or stuff like that, I barely get involved in such situations, but I do enjoy seeing what my character does. I mean, it's a roleplay server, so actually I think it's not necessary to force people into a POV. I would really dislike it to move in 1st person whenever I have any sort of weapon in my hand, which is actually most of the time during traveling for safety reasons. So it's a clear no from me, I prefer to decide in which POV I wanna play in every situation :3
  8. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Emily gently runs her hand through the hair of the person laying next to her, like she needed to make sure he was really there and she wasn't just dreaming. Afterwards, she grabs her journal, writing some things down, while from time to time checking again if the person was still there.
  9. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Half laying in bed, Emily writes a few things down carefully.
  10. Revie

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    *She replies afterwards then.* "I see... well seems like his house is highly popular. Hope you guys can sort things out down there without getting in trouble. And thanks for the help offer, I'll let you know if we need anything. Just... be careful and stay safe, okay? If you guys need help, don't hesitate to contact us as well." *Emily releases the PTT then with a soft smile on her lips.*
  11. Revie

    Frequency 96.6 Hz

    *Hearing her radio go off, she listens a bit surprised, before answering then.* "Hey, it's good to hear from you. Everything is alright... we just have been quite busy the past few days... or maybe already weeks. Some stuff came up and yeah... was everything a bit troublesome to be honest. How are you guys?" *She pauses then for a few seconds.* "Sadly I have no clue where Daniel is... he didn't contact us and I didn't hear from him in a long time... not sure if he's even still around or... yeah... I don't know." *Another pause follows.* "But we should definitely meet up in the near future."
  12. "I'm not playing a hero... cause heros always get killed." - Emily Calm Good hearted Caring Loyal Careful Not very talkative Patient Protective Close Combat Pistols Rifles Automatic weapons Gardening Hunting Fishing Medical Survival Basics Sewing Mechanics Strength Stamina Cooking What she likes... ...Peaches ...Listening to the sound of the rain ...Feeling the warm sun on her skin ...Watching the sunset and sunrise ...Sounds of waves of the ocean ...The color black and blue What she dislikes... ...Being analyzed by someone ...Too many people at the same spot ...Getting too much attention ...Hearing women sing ...The color pink ...Playing games (Especially hide and seek) ...Lying people What she fears... ...To trust ...Being trapped ...To fail when she tries to help someone ...Loosing someone she cares about ...Wolves, since she got attacked more than once Grey Fox Jona Smekhov @Malet Blue Bird Amilia Michaels @Sineda Husky Laska Vrubel @Franny Khandra Myska @Lyca Alex and Rob @RoCKiE @BlackPaw Truffle Kitten and Mustang Ellie and Nikolai @Brayces @Dino
  13. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Unable to sleep right now, she writes some words down, here and there checking on the sleeping figure next to her.
  14. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    She seems calm as she's writing down some words, yet she seems very serious and lost in her thoughts. Here and there she lifts her head to check on the person next to her.
  15. Revie

    To the people of South Zagoria (Open Frequency)

    *Emily can't believe what she's hearing, pressing then down the PTT* "I'm not even sure if I can take anything you say serious anymore James... what should I say? Maybe that I'm disappointed... very disappointed. I actually thought you are a different type of person. But I guess that's what I had to expect. We waited three days... got ourselves almost in trouble because of you... and now this? Well.. whatever... do as you please. It seems you didn't get anything from what was tried to be explained to you. Good luck." *Scoffing softly, she releases the PTT, shaking her head in disbelief.*
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