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  1. *Fumbles around trying to figure out how to turn on his radio* ... *click* "Ahem, you know what? I did hear about the 85th... I thought they were a decent sized group, but were undeniably obliterated shortly after trying to take on the Regulators. It was basically a suicide mission on their part, no one in their right mind would even challenge to such a thing... but then again their minds were not really right, anyway." *click*
  2. Like Whiskey Tango said, lets keep this simple and official so please stop bantering with us and creating pointless remarks.
  3. There's definitely a personal grudge of some sort against me because one after the other, you guys are trying to squeeze together false accusations of me violating the rules of DayZRP. I'm still under training BTW, I'm not a full member yet, still learning the rules for the Regulators. When I lost communication and didn't see Ethmavelle leave, I assumed you killed him so I took action the best I could in a two vs. one situation.
  4. Kipaja2, just because he searched for me and could not find me doesn't mean I was not on the island. I was indeed there and for the fourth time in a full ghilie hiding in some bushes. Mathew Ghost not William Ghost, Doc. About that, before 15mins combat Log, your went missing very soon after he shot our doctor. Can we get a admin to see the logs of when Johnny Whitfield logged out after the death of Ethmavelle?
  5. That is not what I was implying, John. I was saying that there was obviously someone else in the room being a brother, friend, stranger, tv, who knows? It's irrelevant at this point. I do not know 100% who it was which is why I quoted it, please do no misuse my information or assume things that I say, that is probably why this entire post has gotten even more blown up. I was not asking you to not give more information to help clarify exactly what happened, I meant to please stop antagonizing me to keep replying.
  6. Johnny, I do not want to argue anymore, that is not the reason why I joined DayZRP. Lets let the admins take care of it now, all the information is out and so we let them decide. Besides, how am I suppose to know your "brother" is not just going to be on your side, he is your "brother" after all. I get it you get that frustrated feeling right now, right? "Why the heck would I make my brother lie on TS?" Well, that is exactly how I feel at this situation right now - Why are you going to such great lengths to do this when I had complete KOS rights.
  7. Johnny... I literally saw you hide in the bush after you killed him. However, I suppose I cannot prove that since I do not have any hard proof, so it is your word against mine on that. However, it does not matter because I am not charging you of anything, I am just simply stating everything from my perspective. I do not know 100% that you combat logged but I am 99% certain. I suppose the admins can check the time of death and your logout time. Johnny, everything you are saying about the brother and mom, etc could all be lies as well. There is no way for me to prove that so it is your words against mine. *sigh*
  8. Hello, it is unfortunate to have to make this my first reply to a post as I am completely new this forum along with this server. First things first, my name is Mathew Ghost and I am a training Marksman recruit for the Regulators. I was indeed the one to shoot at both you and your friend, however, I did it legally and within the KOS rights according to DayZRP ryles. I will begin by clearly stating what happened on my end of the situation. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of information regarding specific times of the effect taken place yesterday evening. However I do not feel as though it is relevant information at this time considering I am not filing charges for John Phoenix for combat logging. As a Marksman I was hiding on our Island with a full ghillie suit, more specifically on the west side within some shrubs, past the outer concrete walls. I was present for the entire situation, most importantly I was present to hear the interaction between Ethmavelle Vadre and the two hostiles. I was given KOS rights after they did not comply with orders to stay outside of our part of the Island. They initiated by crossing the boundaries and knocked out Ethmavelle and told him to remove the radio. Communication between myself and my ally was lost temporarily until after they began running away and the doctor was able to retrieve his radio transmission. He gave me the confirmation to take action as I was technically within my 500m KOS right zone. As I am still new and this KOS situation is quite confusing, I wanted confirmation to take action so by then, they were already swimming away to the mainlands. I dialed in my scope and began taking shots after shots until I saw no more of them. One down, the other injured and incapacitated. Our Doctor then began running up and eventually swimming to Johnny Witfield's unconscious body, but he got back up and shot him down. I had no more bullets to defend myself or him so I never engaged after that. He logged out before 15 minutes because I was actually starting my timer from when he killed the doctor since I had no more bullets to engage. So I waited, but noticed that there was no more Johnny on the small Island bordering ours, so I checked the player list and low and behold, no Johnny... That's how I knew he combat logged because I had not logged yet and it had not been the 15 that I was waiting for. Anyway, that is the whole story. P.S. For those that are wondering, I had a Mosin with 10 shots, I was not going to go run in Rambo style against two armed hostiles, I needed to wait until they were trapped in the water. I have the entire radio conversation between Johnny, Ethmavelle and I, even before Johnny started recording. I could clearly hear a voice in the background telling him to calm down and not raise his voice after I re listened to the conversation. From my stand point, I was naturally calm the whole time until the end when I was being threatened to be reported. It seemed like they were trying to rile my nerves or something to look bad, unfortunately for Johnny, I have the whole recording. Mathew Ghost
  9. 05/27/2015 Dear Survivor, My name is Mathew Donovan "Ghost", and if you are reading this, I am probably buried beneath the countless ashes of burnt rubble and desecrated bodies extinguished in the never ending battle between good and evil... I have sinned, I have made decisions that are considered unforgivable, but if not for me, then who? Lives had to be taken and justice needed to be revived, reminded to those who have forgotten that there was still good in this world. Something still worth fighting for. It all started when I was 12 years old. It was right after lunch when I would go out for my usual walk just outside of my orphanage when I was it happened. I darted in front of a car to push an elderly man from being killed. From those actions, I was smashed in between the careless driver and a hazardous truck holding knows what. It got onto my skin, the liquids melted away at my body leaving nothing but darkness. I was blind. The next thing I could recall was waking up to black. "I CAN'T SEE, I CAN'T SEE!!!" I screamed and screamed at the top of my lungs. Since that day and furthermore I had to change the way I could see the world. That was when the doctors sent me to Russia for further treatment, rumors had it that there was a man who had been born blind, but could see far greater than any man with eyes to see. It was there when I met with this man, no one knew his real name and neither did I, but I settled with what he gave me; Ghost. Mr. Ghost trained me for years on end and I eventually became attached to what I believed people called family. He was fluent in every language known to man, a master in all martial arts, and possessed wisdom that could predict the future. I grew to become more and more like Ghost, but at times I felt that I could sense more than even he. The chemicals on that truck somehow heightened my senses far greater than any man or animal. I could hear the heartbeats of those around me to tell whether or not they were lying, I could sense the number of nails in a box by its particle density against the wind, and I kept getting stronger. I could see again... but what I learned to see was a hopeless world filled with chaos and hatred. Everyday I would hear violence throughout the city for miles and I thought it could not get any worse. I was wrong. In the year 2020 a hundred nuclear missiles met their targets around the world causing an end to most of the human race, and those that it left half living were walking corpses, only living on basic motor functions. I did not know what to call them, but all they knew was the scent of humans and how to eat them. 99% of the human race was wiped from existence, including my only family, Mr. Ghost. I inherited his name to honor and hold true of all that he had taught me and continued to live through his name. Since then I made it a mission to purge the world of all the violence still alive to start a new and brighter future. I hope you have been inspired and will continue this fight as I no longer have any physical impact on the world... Mathew Donovan "Ghost"