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  1. Robotictaco679

    New hiking jacket?

  2. Someone tried to rob me, talked him out of it, he decided to try to shoot me instead, and I'm sure he's remembering how bad he was at aiming as he's rotting in the debug area
  3. Robotictaco679

    100 Slots Servers - Thoughts?

    I think having a lot of people can be a good thing as it does bring trading for survival more attention and more player interaction. Though the desync for the servers may be bad but the team are working on desync, and if they max the server cap they know they will have to fix it
  4. Robotictaco679

    To the owner of the Beartrap...

    Random mines are horrible, i've stepped on multiple and it gets annoying
  5. Walked into a fire extinguisher, broke my leg and died.