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  2. Okay I do see that the servers are more empty than usual. But that shouldn't really be a surprise. It has been always like that when a lore wipe was announced, so why is there suddenly a need to rush into things beforehand, when the planned wipe is actually already in two weeks? I can't really see the problem there. Instead, this really lowers my motivation... there have been so many lore wipes already and we have been promised a lot... which never really happened. Now though I have the feeling, that the loremasters and the team is working hard on getting a more structured and organized approach on the new lore and everything, and now it will just be pushed out of the window because of 2 weeks wich lesser numbers on the server? Seriously, that's just a no-go. Why not just host a few events till June the 1st to get more people on the server instead of just throwing all plans overboard? I say, keep the planned schedule, don't rush into things unprepared... simple as that
  3. Yeah I might consider doing that. Though I'm not sure if my character page would even fit in one post... xD
  4. We will see how this goes. I just think it's a little sad that all character pages just get deleted. I would love the possibility to archive them, so you can still look at them even after the lore wipe.
  5. Bünzli group xD I don't think we would live long with that to be honest. But would surely be fun. I already tried speaking Swiss German with one of my characters... like when she was angry she would swear in Swiss German... yeah... other than "This sounds so cute" I never got out of it.
  6. How my eyebrows just raised when I saw I was mentioned somewhere xD But yeah, from Switzerland too, north east part, close to the Bodensee
  7. I fully agree that it would be nice to have different types of infected or even infected wildlife and all, but I do not really like the suggested mods. We already had mods like GoreZ and the Toxic Zone in the server and they have been removed again, I think because of performance issues (not sure though). Therefore I doubt they will be readded, even though I really liked the concept of it. I would actually wish that the DayZ devs themselves would finally add in places which can't be accessed without proper clothing or the fact that you can follow a blood trail. Hordes... would be nice, but won't work right now. Even spawning hordes of the normal already existing infected, causes the performance to drop or the server to crash. Otherwise I' sure we would have had already some spawned hordes here and there. Here as well I hope it will work one day. And wildlife... I would love to have infected wildlife yes. BUT, then I would want them to be added with unique behavior and AI, instead of just adding some reskins which behave the same way as the normal once. So yeah... with the current state of DayZ, I don't really see this happening so soon... sadly
  8. I love the character, I love the roleplay we had... and now I have slight tears in my eyes knowing he won't come back ^^' But a really good read!
  9. The hype is real! Really excited to see this group back
  10. Happy birthday Dino ❤️ 
    Enjoy your day and hopefully get to enjoy some cake 😄

    1. Dino


      Thank you!

      Going to be having some cake soon™️😄 


  11. Revie

    Lore Wipe

    A simple lorewipe and resetting everything to a few days after the outbreak will not change anything... I really wonder, when people finally start to realize that. There have been wipes already on this server and it changed nothing. If you want a change, make it yourself. Provide roleplay to others, think of interesting stories. The lore is only the basic you can roleplay with, but what makes interesting stories is every single player and his character. But of course, if you only wait for others to provide, nothing will change. But, if there will be a wipe, then please... think of something else than just resetting everything and let it start from the beginning again. Either a complete different lore, away from what Arma provides or like already suggested, start with 20 years in the future or something like that. I really don't feel like doing the same old stuff again with a new character, where everyone acts the same way again after two weeks...
  12. Finally done with my new character and her page... 



  13. Finally done with setting up my computer from scratch again.

    How smoooooooth things work again <3

    1. Watchman


      hell yeah!

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