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    on a real note, from someone who has worked at a vet clinic for 7 years.. euthanasia’s never get easier. Losing a pet that you consider family is terrible and I’ve been on that side of the coin, but continuously having to help owners make that decision? And to be the one to comfort the owner when they’re at their lowest? To have to keep yourself professional when you’re holding a pet once it takes its last breath? It takes a little piece of me every time. It’s even worse when owners won’t stay, and you are the last person that pet experiences. I try to give as much love and comfort to them all in those last moments.. but man. This job is seriously chipping away at me ?

    1. EddieLR


      Wow, yeah I could only imagine how tough that has to be on you. I've lost pets and it definitely hurts like hell. I wish you the best of luck with your job!

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